Star Wars - The Prequel Era is Amazing

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RevanJJ : The new movies have made the Prequels look like The Godfather trilogy.

Danglyparts : That's the reason why midichlorians are good for Star Wars. 1). It explained why not all are Jedi (Wizards). And explains why respected war hero and general as is Kenobi, looked after at this particular farm-boy, Luke. Without that reason his mission on Tatooine has literaly no sense, because by 20 years he could find and train many Padawans to defeat the Emperor and Vader. 2). By setting Anakin/Vader as a Chosen One, leads to have top midichlorian count, means that he is the one most powerfull Force User, what leads to his limits are the limits at all. And that fill a gap was made in everyones favourite, Empire Strikes Back. The gap is: if the stone and X-wing is the same, and size doesn't matter at all, that means Death Star is also the same. And that leads to problem of god-like characters. MIDICHLORIANS FIXED PLOT HOLES IN ORIGINAL TRILOGY BUT PEOPLE STILL HATE THEM!!! WHAT THE FUCK?

Lord Inquisitor : Yeah I love the prequels: they were actually a Star Wars film , world building is great and anakins story arc was well done

slick s : Hate on me all you want but The Phantom Menace is my favorite Star Wars movie. I was 8 when I saw it in theaters. It introduced me into the Star Wars world and I still love the film to this day. TLJ is pure garbage.

Lingula77 : Love for the prequels does not require explanations nor apologies.

Janellelle : Prequels 😚

Jesus Castro : I'm agree with you, I do love the prequels too.

Mads Mikkelsen : ''Obviously midichlorians, I get it, it's terrible.'' WHY? It's only normal that the Jedi Order, who's whole raison d'être is to study all aspects of the force, would have at the very least, a rudimentary scientific explanation of how the force relates with beings. This is in a world where there's a galactic wide government which was made possible by incredibly advanced technology such as travelling faster than light, it's actually ridiculous to think that there would be no scientific understanding of the force: THAT would be terrible.

Kylo Ren : ROTS is and probably always will be my favourite

Rin Mathews : I think after seeing the newest films, a lot of Star Wars fans realized that the prequels weren’t that bad. At least they were original (cough episode 7) and at least the stories made sense (episode 8).

Keri Ford : I watched the original Star Wars movies when they came out and I liked them. But by the time the Prequels came around I was over them, but I watched the Prequels and they made me discover Star Wars again, I really liked them. George Lucas isn't a great actors director, his talents lie elsewhere. As you mentioned the world building in the Prequels is amazing, really rich, so many creatures, such great sets, they're a visual feast. Lucas works amazingly well with John Williams, having the film scored properly, using music well is key to what he is as a film maker. Those movies are a visual, musical and sound extravaganza. Lucas also cared deeply about the mythology and the story. It is the story of a family, that makes it feel personal. But it's also very romantic in style. It is a story of the triumph of good over evil, it is rescuing Anakin from Evil. Then there is the force and the Jedi, it may not be perfectly done, but it gives the sense of meaningfulness, that the Jedi need a teacher to grow in humility, to control the passions, to fight for what's right and to cultivate your wisdom to recognise those things. The Prequels are an important part of the Star Wars universe. Episodes 1 to 6 are an amazing achievement by George Lucas, they were hugely popular blockbusters, but that shouldn't make us over look the fact that they are also idiosyncratic works by a unique film maker.

oolong2 : Agree 100% I honestly don't understand why people liked TFA so much. In my mind you don't get points by simply copying A New Hope. Great for a fan fiction, but not if you're trying to continue the story in a meaningful way. The prequels at least tried to break new ground by introducing us to brand new concepts, worlds, themes. etc. These things have enriched all of Star Wars. What new things have we learned from TFA or TLJ? I really don't know.

coolman229 : I've always liked the Prequels. The hate always came from a lot of elitist fans who would bully people into agreeing with them. I knew people who liked the Prequels get harassed until they hated the Prequels. People really need to learn the difference between "Has flaws" and "Literally created by the hands of Lucifer". Though a lot of those people seem to stan the Sequels for some reason.

Ras Al Paul : I love the prequels, especially Episodes 1 and 3.

Tony Sin : Revenge of the Sith > Every other Star Wars movie.

OptimusMagnum : I've loved the prequels my entire life as a Star Wars fan, and have never let anyone ruin that enjoyment for me. My dad's arguably an even bigger fan of the franchise than I am, and has seen EVERY movie on release day since 1977...and he *vastly* prefers the prequels over the originals.

Ricardo Diaz : Prequels were rich in storytelling! I love them all especially episode 3. I actually like the midichloridians! The music in the prequels is incredible. They gave us duel of fates, across the stars and battle of heroes!

Captain Gar : I feel the last Jedi had too much political messages in it. In addition I feel luke was out of character. I like the force awakens but hated the last Jedi. The prequels has their bad points however the overall story is superior to this new trilogy.

Matski Toots : I like The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones is bad, but Revenge of the Sith is almost a masterpiece.

Zach hill : I loved the prequels. I’m pretty sure I’m alone on this but I even liked Jar Jar haha I had no idea everyone hated him until way later in life.

Topgunz81 : Attack of the clones was awesome man. Jango fett, slave one, kamino, seeing 50 Jedi fight together in an arena, and yoda fighting dooku. All awesome. I remember being in the theater and when yoda pulled his light saber out to fight the whole place went nuts. People loved it. Also the scene with anakin killing the sand people and talking to padme about it. Was a great movie in my opinion. Every move George made was awesome. Clone wars show included in that. Out of the Disney age of Star Wars the only thing I’ve liked was the scenes Darth Vader was in of rogue one. The rest is boring or offensive. Rebals sucks, TFA sucks, rogue one sucks, and TLJ sucks the hardest. It’s such a bummer.

Bill Mueller : Thank you for this video. I have been a closet Prequels fan for years, afraid to speak out for fear of being ridiculed. It is nice that they are starting to get some revisionist recognition. Part of the reason for this, I think, is because we can now see how someone can really ruin the saga and now see that the Prequels were not that bad in comparison. Just look at the creation of Darth Maul compared to whiny Kylo Ren. The Prequels knew how to create some scary evil characters. Funny thing is, I remember going to see The Phantom Menace and people raving how good it was at the time.. Then, at some point, bitter SW fans turned on it for whatever reason and then that became fact. Sure, Jar Jar annoyed many of us at the time but I remember the kids in the audience cracking up over him. Jar Jar was meant to lighten the darkness of the movie for kids in the audience anyway, so I gave him a pass at the time. Plus, ultimately, an idiot like Jar Jar was needed to give the Emperor the emergency powers. Also, I don't think Hayden was that bad. He was an award-winning actor before SW and has done some good things since. He just had some jilted dialogue to deal with in some scenes that made him look bad. I don't even mind the CGI - no different than, say, the first Thor movie, which everyone loves. Seems realistic to me that this is how these worlds should look and this type of look for worlds worked very well in The Clone Wars and Rebels. Like you say, the Prequels were not perfect movies. The aforementioned dialogue and some jerky narrative flow should have been re-written by better writers. But, I hope they get remembered and credited in a more realistic way than they have been in the past.

The Ringmaster : Actually Attack of the clones is one of my favorite Star Wars movies because we got to see how the clone troopers were made, we got to see a young Boba Fett (my favorite character) and his dad Jango Fett, the arena battle was epic! We got to see Yoda for the first time wielding his lightsaber against Count Dooku! We got to see who came up with the plans for the Death Star and it had Ewen McGregor, Christopher Lee and Samuel L. M***** F****** Jackson!!! Enough said!!! Lol!😀

Joseph Fritchen : I think the prequels were great.  It had a much harder task.  Characters had to be installed and dismissed with only a few left over.  That pressure was not needed in the original trilogy.  The new trilogy can pick which characters to use because the original didn't kill many focus charaters.I do not put any acting pressure on the Anakin scenes.  I think both Anakin actors didn't perform, but that is on the director.  They have many instances where it doesn't sound right but that is the mega take George Lucas cut, pasted, cropped, and eventually selected.Remember, George said episode II was going to be a love story.  While that may be boring to Star Wars fans, it had to happen for Luke and Leia to be born.  The Geonosis fight at the end was epic and one of the best scenes of all Star Wars films.  Hayden did both lover boy and impatient jedi well.  Padme would not have fallen in love with a dogmatic jedi.

Dan Bharry : I love the prequel era and episode 3 as well as the clone wars. ep 1 and 2 are just horrible films, but the lore of the prequels and that era in general is just so cool. so much going on, so much things happening. clone wars being my favorite era of the saga in general, the prequel era is great.

GrandPapa16 : To me, as a stand alone, ROTS is just as good as ANH and TESB, but in the bigger picture of the whole saga (including TCW), it is the best of the 6.

Michael White : The more I watch Phantom Menace, the more I love it. It's a beautiful movie. And I agree that Clone Wars improves the prequel experience.

Mike Sidious : I grew up on the OT, but love the PT and TCW just as much. I defended the PT online for many, many years but TLJ, I cannot tolerate for a variety of reasons. It's a horribly disjointed mess and not worthy of the "Star Wars" name. After Rogue One, I had so much respect for Kennedy and Disney - I felt that they got it right! But seeing how far they've fallen with TLJ, I cannot see how they will remedy this deplorable narrative. The sequel trilogy should be scrapped!

secretace : The Disney trilogy has almost NO world building compared to the prequels.

MysteryBounty : Dude I love the prequels. Darth Maul is right up there with Darth Vader in badassness, the politics while boring at times are also interesting the way Palpatine plays the Jedi for years and watching Anakin change because of his past and what happens to those around him. And Liam Neeson in a wig is godamn amazing.

Jack Eckerson : I think a lot of great moments came from the prequels

188-881 Joyfull : I consider myself a true Star Wars fan because I was able to love both the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy equally since both of them had characters to which I could relate. (Han Solo and Anakin Skywalker).

Voo Dude : I've always liked the prequels. It may have something to do with the fact that I was the right age when they came out. Phantom Menace used to be my least favourite Star Wars movie, then I saw The Last Jedi and I'm not kidding, The Phantom Menace is a masterpiece compared to it. Yeah, I agree it has Jar Jar and some boring politics, but the politics scene takes up about 5-10 minutes of screen time. I actually really like the introduction of Anakin in Phantom menace, seeing him as just a happy little boy, despite being a slave adds to the tragedy of his downfall, it is the classic tale, the innocent and pure being corrupted and becoming one of the most malevolent forces to be reckoned with. I know a lot of people say Attack of the Clones was even worse than Phantom Menace, but I find Attack of the Clones entertaining from start to finish, I like the small interaction we get between Anakin and Obi Wan in the beginning. I can see why people don't like some of Hayden's line delivery, but I personally like the character of Anakin. I like that he's flawed, I like that he creeps out Padme, I like that he loses his temper and is emotional, these are the seeds that will eventually grow to him becoming DarthVader. I really appreciate George Lucas' vision of the character, Vader being a tragic character. I know it didn't match with people's expectations of the character, they wanted Anakin to be as tough as Vader from the beginning. Honestly, I think that would have been boring.

h3ll0gudbye : I actually loved the prequels, I was the same age as little Anakin when they came out, so I obviously assumed everyone loved it as much as my family did. We used to watch the originals before then, and I liked them well enough but the prequels were what actually made me love Star Wars a lot, and why my favourite thing to do now (and has been for years), is play swtor. Darth Maul, Qui'gon and Obi Wan are what won me over, even though I dislike Jedi. I also liked the senate scenes, which I later found out people seemed to detest. I never understood the hatred for the prequels. Sure, the acting was bleh by some -- older Anakin and Padme were pretty cringe at times, and Jar Jar was stupid, I think Lucas should've stuck with the Lord Jar Jar thing, but they were small problems you could've easily overlooked; just like how I can overlook the plastic and papier-mache looking aliens from the originals.

Bob askins : The prequels have very good concepts and ideas with bad execution. If Lucas had let someone else direct them would have been amazing. This new trilogy by disney is the inverse: very good directors with very bad ideas and concepts. I am done with those.

Danglyparts : Dark Horse Republic comics are also a way better depiction of Clone Wars, the 2008 clone wars show was dreadful, but I liked Cad Bane and Savage Opress they were interesting new characters, Captain Rex was also a really cool addition but other than that it felt a bit cheap story wise, very cheesy and most characters were made a joke especially Grievous, and Dooku was severely under powered for some reason , in revenge of the sith they were way cooler and in the 2003 show.

The_Lost_Son : The prequls were my Star Wars movies. As flawed as they are I love them. Of course my bias is a factor here. I like politics and the lore. And truth be told I've seen worse romances, mostly irl but with Rose and Finn, that actually almost killed me Hell I'd killnfor a Darth Jar Jar film at this point considering how things are going right now

GrandPapa16 : Hi Jeremy, I want to point out a contradiction in your speech and surprisingly, I won’t talk trash to you about your appreciation of the prequels, but about your appreciation of TFA. You say that a movie should stand on its own and not need any other media or material to be appreciated (regarding the prequels). Can I politely ask you to have the same standards about TFA? I can’t point it exactly, but I heard you say that Rey’s shallow character wasn’t a problem in TFA since the character would be fleshed out in the following movies and this is a recurrent argument I heard when pointing our new protagonist’s shallow character. I don’t want to insinuate there’s anything good about TLJ, but can people cool down on Rian Johnson and come to the fact that none of JJ Abrams’ mystery boxes where explained in TLJ and that he (and KK) in the first place created and introduced those new horrible characters? P.S.: I have been a prequel defender since I saw my first, extremely funny while brutally stupid and sophistic, Mr. Plinkett TPM review video and I also have been a TFA hater since December 2015 (on the following morning after I saw it on opening day, I’ll admit I got into the hype in 2012-2015 and kept my enthusiasm for the movie for maybe 30 minutes after my first screening just to realize how unoriginal and stupid it was). My first reaction to TLJ (I have only seen it once) was, well that sucked, but at least it wasn’t as bad as TFA. I do understand all the hate TLJ gets on its won, but I do not understand all the hate TLJ gets while people cheered for TFA.

NotOrdinaryInGames : No need to convince me; I saw the prequels first, and never hated them. (I know they aren't perfect)

Luis D : I cant say I love the prequels but I do enjoy them. Episode 2 needed to tone down the CGI and the romance. Episode 3 is the best one and underrated.

Sam Ribar : I cannot agree more. Not the best films (besides ROTS) but definitely the best era

djwats7 : I've loved everything Star Wars... I've found enjoyment out of The Clone Wars, The Prequels, Rebels, and especially the Expanded Universe *RIP* ... TLJ is the first time I ever questioned my love for Star Wars. (psst, still too salty to say the relationship is mended). A mea culpa from Disney with the firing of Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson would be a great way to show there is hope left in the galaxy.

Annie Hartsock : Agree and love this post; I like The Clone Wars television series as much if not better than any of the movies. :)

Henry Bemis : I can't stand the prequels, but I still gave you a thumbs-up because you are correct: the world-building was extremely well done.

Shadow Blue Shuriken7 : Bro, yo don't need to go back and forth trying to explain why you like it so much or say it's good but then quickly go to all the bad things to appease the OT fans. I always hear this kind of explanation when people say they like the PT, but have to bring up all the bad things first, gets a bit annoying...

Natasha French : the prequel era is my fav era n bro what u said is why i love it its rich its amaxing n so much is explored and the fall of the republic i love the prequel era peace bro

Damian Howard : I don't have to watch the video (even though I will), but from the title, alone.. I'm already in full agreement. I don't care what anyone says (especially the "crybaby" haters).. The Prequels are amazing! I don't need to provide any evidence to support my opinion. The Prequels *are* amazing.. End of story.

shyjames83 : Hayden Christensen was rather off in Episode II, but in my humble opinion, he made up for in in Episode III, I thought he did great in that, he was everything I imagined Anakin to be when falling to the dark side and transitioning into Darth Vader

Xaxos92 : I find it funny how before the Sequel Trilogy, I saw many Star Wars fans bashing on the Prequel Trilogy and blaming George Lucas. When Disney released new Star Wars films, fans started hating them and began praising the Prequel Trilogy and wanted George Lucas back.

juan sebastian Mora : I think the prequels are very good , and those movies are better than the Last Jedi and The Force Awakens