Old man playing western Ennio Morricone music on classic guitar

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Du Gameplays_YT : This is good but he seems drunk af

Laura Lux : The wrong kind of people are famous. This is straight up badassery.


Kurt Bergh : l was quite impressed by the whistling and guitar playing, but those sound effects... :O

Hamza B : what's the psychological reason behind disliking this!??

John Marston : this guy has transcended humanity and has become a god among men

That One Mexican : his name is italo vegliante

Sebstance : Does this guy do weddings?

Here come dat MLG BOI : i wish this never stopped

Samuel Finnegan : The trumpet part???

jaec45 : "For A Few Dollars More" with a few notes from "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly" both composed by Ennio Morricone 1965 and 1966. Both films are starred by Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef. Two of my favorite spaghetti westerns. Awesome!

Buttered Toast : This is the greatest video ive ever seen on youtube

ZapeZeam : this has way too little views

Abdel el Bali : If u dislike this video, you really dont have a soul anymore...!!!

Steven Rosen : He needs to go on americas got talent! ASAP

Hugh Jass : want to learn to do this

Dat Nigga Donald : 2018???

002o : Get 158 coffins ready!

KHALED -H-F-D : Red dead redemption 2

GlassicalAce : Found this from iFunny! Had to find the original video ASAP! What a LEGEND!

PixelKimmy : This just made my day! :D

Bruno Laramée : I'v listened this video like 100 times ! Should make a longer version !

FS zHydra : 0:31 what a sounddd !!!

Die Zugedrohnten : So awesome. Epic talent.

MichuPomywacz : No kurwa mistrz

Vodrallion : Damn i want the chords for this lol

JustSomeTimber1nTheLake : The main menu soundtrack for Red Dead 2 seem’s kinda weird

Dimitrios Staikoglou : chords?

mako : Now, do i add this to my music playlist or my favourites playlist? trick question, i add it to both. you all get F's

Swooping Eagle : Il mitico italo vegliante

Emh Kanal : supeeeeeeerrrrrrr😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

GodSaveKira : Amazing 😍 ... From Saudi Arabia

David : Damn, this bring me back so many memories when i was a kid watching old western cowboys films... :,)

100% Dork : This the kinda video that woulda gotten 10 million views in 6 months just 5 years ago. So good.

Nathan Gernert : Why do I like this so much

Playlists : My uncle used to be like him, without guitar..

Fin arsenal : wow😵💪👌

David Bakovic : RESPECT !!!

800 Ping player : He’s my god

Ron Jet : I pee while staring out to the horizon and this music plays in the background.

sun81tzu : this is amazing wow!

Any colour you like : whats the name of the song at 0:23? it isnt a fistful of dollars is it?

ALEXDUSTY : I just search on youtube "yam yam yam"

Kristina Josipović : wow nice video

Romana Šoukalová : Není ten borec Čech?

ReidCircuits : Man I wish I could whistle.

ROCK N ROL : God music

Sunny Guha : Here I am playing this video on a loop 200 times and 200 people disliked this video. #ShameOnThoseWhoDisliked


Hazardous XD : Can someone tell me the chords he is playing I wanna learn this on guitar