Aliens at Vizag

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Amjith PS : Fools.. its young barn owls

allybean : Leave those babies alone.

Truth sam : There are obviously 2 owl chicks hatched not long ago!

Joseph Patrick : O W L M A O

Trailer Men : ఇది ఆంధ్రలో కొందరు తక్కువ విద్యావంతులైన ఇడియట్స్ అని రుజువు చేస్తోంది. ఇవి బార్న్ గుడ్లగూబలు Idi āndhralō kondaru takkuva vidyāvantulaina iḍiyaṭs ani rujuvu cēstōndi. Ivi bārn guḍlagūbalu

Danny_PS4 : Did you ask them to take you to their leader? You could have tried giving them some skittles sweets and showing him the phone, ET can phone home.

PigeonsPie1 : Those are two young owls.

Vortex of Chaos : So many rats for them to feast on!

Artifactsofmars : Aruna I love your video. Can you please translate what the people who are off camera are saying for us English speaking Americans. It would help. Thanks.

Raun Carswell : I am a guy who believes Extraterrestrials exist, but those aren't Little Greys. How can anyone not tell that those are Owls?

jatinder kaur : viral sach jhoot hai

Arclight 1 : ...what’s alien about an indigenous species?

Webgurl : These poor owls have no feathers..... are they starving?