Why you look 50 when you’re 24

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Adam Fitzpatrick : pin my comment- funny video rawr xD

TheDomcrit : Love how he is just laughing afterwards when she is like "what did you say?" He just doesn't give a fuck, amazing

Lisle Brathwaite : This moment in savagery has been sponsored by "Now that's what I call Savage" Volume LOL

Khalil Yousuf : Ended her career right their, lmao

Laughing Man88 : dude in the white hat wanted to laugh so bad

CLAP DEM CHEEKS : 0:08 he tried to turn his head😂😂

Lisle Brathwaite : 0:09 Bro 1: Holy Shi.....!!! Bro 2: Just look away man. Look away!

Lerick Ashley : Everyone's reaction puts me on the floor the face palm shskdjsb man turned away couldnt even face the camera

Robert Brunello : You mean she's not actually 50??

Ceasar C : The music and the laugh made it so much better 😂😂😂😂

James The Producer-JTP : lol

adam chow : the white guy with the hat knew what went down😤😂

????? : alcohol, cigarettes, fast food, lack of exercise. that's why.

Adam Saeba : Is she really 24 ?

Oshea Quinones : I love how you can just tell by everyones face around the room that its lowkey true 😂😂😂 thats what makes it so funny , all good jokes got some truth to it 💀💀💀

Six Gun Shauna : Woman: "What did you say?" Man: ":D"

Anthony Davis : best line ever on ink master

Michael Seabrooks : Most of the ppl were either like "he's said it!" Or "omg she does!" 😂😂😂😂

kevin layne : finish her!!

Robert Murry : That chuckle he makes at the end.... XD

3ternal : Why has this not been made into Thug Life

Silas ofNj : I reckon she then handed the deed to her soul over to him right after, since, well, he officially owns her now.

Shawn Lucas : Okay, this Dude is my new Hero.

RelentlessRevolver7 : 0:12

Hotep X : My boy made ink master history period...

left4deadian : Savage gods are pleased.

Kinger 984 : i think she loves anal

EmptyWalletSyndrome : classic! No way she is 24 though??

daxTHEcat of Wales : The dude in the cap lmao his face when he turned around lmao

Tronald Dump : *Finish her!* *Fatality!*

bs2455 : Best burn he could have come up with. You can't respond to that

EXOL AF : He is right. 😂😂

Kanae Sheppard : Boneface had time this day 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

The D Knax : The white dude facepalming has me so dead

Nikki Angelique : LMFAOOO in crying at How fast the guy in the hat turns

Street Hierarchy : You shouldn't use cussing and name-calling in an argument unless you're prepared to fight dirty!

Brönte Emily : Love the guys arround smiling!!!!! Hahahahahhah

sayeed mcburnie : 😅😂😂😂😂😂 that boy playing for keeps

obi was here : he aint lyin

supreme god leader great Pepe the Frog : It's so true though

Havel The Wall : that shit eating grin, what an absolute legend

Shawn Moore : rekt

Exiled Summoner : god damn that was brutal

rightburn : She doesn't know what to say anymore ! :P

Kid Power : I think this my favourite Ink Master moment of all, that was the funniest shit I've ever seen on tv in a longgg time

alexizdabestPSN : It's super effective

Clorox Bleach : not even a tattoo can cover that burn

Damien Goh : what show is this?

Sean B : i can tell shes a heavy smoker just by looking at her.. that and she eats garbage

SchoolyWorldwide : He is the only black guy there...this was so enjoyable and i laughed just like you did