Why you look 50 when you’re 24

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Adam Fitzpatrick : pin my comment- funny video rawr xD

Robert Brunello : You mean she's not actually 50??

EEZYBREEZY1016 7373829 : 0:08 he tried to turn his head😂😂

????? : alcohol, cigarettes, fast food, lack of exercise. that's why.

Silas ofNj : I reckon she then handed the deed to her soul over to him right after, since, well, he officially owns her now.

KillingerDOOM : lol notice how all the other dudes were too scared to laugh. I'd have been laughing like a maniacal super villain at that dude's comment.

Lisle Brathwaite : 0:09 Bro 1: Holy Shi.....!!! Bro 2: Just look away man. Look away!

Laughing Man88 : dude in the white hat wanted to laugh so bad

Lerick Ashley : Everyone's reaction puts me on the floor the face palm shskdjsb man turned away couldnt even face the camera

Kinger 984 : i think she loves anal

adam chow : the white guy with the hat knew what went down😤😂

EvinEdits : expecting a good answer from an asshole only to get an ass h0le answer.

daxTHEcat of Wales : The dude in the cap lmao his face when he turned around lmao

Michael Seabrooks : Most of the ppl were either like "he's said it!" Or "omg she does!" 😂😂😂😂

supreme god leader great Pepe the Frog : It's so true though

EmptyWalletSyndrome : classic! No way she is 24 though??

Khalil Yousuf : Ended her career right their, lmao

akosh kosh : I Luke how he just laughs when she says go fuck yourself I I know damn well she know what he said !!!!😂😂😂😂

Shawn Lucas : Okay, this Dude is my new Hero.

RelentlessRevolver7 : 0:12

Charles Official : The music and the laugh made it so much better 😂😂😂😂

Damien Goh : what show is this?

bs2455 : Best burn he could have come up with. You can't respond to that

MrDaoJones : These bitches were incredibly annoying. How on earth did they get their own show? If anything Clean Rock One should have his own platform.

Muhamad Lutfi : What episode is this...

Alister Yarde : She just lost her youth

MeridianPanther : What season or episode was this?

AGEMO : Is she really 24? She definitely looks at the very-very least 40-something.

Bill Wright : That's what you get for fucking with MC Ride

sayeed mcburnie : 😅😂😂😂😂😂 that boy playing for keeps

Havel The Wall : that shit eating grin, what an absolute legend

Clorox Bleach : not even a tattoo can cover that burn

ANNA GAGLIARDI : where can i watch the full episode

3ternal : Why has this not been made into Thug Life

Nico The Rabbit : Why did the old lady fall in the well? --------- She couldn't see that well

alex hazell : fatality

suhduud : i like the other girls face like she is in shock at what he just said, like is he supposed to just sit there and take insults

WeBe Flexin : “Good fuck yourself” and meanwhile he’s sitting there laughing 😆

alexizdabestPSN : It's super effective

Oshea Quinones : I love how you can just tell by everyones face around the room that its lowkey true 😂😂😂 thats what makes it so funny , all good jokes got some truth to it 💀💀💀

666ofdoom : I had two watch this over hundreds times.

Zarcon : i dont know who this guy is, but i'd like to think that he just makes half assed tattoos and is kept on the show. like they all have these big reveal tats at the end of the show and he just drew a dickbutt on someone's back.

4Real Bruh : That shit hit her so hard, even the girl next to her felt it 😂😂😂

Clifster : lol he was getting insulted! and did not lash out! but then she did! Man girls get triggered quickly!

Six Gun Shauna : Woman: "What did you say?" Man: ":D"

left4deadian : Savage gods are pleased.

Sean B : i can tell shes a heavy smoker just by looking at her.. that and she eats garbage

Rogue Floppers : damn mc ride an asshole lol

Ainsley Harriott : Savage af.

Taran Matharu : Deeesttroooyed