[651] Manipulating My Tiny Coq

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MPAH1981 : How did you keep a straight voice?!

Susan : Demonitized

Don'z Lockz : Haha!😅😅😅Hilarious, how the hell do you do this without cracking up???😁😁😁 Was this scripted? Nice Coq you have!😊🍺✌

Justin O'Brien : Q: Who are you going to satisfy with that? A: Myself!

Albert Lebel : LM?AO !!! LPL, coming from such a proper speaking man like yourself, this had me in stitches. Thank you so much. Just fantastic !!!

tallman11282 : LMAO. I don't think I've ever heard so much innuendo in one video before.

Shane K : AvE, got to piss with the coq you've got

Dave T : I'm surprised you haven't gone blind from playing with it so much.

RMoribayashi : Thanks to you I will never be able to look at my lock collection the same way.

Polite Cat : But is it vulnerable to snap attacks? How about we try the ramset on it? Are you willing to share it and send it to viewers so they can have a go at manipulating it?

Jolly Peanut : Time to stop playing with your Coq ;-)

Boris Kozo : Coq finished quickly. I expected a longer video.

Deaken Wylie : Sir, do not be dismayed by its size; you have a wonderful coq and I thank you for being both brave and so forthcoming in sharing it with us. Well done.

Carl Clarke : No lube?

Fast Charlie : I’m subscribed to you on Twitter, so unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I saw it “coming”...

Moderate Fkr : Could only be improved with a Clouseau accented delivery that culminated in a triumphant satisfied "Ooo La Laaa!' Very very funny LPL. All the funnier for discovering it late.

marcel1416 : I can imagine him, being a lawyer, in front of a judge and jury having exactly this monologue... looool :D

UK Lockpickers : Lol🤟🏻🇬🇧😂

whatsup914 : Lmao this coq has seen some use over the years.

Savage Citizen : Hahahaha! How you did that with what sounded like a straight face is beyond me lol! That is hilarious and quite possibly the best April 1st joke video I've seen. Thanks for the laugh!

Securing London : It's not the size of the coq but how you manipulate the coq. Handle the Coq with great care....you deserve a medal for not laughing your arse off with the coq inuendos. Certainly made me laugh!

Maher Jrad : You got me 😂😂 winner off April 1st

Stand United : 🤣😂🤣😂 You are a legend!!

The Madhatter : LMAO. 😂 that’s made my day.

Mark Wallis : Just brilliant 🤣

Drew w : I have no idea how you kept a straight face doing this 😂😂😂

Javier Garcia-Cuerva Velasco : Does YouTube allow Videos about manipulating coqs? xD

Tech Gorilla : Winner of the Internet on April Fools Day. Hands down! I KNEW you were Asian by your accent!!

Kinkajou1015 : I'm going to be honest. I hope next year you have the largest Coq you have ever seen available for subtle manipulation.

ibd1977 : No match for an chastity belt then?

MPAH1981 : When I saw this, your Coq only had 50 views, I thought I could be the first to comment on your Coq but not this time.

Scottish Digger : You sir have just made my day 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💙

Stuart Cox : Fantastic, nice one, my wife and I are laughing at this, thank you LPL

loz11968 : Brilliant how did you manage not to laugh 😂

d c : how did you not laugh making this.


Sōsuke Aizen : Our daddy taught us not to be ashamed of our coqs.

Richard List : LMAO, great to know you have so much fun with your tiny coq. Great video as always, no it's better ;-)

Obijanje Brave : And this is how videos become viral!

OzarksWildman : April fools!!! You had me going for a little while.

Pingwin Morderczy : 10/10

Aniquin : You are a gem

Dave Kimball : Well wasn't that the Coqford-Ollie !


pahrooman : I wonder if this channel was just a long con to make this vid

Weltenspinner LPs : You have a beautifull coq!

InsaneFirebat : Holy wow! Please mark your lock pr0n as NSFW

James M : Only a man with a tiny Coq would figure out how to get both hands around it.

fabts4 : It's over already?

Josh L : 2:02 missed the chance to say "until we get the release"