World Cup Prediction FAIL (Tattoo + $22,500 Bet) 2018

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HowToBasic : I am betting all my money on Croatia. Thank you.

Anything4views : This video didn't age well

Conosis : He is a time traveller, unfortunately due to time paradoxes, he changed the path of time leading to Frances win, in another parallel universe where he doesn’t travel back in time, Croatia win the world cup.

Plexiate : This was almost a viral video if they won.

Kragatar : Aww man, I really wanted to see him win.

Sinless Beatle : People are saying he predicted wrong,but what they have not realised is that he actually predicted right...He knew there was gonna be that controversial penalty and he felt that France did not deserve the penalty and it affected the outcome of the game so he got a tattoo to show that Croatia are winners in his book and they deserved to win.Genius!!!

Eddie Cheeseburger : Guess who lost 3000 dollars and has a Croatia 2018 tatoo for life

HyperBrokenMusik : F

Davor B : Croatia deserved to win. R.I.P money

iDubbbzTV : They beat England, that's good enough. TAB should give him the money

Dom’s Bizarre Adventure : Big oof

Brian M : French spoiled the present

So Planes : Bro, if the ref wasn't corrupt and France hadn't cheated Croatia would've won. First free kick wasn't even supposed to happen so that would give France 1 less goal, and throughout the game France kept faking injuries by diving, using intimidation tactics and purposefully pushing Croatian players down. The last 2 goals France made were clear goalkeeper mistakes and should've been saved. France team isn't the best. Croatia stays in our hearts forever.

Dom’s Bizarre Adventure : *OOF*

maxmoefoePokemon : Jeff needs to be put down

Marin YT : We are a country with 4 million people,we are proud we came to final but I think we deserved to win.

Yaz 7/11 : F

RuFusTheUnicow : I think your time machine is broken

ShyLabeef : this didn't age well

Dolan Dark : F

Mystic Master : I had faith in Croatia

dipti ranjan nayak : Here after Croatia lost Along with his money...

BOI : You can all shit what you want on Croatia, but our Luka got awarded for the best player of the year

Pon Kun : Curb your meme?

Anything4views : Jeff must hate his life.

Rugby Jack : Why is there an article saying ur dead

TheBestPart Tho. : He can be hurt physically by cactuses and such.... *N O W L E T S G E T H I S M E N T A L I T Y*

Clown Gang : Ahhh alright well time to eat your hat buddy

Speedy - Pingouin O_o : Issou

THE OO-MOROK TRAILS : Are you going to remove your tattoo now?

Arnold Schwarzeniqqa : Retard

The Killerlemming : He must have changed the future when he time traveled

LUNKICK CRO : I’m from Croatia and iv thought the same but...

mr. username : Even if croatia was placed 2nd. to me that is ok. Such a small country with only 4 mil. people managed to beat everyone except France. And Luka Modrić is the best football player in the world according to FIFA.

Dolan Dark : I'm leaving this comment 1 hour before the match starts. I pray that England loses for your sake

stvdenth : close man

Kovaa : Well,it failed u for the "first time"...

Chinken MangNunget : RIP

Perry : Rest in piece Jeff

Nin0theplot : France won Poor Jeff Im french YEAAAAAHH FRANCE WON

The Dude : Good luck with that tattoo removal and losing that $3000.

Frano : France didnt deserve this win, but I guess its easier playing with 12 players...

clever name.mp4 : I think he might have killed himself by now...

Sir Louis : They've been in overtime 3 times now....I can't imagine what he's been trough

MAD TRICKSTER : pretty close , croatia was in the finals

Trew Hoffman : This is so sad Alexa play despacito

Zane Leonard : Who came here after the finals?

UselessPippa : I’m the real time traveler mate 🇫🇷

Omar Dayz : ummm...

ben Vardakis : Rip very dumb time traveler