NBA's One Million Dollar Shot (1995)

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Musicrecords10 : I was expecting like a half court shot

Gabriel Raya : and how do u miss a 3 pointer for 1 million dollars

MaxFusion101 Gaming : Are you serious!? Make a three for a million?! That's so easy!!!

Woozuh : It is TITS in here

Scott Leighton : That is exactly what i expected a guy that airballed a 3 for a million dollars to look like.

edwin farias : His garbage air ball and practice really

Rich B : Nice hair

Mason Puryear : You Suck

Jesus Christ : Mothafucka had one job! And he fucken airballs.....kys pls

Christian G : He missed cause he wearing those damn eurostars sneakers haha

Don Corleone : Hahahaha what a fuckin bum! Hahaha stayin broke son!

Gabriel Raya : that haircut tho 😂😂

Minh Lê Nguyễn Quang Minu : Benedict Cumberbatch?

AJ Ortiz : I don't know what was worse, his hair or his shot

jonathan spittlehouse : LMFAO what a dick, all that showboating and he gets no where near the basket

Per Hansen : Zzzzz he miss!

jimmyglea : WTF? 4:33 minutes for a miss? Who put this shit on my recommend?

Nicolass 22 : I mean not to complain but this could have changed his life and all he had to do was make a simple 3 pointer not a half court or some big tough NBA player blocking you and you can't even shoot it far enough

Dsehe Jhshd : he practice euro 3 ps

CHLOE THOMAS : This made me so sad

poy de_ rossi : 😂😂😂😂

Renato X : this nigga blew a million dollar 3ptr

Greg LaPrade : I guess the zen and becoming one with basket was an epic fail

Derrel Germain : I'd swish that shit wth

Mark Soucek : When I saw this I thought it was going to be a half court or full court shot

Geoff Longford : The problem was he didn't get it through the hoop.

KyaR Games : Guess what you need to do? Read more

Kevin Kent : That is a quintessential 90's haircut.

Reading Through History : Foot Locker ruined this kid's life.

Jerome Themothy Geslani : 1m ugly hiar + 3point =airball really

dragon model : I thought he was supposed to make the shot wtf was all this.

UnseenSpirit : The things pressure can do to you

Darrell Morris : that's a weird looking dude.

Epic Mattatron : Black ppl have terrible hair now a days

Nenad IC XC Shuput : that was 3 pointer wtf? he overthinked it.

Matt vazquez : He did all that extra shit I was waiting for him to be like "you've been punked" sorry ass lmao I'm glad Craig sager rubbed that shit in lmao RIP bIg dawg

Hassad Abbass : after that he spent 2 millions for a psychologist

Ginger Filipino : Ugly haircut😂

BornNaturalBaller30 : Sad to see Craig Sager in this😭

omar abdullah : He rushed. INTOOOOO A FUCKING AIRBALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

Speaking the truth : it reminded me of Kobe shooting air balls against Utah in the playoff .

Nam Duong : So he changed his name to Benedict Cumberbatch, and became one of the best actor of all time. ok fine =)))

Kyle Jmrez : And then he went on and became Benedict Cumberbatch

Shalowrele Gaming : On the top view it looks pike he got it in

I like turtles! : damn, 1 million for a 3 point shot? Now you only get 75k for a half court shot

BudderLion : He looks like a familiar actor. don't remember his name

KEEM's DREAM : He became one with the air

0ldCat : I was expecting a 1-mile away, thru the colossium chimney swish shot that set the basket net in fire and set all the ho's dripping wet for this guy! Instead, this.. That's so g👬y!

Tmpqtyu Tmpqty : He didn't have to insist on a legit throw. Should have taken a running momentum.

money ninja : he got that Peter Parker hair line