NBA's One Million Dollar Shot (1995)

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Musicrecords10 : I was expecting like a half court shot

Kane Jr : Nothing says the '90s like that guy's haircut.

ObViOsPillow : Who else found this in their recommended...

Black German : Damn that hairstyle like wtf??? Triggered 90s people incoming...

RamboTheKiid : trassshhh

Official Spare : I can make a 3 but with all that pressure who knows if I would have made it

buu naahtz : he shot up his school after this

CharlesAkaBoogie : My momma would've beat my ass if I missed that ..

Julio Sosa : why is this in my recommended???

Einius G : He needed that money to get a haircut

Cj Silly : And this Lady and Gentlemen, is how school shootings started.

Statty Fatty : I don't know what was worse, his hair or his shot

Jeff Spekhardt : dude could fix that hair cut with a million dollars...

Guspro 10 : wow all of this for a airball

BeefPapa : a million bucks for a three pointer? i guess foot locker was swimming in dough those days.

Bruce Wang : How the hell did this get allowed? $1mm in 1995 is over 1.5mm in todays money. And he legit only had to make a 3 pointer instead of the half court shots in today's games that are only worth 25-75k

HaxED : Didn't know school shooters can miss.

MC : No more Special Olympics highlights, please....

Brendan Lemke : How I feel when I study for a test and still fail

Max Miller : im so weak lmao an AIR BALL? bruh

Arguing With Stupid People : One million dollars for one three pointer - isn't that Patrick Beverley's rate of pay for an NBA season?

El Player21 : Nigga missed a fuken 3-pointer wtf

John Chakkour : Bruh that is such a 90s haircut

Matt Damon : if this happened in 2016 the audience would have chanted air ball

Antonio Ramirez : Lol craig sieger was puttin lemon on the wound talking about how everyone in ohio was disappointed i know he meant it to make em feel better it still sounded like "damn" lol

JKolman1179 : Mike "Air" Hoban

FLA HEMI : yea. they dont do this anymore. a mil from 3 point line. lucky ass lil kid. now its half court shot for 10k. 😂😂😂

Kieran : Missed the whole fuckin board😂😂😂😂

Arjay Laigo : after all the preparation/ritual, he just throw that ball like shit.

LoonyHawk : anyone can make a three, but in front of all those people

Bobby Trill : I thought this was SURELY a half court shot

Texas Man : I knew he wasn't ganna make it. the first try, I feel sorry for him. In a way.

fatalshot009 : I really thought he was gonna make that shot. But then I read the description before watching the video. :/

Maverick : Let me save you all some time 2:16 wa wa waaaaa 😂 what happened to all the foot lockers?! lol

roy e : So 2 weeks of practice with NBA legend Dan Majerle and puts up an air ball ?

Codi Go : All that time practicing one shot, and he threw an air ball up lol

Tweeter05 : I watched the whole thing & he fuckin missed it? lol He was pretty composed for a 16 year old on national television, though.

YouTube5000 : As soon as I saw his haircut I knew instantly he was gonna fail.

changzy : "Man I swear it was the wind"

Hanthala Housheya : just wasted 4:34 of my life

Brandon Sanders : why is this in my recommended

Savith Meas : i was expecting it to be from half court.

Michael Angst : Wow, I would of been practicing pretty much anytime i'm awake until I feel I could make it damn near everytime if I had this chance.

Ems : You know that he will not make the shot when he thought that the three point line is a free-throw line. When shooting the three, don't think, just throw the damn ball in the form you practiced quickly.

Osama Hussein : All that prepping and still an air ball. That sucks.

Jakie Salosa : Boiii if you don't get outta hear with that weak ass throw

Franky4fingers78 : People are dying out of hunger and we are talking to a rich kid who didn't win 1 million dollars on a lottery. Priorities!

LA FLAME : We need a *Where Are They Now?*

Michael H : Why is this in my recommended feed

-JUXO - : people from ohio watching this : HEY IM FROM OHIO!!!!!