Pokemon Parody Episode 1

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Jordan Nexhip : I havent seen this in like 10 years but I still remember it word for word

Mox Fulder : Shit I used to watch this every day in 2007. Was just playing EarthBound and recognised the music from this haha

Mac : "I'm Misty" "Ok." lol

bitch : I used to think this was hysterical years ago

Zombie - Minecraft : first video i saw on youtube :) 7 years ago

Kiko Jimenez : Now I remember why I always sing "fruit salad, yummy yummy" whenever I make a fruit salad. I've been doing it for eight years now

SsbPrime : I really miss that classic 2006-2009 YouTube

Angie725 : The fact that *this* is giving me nostalgia says a lot. *AHNALD. AHNALD.*

Alexsis Inéz : MY CHILDHOOD!!! I hope this is never deleted this is so nostalgic 😭

Hew : This was the first video I had ever watched on YouTube

bone : So many years since I watched this. Classic

Baby Idol : I cannot believe this is already 10 years old. It makes me depressed to think so much time has gone by but I can look back and think of the moments I shared with my cousin in HYSTERICS because we found this so funny.

Owen Briggs : the fruit salad was the only thing i remembered and kept singing it XD

Kazaam : I was 6 when I saw this. Now I'm 12. As my first video on youtube, and many others, I give this the seal of nostalgia.

TAG : Oh my lord I finally found it.

Jaz Grims : lol throwback to the first ever YouTube video I watched :D

TheMewx : I remember watching this when I was 8. Dang...

ellezc : quality voice acting. top notch

Bacon : When you realize this is almost a decade old...

fozia ayaz : im so happy this still exsists

Jake Branthe : "...wait, you killed it" *"he he"*


kamokude : Oh jeez I watched this video when I was 10 and in 5th grade. Me and my friends watched it obsessively. I'm now 17 and a junior in high school and just came across it in tumblr. The grin on my face can't be expressed in words...

XeNo : Who watching this in 2017!

Aria : 10 years old... this video can start its pokemon journey

Fábio William : oh gosh i laugh so hard when i hear Pikachu's voice 

Muffins : My first ever youtube video. Oh how times have changed.

Daniel Carrilho : Wow this is still funny.

Djuncle : *This is so nostalgic. Watched it in 2008 and didn't understand a thing, because English isn't my first language. xD*

Espeon804 : I was 7 when I first watched this. 10 years later, I still love it like the first time I've seen it. Hello childhood.

Brandon Pierce : Oh my gosh, i was 6 when i watched this last. This use to be the funniest thing ever to me! Ive done the fruit salad thing ever since!!

Szpaky : This is one of those things that are so horrible they're great xD

Matthew Greer : Fruit salas yummy yummy I always did that and had no idea where it came from xD

A man of culture : Throwback to the first Parody video ive watched :D

FascistEmu : I remember watching this when I was 6

LightningToast3 : 2:30 ewwwwww!!

Azoog : Block buster?! Never seen one since 2008

Singular piece of toast : This is still one of the best videos on Youtube holy fuck

GamerBorg : A Fantastic Classic.

Riana Cassarino : I just realised, after about 9 years of not noticing this, that the music in the beginning is apple kid's theme and the title card music is the beginning of the music that plays when the cameraman flies down from earthbound lmao

MssBarbaritaa : It is as funny as I remember

CR0W : The last time I saw this I was 4th grade 😂😂😂

Williamz : The first video I watched on Youtube :')

Vaennylla : I can't believe it's been 8 years. My cousin and I used to watch this when we were kids. Good times... good times...

the majestic corgi : Caterpie caterrpie yea

presstr : I always remembered the "Ahnold" Part.

Arctrooper Rob : 1st youtube vid that i watched rh

Miles_Metal... 8-Bit Metal, Video Game and Film Covers : Aahhh... YouTube in 2006; what a beautiful time that was. I must have watched this back when it first came out along with the Lazer collection and Ze End of ze World

Dvaughn Zenn : Misty! Misty!

burned chicken nugget : i forgot about this video for years, although it's one of the first things i ever watched on youtube. when i was in 4th grade this was comedy gold to me and my friends. it brings back a lot of memories