Colors Song Balloons | Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

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Colors Song Balloons is funny nursery rhymes, where boy play and learn with toys, kids car and other. More kids songs on the our channel Baby Star Show. if you like the video please subscribe my channel and help to grow my channel. ★★★★ Suggest Videos: ➤➤➤Johny Yes Papa with Batman: ➤➤➤Five Little Babies Jumping on the Bed: #nurserysong #learncolor #babystarshow

Comments from Youtube

Алена Константинова : Funny video, nice music. I thought that with a saber now all the same the ball would pierce. But no.

Elena Fl : Great video, I'm your subscriber, I wish you and your boy a good holiday. Waiting for more good videos!

Евгения Новак : It is just great to have a kid. And a sport blue car seems wonderful in the picture.

Галина Шиндак : Video super!!!

Wise family : A wonderful song about colored balls, checked once again with my daughter knowledge of English

MELDA Toys Review : Great