Colors Song Balloons | Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

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Алена Константинова : Funny video, nice music. I thought that with a saber now all the same the ball would pierce. But no.

Ned Gaidarova : Well done kid, good on camera. It will probably be a star of the screen!

Галина Шиндак : Video super!!!

NICE SHOW : Yep im still listening@@@@@

nuwan kulsakara : Mind. Blown. Thank you. OuO~


Whician Neilam : I love these videos

MELDA Toys Review : Great

Elisabet Christ : please watch it

Elena Fl : Great video, I'm your subscriber, I wish you and your boy a good holiday. Waiting for more good videos!

Евгения Новак : It is just great to have a kid. And a sport blue car seems wonderful in the picture.

Wise family : A wonderful song about colored balls, checked once again with my daughter knowledge of English

cruis bell : Very nice video,!@@~