Proposing To My Girlfriend With Mario Maker

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JDW is Here : Wait, does this mean you're retired from setting bitches on fire?

Anneliese samara : Thank you everyone for all the well wishes we are so happy to have found one another and cant wait to spend the rest of our lives together.

Cormac McCarthy's Therapist : Congratulations, man :) Serious question, though. Will the wedding have battle royale?

Youtuber Radical Rick : AWWWWWWWWW

Duck Nukam : Would have been way more entertaining if she said no, too predictable of a plot... bo-ring!

EvilJagan : My boy Rob upgraded from the BooKitty days.

Victor Sutherland : Congratulations Rob :D

Scratch Point : Congratulations, wish you guys the best.

The Game Capsule : Congrats!

JayJay Thelongasname : Very creative.

Brandon Adams : It's honestly nice to see something so sweet and wholesome on YouTube for once. Congrats on the marriage man.

Lolwoo1 : I had a big dumb smile on my face watching this! Congrats dude

Doctor Spectre 9781 : Rob you've made me laugh so much over the years, it is with a heavy heart that I congratulate you and Anna on your engagement. I wish you two nothing but the best.

Moraduke : This was so adorable. I wish you both nothing but the best!

Quaz : Dinky.

Alain de Jacmel : wow damn you’ve come a long way dude

Zach The Celtics Guy : This was awesome Rob bro. Congrats man! I am very happy for you. All of your loyal fans, including me, are.

peterthekingofpie : They grow up so fast! *wipes away tear*

Phoenix Splash TV : Congrats! Make sure to straighten him out!

Legos Crash : Congratulations man

Brandon Naar : Congratulations to you, Rob!

UFCWWEFan 619 : Been following you since 07 bro, this made my day.

Sub Dead : You are such a Silent Romantic!

Reon Mesta : Awh

American Liberty Matters : So is Alphaomegasin going to be your best man? In all seriousness, congrats man.

fwwaller : Congrats Rob, you're one of my favorite Youtubers, been following you for over 10 years, you deserve this man.

Russell Smith : Congratulations rob

Ben Pyle : Wow that was impressive smooth moves Rob. Congratulations!

Chris Day : Congratulations rob

Neil Fisher : Congrats dude!!!! Are you gonna have a metal gear solid themed wedding?

Gecko 1993 : Congratulations, MY MAN!

Kevin Bacon : Good for Rob. He deserves someone good.

Invader TAK : Congrats, you two! Here's to many years of destroying faces together.

Alois Trancy : DSP and Drunkenpunk can be the best men. Alpha can be the bridesmaid! :)

ballinnick1982 : I don't think I've ever commented on one of your videos but I've been watching them from the beginning... Congrats on the engagement and that was fucking brilliant with the Mario Maker!

Gleb Mikhalev : Seemed like silent Rob was better and smarter than avoiding the marriage trap.

DarkStarNinja : I had a feeling she would say yes. congrats rob!

Jamaal Shekelstein : >tfw no gf

vamrack powerhouse : Congrats man.

vamrack powerhouse : That's amazing

Djole George : What a wild ride being your fan has been. Most badass youtuber of all time. Congrats bro.

Black Metal Gamer : Adorable

HUYI1 : aww that is cute, congratulations!! ❤️

Drink : Congrats bro.

intense_pickle : Is the reception mega man themed? And where's my invitation? :P

intense_pickle : CONGRATS BUDDY!

Doyledeth : Would've been hilarious if you made her go through a hellish stage to get to the marriage proposal, haha!

Raging Bull : Congrats you two!!!

PROTLxONgame : Congrats to the both of you! I can't believe the same guy that was yelling at action 52 all those years ago is already about to get married. You are the first youtuber that got me into watching videos online so this is also a very special moment for me too. I wish you happiness.

Captiankirk games : The day has come