Proposing To My Girlfriend With Mario Maker

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Face Destroyer Inc. : Best use of that worthless version of Mario Maker on 3ds lol

JDW is Here : Wait, does this mean you're retired from setting bitches on fire?

Matthew Hill : Rob is all grown up now 😭😭😭congrats dude, all the years of laughing through your videos has been a journey.

The Jensenator : Congratulations, man :) Serious question, though. Will the wedding have battle royale?

Anneliese samara : Thank you everyone for all the well wishes we are so happy to have found one another and cant wait to spend the rest of our lives together.

ThugNasty97 : *Alpha when hes not invited to the wedding “DATS BOOSHIET”*

Dragoonstuck : *smash bros. Melee announcer voice* CONGRATULATIONS

The1BigBadWolf : Silent robs getting married. Man I'm getting old. Congratulations. 😁

Hikikomori Media : Never doubt the power of the lunar necklace

Smith Smithy : I've been watching for almost 10 years. I'm happy I got to witness this awesome moment! Congrats Rob and Anni!

Gizmo Hibiki : Will you the Sonic Spinball theme play at your wedding?

Ricky Ricardo : I think it's best that anni receives the new title, "Silent Wife"

Sean Fontaine : Is the archfiend gunna be best man?

OldsXCool : You turned Nintendo's hate into love. You have skills.

Chief of Lolice : Awww, congrats rob, been watching you for years now, love seeing you grow both in channel and as a person!

Montana Tapia-Reyes : Almost teared up watching this. Had a horrible break up with a long term girlfriend recently. I want to achieve this one day, thank for sharing Rob.

unforgiven : Dude, I thought you were gonna goof on that Spider-Man dude. Congratulations. Also, 3DS Mario Maker is an hidden gem now.

Ironic Suicide : To think this is the same guy who blew up a Burger King with a helicopter

Hypoxium : She seemed genuinely excited, way to go.

Doctor Spectre 9781 : Rob you've made me laugh so much over the years, it is with a heavy heart that I congratulate you and Anna on your engagement. I wish you two nothing but the best.

Invader TAK : Congrats, you two! Here's to many years of destroying faces together.

Otter Empire : congrats Rob

Muffincakeswithsugar : Man, seeing Anni's reaction was hilarious, the moment she saw the ring she was acting like an excited little child haha

Biogenesis : 1st comment even though I have watched you for years! Congrats! Wedding gift if you allow it.

larryminzy : I think you can sell your copy of mario maker now lol

STRING3R : For a second there I thought this was some ironic parody of that dude who proposed to his girlfriend in the new Spiderman, but you're actually getting married lol. Congrats man

ballinnick1982 : I don't think I've ever commented on one of your videos but I've been watching them from the beginning... Congrats on the engagement and that was fucking brilliant with the Mario Maker!

Valin Summers : Congrats and wish you the best of luck in the future!

KuzonLi : Cant wait for the Shenmue MLP Triple Whopper Supreme themed wedding with Alpha Omega Sin as the best man!

Sebastian X : Oh my god!!! My best wishes to you my very good handsome man, this is truly a milestone to remember!

Aiko Natsumi : Grats Rob do not forget to get fire insurance. For your wife not the house. Buahaha for real I'm so happy for you, been a big part of my life for the last decade almost, one of the funniest people on Youtube

Andrew Velasquez : Congrats Rob. Hope you two have a long and happy marriage!

TEM8 aka Ptpix1 : Aww congratulations you guys! :)

Lynch Stan : It'd be appropriate for Rob to stream a playthrough of Catherine

user1point0 : Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute

CareeseFangirlForever : Aww, congrats. Clever indeed and I loved her reaction. Thank you for sharing this special moment with us :D

MaskDeJackal : Have her be in the next Silent Rob chronicles video where you talk about ur epic wedding lighting old ladies on fire

Doyledeth : Would've been hilarious if you made her go through a hellish stage to get to the marriage proposal, haha!

peterthekingofpie : They grow up so fast! *wipes away tear*

honorablekunglao : Congrats, homie! Did she even finish the level? lol.

Ben Pyle : Wow that was impressive smooth moves Rob. Congratulations!

The Big Bad *White* Wolf : Every “Joker” has his “Harley-Quinn”! Congrats, Rob!

Nemisisfrog : So happy for you Rob! Hope you both have many years of happiness together!

Faze of 1337planet : Congratulations on your awesome achievement, Rob and Anni. :)

DarkStarNinja : I had a feeling she would say yes. congrats rob!

Nintendog140 : I love this!! This is the second video game proposal I’ve seen.

Crazed Link : Congrats

Mein Gadget : Does this mean we're gonna see Silent Rob Jr in the future?

Mwlewis45 : Best of wishes for the both of you Rob, you both deserve the best :)

Sub Dead : You are such a Silent Romantic!