The Japanese Tradition - Chopsticks
The Correct Way To Use Chopsticks

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Tranime Girl : "gay pride" XD

小学生サンバ : its a small world wwwwwwww

9’s World : this is hilarious. I like how these videos exaggerate Japanese things

Ecchi-BANZAII!!! : I like the "Onii-chan, my chop sticks are moving by themselves" more than regular.

のあ高峯 : すごいな。。Galaxyで。。

detecтιve• ғιѕнoe• : 1:26 Dat face xDD I'll use the Karate-separating!

Atef turki : *instructions not clear* , accidentally flew a bamboo rocket into the galaxy ! help!

相葉ゆず : イッツアスモールワールドwwww

忘れっぽい奴 : Galaxy!?

JB : 警告!今箸をわります。ご注意してください。

Leah Le : that facial expression =))

alpha- omega : なるほど...Phoenixね...w今度やってみようかなwww Galaxyとかw何も食べられないでしょww  lol ただ箸の割り方の仕事人はCoolだと思う!これ好き☆

Felix Hao : 仕事人(shigoto-nin) should not be translated as workholic ... it means professional killer at 1:49

minaryo1 : 笑いすぎて涙出たwww馬鹿ww

咋瀬密 : This is not.

Hohamu Uha : いきなり刺し箸はないだろw

咋瀬密 : これは酷いwww

COTTON : 外国の方が信用しちゃうから~!!ww

ROYAL REBEL : LOL I wanna try Galaxy style

THX1146 : I am a proficient user of chopsticks and yet I still learned from this video.Kudos.

Josef Johstar : This video iS right

dingo 0303 : フェニックスで吹き出したwwww

420Mrcloud : (・ω・)ノ

モホロビチッチZLATAN : It's a small world.(´-ω-`)

ykt thn : www

shunega18 : めっちゃ笑ったwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

ほしうめちゃん : I'm Japanese, let me say. Don't jab! It is a breach of manners. And, when we use waribashi, pull up to the horizontal. this vedeo has a sense of humor, but something wrong...

Eatmyshootz : its 1am and im freaking kaughing since minutes at this video...i should really go to bed.

iyopfm : Lemongrab, lol In fact it's an old musical instrument called Hichiriki.

startreking : 2:22 I thought that was a bad thing, equal to someone insulting ones mother.

MV : phenix XD

Masuka : Haha! This is brilliant!!

Angel Zerpa : jajajaja very funny... but the musuc is a total crap

shogunofyellow : I cringed at the thought of getting splinters all in his hand when doing the Karate.

123DTREY123 : Me too xD

orenji : kokusai stairu :)

kane hadik : I know I was just letting people know some things are wrong. I'm a very frequent chopstick user

ArkVids : This video isn't to be taken seriously.. Its a joke... Japanese comedy video..

ArkVids : lol i remember these videos.. these are old.. I can't remember how long ago i first saw these.. but they are funny. The sushi one is one of my favorites..

zheiringe : 半分くらいジョークなのに、外人が本気にしてしまうwww

Kensuke Tokuyama : This video is crazy lol

Renton Holt : Wtf

Guliable Guy : I lost it at 1:25 his face is just so unexpected.

Baby Inuyasha : some of this isn't true like the fork and knife style

ChibiTails : Could I get a more in-depth explanation of the more advanced postures? I went on a trip to Japan recently. I followed the instructions here, but the yakuza beat me up and I'm typing this from a basement.

Takehiko Hashimoto : 面白かった(*^^*)

reknae : they don't, look at them.

ixie122 : I HATE it when those fuckers break improperly. I really suck. :P

wippsi : i lost it when the vase crashed in the ground :D HAH