The Japanese Tradition - Chopsticks

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Terithian Wanderer : Oh lord, I lost it at the galaxy hold.

小学生サンバ : its a small world wwwwwwww

Tranime Girl : "gay pride" XD

9’s World : this is hilarious. I like how these videos exaggerate Japanese things

Ecchi-BANZAII!!! : I like the "Onii-chan, my chop sticks are moving by themselves" more than regular.

のあ高峯 : すごいな。。Galaxyで。。

zheiringe : 半分くらいジョークなのに、外人が本気にしてしまうwww

alpha- omega : なるほど...Phoenixね...w今度やってみようかなwww Galaxyとかw何も食べられないでしょww  lol ただ箸の割り方の仕事人はCoolだと思う!これ好き☆

相葉ゆず : イッツアスモールワールドwwww

Stayn Wayn : Even after watching hundreds of videos, I still don't know wether you hold the bottom one with your middle finger or your ring finger.

忘れっぽい奴 : Galaxy!?

detecтιve• ғιѕнoe• : 1:26 Dat face xDD I'll use the Karate-separating!

JB : 警告!今箸をわります。ご注意してください。

Onie Caurel : That intro and outro music killed me lol

Atef turki : *instructions not clear* , accidentally flew a bamboo rocket into the galaxy ! help!

Leah Le : that facial expression =))

cindy mananzala martinez : why would someone put a vase at the edge of a dining table?...lolz

Nehan face : HAHAHAHA

Gio Master : This is made to mess white people up

Ajuaju : Nippon has subarashee sukaikartars for the hashees! Very informative, I will use galaxy sukai for next hashee time - nipponjin will surely be odoerokeemasu! wwwwwwwww

Cassie Marie : I wanted to show this to my dad hoping that he’d finally be able to learn, but y’all basically Rick rolled me in Japanese XD

Phil Jones : The Japanese Tradition videos are parody at their absolute best.

モモンガ : His name is Kentaro Kobayashi

KFC_MAN1976 : legendary

Thore Sitterz : Leckaaaaoooo

Danise Allyson Petate : Gay pride 😂😂

Onie Caurel : Its a smarr warudo

WORLD WIDE NEWS : background music mosquito 😂

-ほのきゃ- : 箸で食べものを刺すなw そして、箸を割るときは箸を横にして縦に割るのだぞ(ノ-_-)ノ~┻━┻

1400GTR_ RIDER : 箸がこんなに奥深いものだったなんて30年日本人やってきて知らなかった… ちょっと日本人やめてくるわ…

Zhuifeng Sheng : Japanese tradition? Are u seriously?

Keina Prichard : lol

Uruz Chubun : Anyone else remember the "umbrella goddess" when that shrill note started at the beginning?

monster410 : I totally burst in laugh the whole video, excellent !

Ninjastar777 kid : They don't have forks or spoons! Well I'm not coming to Japan I'm Goin to China ma dudes

delirious days : Shigoto-nin = workaholic,仕事人

MillhioreX : HAHA Funny :D

John O'N : オカマ割り 😂😂😂

サナギらぼらとり : はしのおりかた全然ちがうw

Kimmo Laine : It's a small world.

John Duskglass : lol, thanks :)

leftover fish : another one? ahaha

gobou : 空手割りは怪我しそう

たけのこさん : (´^д^`)ワロタ

Jake Salazer : Wtf

allureon : フェニックスからの銀河にめっちゃ笑ったw

Yuki TAMBA : Too but!

Adam 2nd lol : lol

fenriz218 : What an outrage! They know neither fork nor knife, or any other silverware... this puts those backwards people on one level with primates, eating with wooden sticks! We should petition the UN, so that they outlaw this barbaric habit and prevent those Chinamen from eating, until they have learned the proper use of eating utensils.... the only way to drag them into the 21st century Anno Domini... :-(

人心不古 : 哎好浪费的小日本