The Japanese Tradition - Chopsticks

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Terithian Wanderer : Oh lord, I lost it at the galaxy hold.

Ecchi-BANZAII!!! : I like the "Onii-chan, my chop sticks are moving by themselves" more than regular.

Tranime Girl : "gay pride" XD

KoumotoSeihoFusei : its a small world wwwwwwww

のあ高峯 : すごいな。。Galaxyで。。

zheiringe : 半分くらいジョークなのに、外人が本気にしてしまうwww

大園ゆう : Galaxy!?

alpha- omega : なるほど...Phoenixね...w今度やってみようかなwww Galaxyとかw何も食べられないでしょww  lol ただ箸の割り方の仕事人はCoolだと思う!これ好き☆

0.9C : this is hilarious. I like how these videos exaggerate Japanese things

相葉ゆず : イッツアスモールワールドwwww

Leah Le : that facial expression =))

Mandy : my high school teacher showed this to us during one class hahahaha it was friggin' hillarious

Gio Master : This is made to mess white people up

Nehan face : HAHAHAHA

tsu na : これこばけんさん?

cindy mananzala martinez : why would someone put a vase at the edge of a dining table?...lolz

detecтιve• ғιѕнoe• : 1:26 Dat face xDD I'll use the Karate-separating!

argella1300 : i like your shoelaces

DJ Rome : What the fuck was that screeching at the end? was that meant to be music?

Kolop315 : guys i lost it at the "it's a small world" thing...

Tom : share the love XD

KFC_MAN1976 : legendary

AyaseBestGirl : What the fuck the Galaxy ripped me apart!

Shaidyn : His facial expression as he moves the chopsticks during "Share the Love" was a gut buster.

leftover fish : another one? ahaha

Lee Jia Yi Production : ANESSEPUTABURU!

Stephen Koo : マナーの上ではだめですね。。 しかし僕はよくするんです。。。。

CeriGotGame : Japanese people are always complimenting me on my chopsticks kind of weirds me out. Also, I was totally fine until the "Advanced mode" then I lost it.

1400GTR_ RIDER : 箸がこんなに奥深いものだったなんて30年日本人やってきて知らなかった… ちょっと日本人やめてくるわ…

fenriz218 : What an outrage! They know neither fork nor knife, or any other silverware... this puts those backwards people on one level with primates, eating with wooden sticks! We should petition the UN, so that they outlaw this barbaric habit and prevent those Chinamen from eating, until they have learned the proper use of eating utensils.... the only way to drag them into the 21st century Anno Domini... :-(

David : Well that escalated quickly. Fun fact you shouldn't assume there will be splinters and rub them together at a sushi restaurant, it shows disrespect as the chef wouldn't ever give you something that might harm you.

Miguel Angel Napoli Figueroa : Definetly the BEST auto aid video I've ever seen in my life... FTW!!!

runnynight : hahaha XD

Baby Inuyasha : some of this isn't true like the fork and knife style

Lee Sunday : What the hell

DeLucios : I eat wth chopstick the Galaxy Style since i'm 5 and i'm not even japanese. True Story, part of it.

monster410 : I totally burst in laugh the whole video, excellent !

Leonhart : lmao @ it's a small world

JM Pinto : HAHAHA Okama Way

iyopfm : Lemongrab, lol In fact it's an old musical instrument called Hichiriki.

fbass2000 : that's so funny LOL it'd be better if chopstick can also replace spoon :D

Harrison Walters : ahhh, me too lol

Quang Lê : LoL didn't expect this to be sooo funny lol

trancestimuli : Me too, bro. Me too.

Puteri Nurainn : Oh man, the first time I watched this video was YEARS ago, but this still made me ROFL. XD His face at 1:26 is the best.

The Void : Really funny, kinda lost it a little at the different ways to break apart waribashi, and even more so at the different ways to hold the chopsticks.

Phil Jones : The Japanese Tradition videos are parody at their absolute best.

delirious days : Shigoto-nin = workaholic,仕事人

kyekye217 : @Ecrivon u mean "Masculine Grip"?

Dr Chen : i definitely prefer the galaxy chopstick style of usage