RESCUED!!! Kitten got his head stuck in the table

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Anna Garcia : aww....poor Kitty, momma cat looked worried.(I don't blame her) Thank goodness you were home and you were able to help him😃..

Themanwithn0eyes : Thankfully you've manage to get the kitten's head out.

Kenji1801 : Oh goodness, it was frightening seeing the little kitten like that. Thanks for helping him out. You're a hero, dude!

Walker Animation : thank goodness there are still people like you out there who are willing to help 😄

Jamie Whitehorn : Good deed for the day done 👍🏻😊. Awesome job.

Wolfy Wuff : Aww! poor kitty! the good thing is its safe now! 😊

Michelle Love : Since it seems no one is reading the description today, he says that he covered the hole. Read,the description and stop trying to tell him what he should do, and praise him for what he did guys.

Malony the Pony : does the momma cat trust you again?

smoll bee : plz, cover up that hole, and amazing you helped the litle kitty <3

Susan Snook : Silly little kitten, I'm glad you got it/him/her free! I hope Loki didn't snub you when you came in smelling of kitten? :D


Hibachi Deadpool : Aw poor little guy, how long was it before you found him stuck like that?

FyreFox : Glad you saved the kitten! You did a good thing!

[GFL] Sal : our hero of the day

Adrianne1976 : Poor curious Kitty got himself in a pinch. Glad you were there to help get him free.

Max Kline : You are such a wonderful person. Loki is absolutely blessed to have an owner who cares this much for the lives of animals. :)

Nightpony inRface : I'm sure the kitty was very glad you helped it get un-stuck.

PterrorPterodactyl : I found a neighborhood cat with its head stuck in a jar once... it was terrifying, poor thing nearly suffocated. It's always scary to think about what would have happened if we hadn't found him, same here- thank goodness you noticed the kitten in need!

Mezzidriel : You have such a kind heart!

Key Of all worlds : Are you guys going to catch them and take them to a shelter at some point or maybe trap, neuter, release?

Shelby Logsdon : Curiosity almost killed the cat.

NivNiv : I know you wanted to get it on camera... But please put the camera down next time? Would be easier for you and the kitten

Lord Beerus : L O L Why did that kitten do that?

Ray the Fox and his friends : Oh! Thanks for ur help!

varying-degrees : I'm conflicted about these kinds of videos. I enjoy them, and I'm happy when I see an animal rescue, I am thankful to the person doing the rescues, but... shouldn't you put down the camera so you can use both hands? Again, I'm conflicted.

man wolf 79 : Damn that just sucks poor thing... gotta agree though chill mama he's trying to help..

Astro Ash : not every hero wears cape

heidi yazgier : You are such a great guy to help this little kitten not only do you love Loki now you have a family outside to , their a special place in Heaven for people like you .

Cristina Rodríguez Martín : You are a wonderful person <3

Kerry Mac : That is a TINY hole. Can't believe the kitten got his head through!! You're a good man Loki's Dad. (Odin?)

Red Vanquish : So glad the kitten is ok. ;w;

sean andrews : I really hope the poor Kitty survived as trauma like that can cause them heart failure at such a young age :( well done though

Kermit B01 : that was so saaad :(

Deborah Piper : you're a good man Noel....big hug and kiss for you!

slaughter media : well this had me worried until you got the kitten out. curiosity is a dangerous thing with cats.

Ouma Kokichi : this type of people are blessed, thank you for saving the kitten

Holy:RU : Thank god you got there in time to help the little baby. Kitten could have gotten seriously hurt (and probably would have if it was any bigger).

tails230 : You are a wonderful person for saving that poor kitten.

Mickr4 : How about letting go of the f-ing camera and use both your hands?

Saphi Rocsen : You are amazing, thank you

Dalila Berisha : this kitten dumb lol

Demario Husbands : Am glad

Jacqueline Reed : Oh that's tough,trying to save a ball of claws and teeth! Congrats,you did it! I think Mom was saying,if you hurt my baby...just in case,you know.If she was convinced that you were up to no good she would have been in your face full-on attack mode.Great work,dealing with feral kittens is NOT easy!

Lyles 🐢 : You need to call animal control like I suggested before. Those are feral and will only spread disease throughout the neighborhood. You should not have touched it, chances are good it could have something that can be passed onto Loki.

BBlue : How did it get in there in the first place...

EMI V : Nice save! glad the mother cat didn't attack you

Edgy the weirdo : no poor kitten

GreyWolfLeaderTW : When that little kitten meowed, my heart went out to the poor thing. You could see mama was distraught about it.

psychobeam99 : Should have buttered his neck or something dude

Dbz Fan : Have you move house wops wrong Channel