How to Debunk Transgender Madness in 2 Minutes

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Comments from Youtube

ProGamingProphecy : "Back To The Future 2" took place in the year 2015. We were expected to already have flying cars and instead we're wasting time attempting to prove sanity to the insane.

Kinh Konn : Its funny how we listen to scientists about climate change but ignore them when they talk about transgender.

Johny Doe : Facts don’t care about your feelings............!!

Dave B : You can't argue with a sick mind, so why try?

Billy Wagner : That fact that this needs to be explained is sad.

jason day : Ben Shapiro is Screaming this For Yearsss 😂😂😂😂

Eben Serrano : You wouldn’t encourage a schizophrenic to believe the voices in they’re head are real...or would you??

Faraaz Aleem : There was a time when they were only two genders Still is.

Ian Betts : I don’t care what adults do to their body’s but they need to leave the kids out of this

Fari : I'm an obscenely rich person stuck in poor person bank account?! Noone takes me seriously

UTube : This is all very obvious for anyone with an capable IQ. The issue we have is this is a faux reality that is being imposed by the (((controllers))) of the social narrative. The shadow groups funded by evil money, have devised various idealogical streams which are designed to keeps"us" busy burning in cognitive dissonance. It’s a deliberately constructed mental drain to keep "us" distracted thinking about widely held and irrational non-sequiturs and which undermine real word problems and afford those (((controllers))) greater impunity from all the wars they wage both hot and cold, and many dastardly ordeals. Religion is truly the bringer of all of humanity's struggles. Its merely a tool for those with high IQ to control those with lower IQ, and that is a fact. " Blessed are the gentle, for they shall inherit the earth." and this sort of diatribe which serves to feed the minds of the delusional. We have a serious problem in need of eradication. Until that's done, once and for all, we are as a species condemned to remain forever in the dark ages.

host_runner : You know it's mad when the expert advice of today has become equal to what we all knew as kids ages ago...

Glenn : When I was like 6, I genuinely believed I was a velociraptor after seeing Jurassic Park. I would run around with my fingers curled below my chest, arch my back and sprint around making stupid sounds. Boy am I glad my brain developed normally. Now I identify as non-binary, close call.

Justin L. : Show this to the dude in the Gamestop video. "Its Ma'am!!!!!" Nope, it's not ma'am, dude.

JeaIous : It’s weird hearing logic in 2019

jamming with friends : She is spot on! Society tries to force us into accepting a transgender's delusion, and if we refuse, consider US crazy! .. and homophobic. It's insanity!

D DN : she made no mention of gender dysphoria.

Daniel Peer : 2.5k sjws triggered.

Jackson Ville : Exactly if you wanna dress as the opposite gender and dont like that people dont like it, their wrong. If you insist that you are by definition the opposite gender and dont like that other people dont see it that way then your crazy. Social acceptance is fine, but to what degree do i have to alter my definitions of reality to make you feel accepted?

Major Ramsey : So I'm not really an attack helicopter?

Robin Middlebrook : Short, sweet and to the absolute truth. 👏

Joe Veno : God-bless you lady you just explained that in the most perfect way I ever heard No lies just the truth Great job keep it up miss truthful

Camera Man : Ben Shapiro have found his girlfriend

ourDMTexperience : Smartest explanation I have ever heard

E3 Dave : She must be thinking ,,, why am I having to explain this .

Semper fi : This Dr. Lady hit the nail on the head! Finally someone who has some sense!

Bathtubgeorge! : Two minutes and so much sense, the world has gone nuts and it's time to stop the madness, madness being the operative word.

Melbu : This video should be saved as National Heritage!


Robert Of The Saints : transexuals want people to accept them for who they are, but they weren't able to accept themselves for who they were in the first place. think about that.

fiesta51 : Wow. That’s so clear cut. Well, can’t argue with the facts. This should be broadcasts during every add break on every tv channel.... everyday.... until the madness stops. 👍🏻

Mike LaPointe : Yes, well said and spot on.

josh Atienza : Yes 0:52!! Thank you doctor for pointing it out so clearly!! 😁😁😁

joy ovenden : Totally agree, fed up hearing about men who want to be a woman and women who say they should be men.......... Rubbish......its all in the mind.

Watch the Triple! : Sooooo true. You want to cut off a leg or arm. You’re mentally ill. But cut off your sexual organs and that’s acceptable?! Spot on.

Gerda Bayliss : Thank goodness for absolute sense & facts

Mi-Mi Canterbury : Well said ☺️👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 So nice to see a brilliant woman who is NOT bullied by mainstream media and Left wing lunatics.

TheSasGaming : when trangender people git destroyed

Spam Box : I agree with most of what you say. However, about 0.8% of humans are born without a defined XX or XY, they share characteristics of both male and female biology. This is known as intersex. If these people want to decide their own identity since it isn't clear-cut and defined, I'm open to discussion. For the other 99.2% of people though, you're male or female, end of discussion. Edit: National Institute of health says 0.018%, not 0.8%.

Britania Waves : I'm sooooo happy to hear normal thought processes

Dresthon : Trans people do have mental illnesses, Gender Dysphoria, and Gender Identity Disorder. This. Is. A. Fact. This is what causes the high suicide rates in trans people. The mental illnesses take over your mind as would depression. They transition, if they truly have Dysphoria then they will feel better and have a much lesser chance of committing suicide.

gnosticnihilist : Transgender agenda woke Ishtar Inanna.

Billy whizz : I bet the crazy transgender brigade love her!

Sιηɳer罪人 : Weelp let's debunk this in one sentence. Sexual dimorphism in the brain and neurological mismatch between brain a d body hormones

gergo gered : It is so sad that scientists have to explain basic biology all over again in the 21st century...

nogaffin : Hollywood is ground zero for trannies.

Tru Carpenter : Amen!!!

Krubbe K : "I identify as margaret thatcher" :D 🤣🤣😂🤣

Mr1987Joe : As someone who identifies as an anteater, I am triggered by this.