How to Debunk Transgender Madness in 2 Minutes

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Nature's Invitation : Nailed it! The transgender ideology is a demand for civil rights for a mental illness.

Enkhe Bathsaihan : Are you also scrolling down for some angry comments but haven't found one yet ?

ProGamingProphecy : "Back To The Future 2" took place in the year 2015. We were expected to already have flying cars and instead we're wasting time attempting to prove sanity to the insane.

William Tecumseh Sherman : Damit does this mean I’m not a toaster oven!!! O Mannnnnn

Fernando Ferreira : How long till this gets pulled off YouTube for ableism and transphobia?

AtariLeaf : This video should run on 24/7 loops on every college campus, dorm, bar, restaurant, basically anywhere SJW feminist transgender leftists congregate and they should be forced to watch it until these scientifically factual truths finally gets hammered into their thick diseased brains.

Sean Dabomb : She is totally right!! Transgender is a mental issue not a physical.

Eben Serrano : You wouldn’t encourage a schizophrenic to believe the voices in they’re head are real...or would you??

Zero Cool : Attack helicopter is the one true gender.

Darren M : Wow common sense for once. Unfortunately common sense is not so common in todays society.

james bolem : mental condition, not physical

Joanna Arenas : It’s not about who transgenders are MEANT to be. It’s about who they WANT to be. There’s a clear distinction. Why do we have to subject our children to learning false things that the transgender community want everyone to believe? They are mentally ill and that’s it. They struggle with who they are, not because they are supposed to be someone else, but rather because they are unhappy with who they are and want to be someone else.

jason day : Ben Shapiro is Screaming this For Yearsss 😂😂😂😂

HeatSeakingMouse : LGBT is all in the mind. Poluted minds of people

FactsDontCareAboutYourFeelings HailHitler : 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 listening to this lady is music to my ears. Finally, a woman with a brain and common sense!!

Matt Lewis : The fact that she has to even sit down and explain this simple truth is insanely ridiculous. 10 years ago this would just be simple scientific facts.

Docinaplane : As information. The American College of Pediatricians has 500 members with a "conservative" biased agenda. As a comparison, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has over 64,000 members with a much more mainstream health agenda.

Lorenzo Cappai : There are people suffering from gender dysphoria and we should help them instead of insulting them. The real issue is people pretending to be transgender for attention. People making up genders and confusing gender with personality.

Daniel Peer : 2.5k sjws triggered.

bababoom03 : The mere fact that this needs to be explained is madness.

Dankeapolis : I too used to be a male trapped inside a woman's body. But then I was born :)

Zangief The Red : Reactionary mentality: "This woman is feeding my own prejudice, therefore she's smart and has common sense".

Alan Q. Wake : How bold!! I can't like or dislike the video tho. I can't relate to transgender at all and have never known someone in that state so I'm not qualified to make a judgment on if they're for real or not.

LorealBrazell : Yes! Finally someone speaking commonsense! Transgenderism is a lie from the pit of hell!!

krekire : Transgenderism is completely real. Its just some kinds of it are completely incorrect. Here's the explanation. Binary transgenderism is the only kind of it. There are inherent physiological differences between male and female brains. Men have more gray matter, women have more white matter. Occasionally, male brains will have a female amount of white and gray matter and vice versa. This is whats going on. As such, the body administers the wrong hormone, and HRT is required. Not neccesarily gender reassignment surgery, however. On the other side, though, mental illness can cause transgenderism, but the concept in of itself isnt a mental illness. Things like schiz can cause this. Im not right or left. Im moderate. The fact that people blindly accept a two minute shitspewing machine? Dissapointing. Transgenderism is completely real, and in some cases, it is mental illness. In most cases, it is a physiological mishap, ans in order to bring happiness, HRT should be used. I just dont agree with surgery, as it doesnt change any hormones. People need to learn that much. Im not saying there are 56 genders. Im saying there are two, sexually dimorphic genders, and most trans have the wrong parts for their bodies. I hope people see this.

Ali Nadem : A woman with common sense, bravo more men & women should look up to her intellect

Xavier Smith : What kind of Christian fundamentalism is this?

Justin L. : Show this to the dude in the Gamestop video. "Its Ma'am!!!!!" Nope, it's not ma'am, dude.

Chris Bennett : You all talk about biology and the way it works but you don't even understand something as simple as no two people are alike. And because you don't understand how another person thinks or why their skin color or gender etc are different from you, you lash out against them and never try to understand. 98% of every humans DNA is exactly the same, there's no variation or difference but you care about that 2% that determines eye, hair and skin color, height, weight, build type, gender, whether you have freckles or moles and so forth. If people could just focus on the vast majority of what we have in common their better understanding, less division and less hate. But you can't do that, why would you want to do the morally right thing and be good

Johny Doe : Facts don’t care about your feelings............!!

Robert Of The Saints : transexuals want people to accept them for who they are, but they weren't able to accept themselves for who they were in the first place. think about that.

Kevin Dreger : Actually, the possible chromosome combinations are a bit more complex than simply males having XY and females having XX.

Catfish Heaven : It’s a fight against Satan and his way. People are so blind. The agenda has been plainly shown and most have not a clue. The Bible is the only truth in this world people. It has completely laid out everything and how it will go down. And thousands of years later it’s still 100% accurate. Better hit your knees and beg God to put His spirit inside you so that you may see. And seeing you believe in Christ and see what evil you really are and how necessary Christ is to our salvation.

Adam Williams : Exactly. People like those of whom she speaks are confused. They need compassionate counseling. Instead, they now get encouraged to continue down a self-destructive path (thinking it's the right thing) by the vast majority of social media while our legislators pass laws doing the same, calling anyone who wants to actually help someone like this a hateful bigot for even suggesting they need help in the first place. All the while the people in charge who know better (along with a certain fallen angel) sit back and laugh watching all the chaos surrounding these people's lives. All I can say is God bless everyone.

blitz2b : Mrs. Obama's new book " 'Becoming' Michelle Obama ", raises the question in every skeptic's mind .... from what? ... Michael? ? Hey don't bash on me, 44th Prez. Barak's public 'slip of the tongue' was probably his candid confession.

Major Ramsey : So I'm not really an attack helicopter?

Faraaz Aleem : There was a time when they were only two genders Still is.

Alexander S : Every time I have to hear someone tell me that it is simple, I know they do not know what they are talking about. If this issue was that simple it would not have come this far. So stay simple, cause it makes you feel better, but remember the world is not simple, and does not need you to be "ok" with other peoples issues. Every professional that really works with trans gender people has acknowledged that it is not as simple as many would like it to be. Only the frightened and angry tell me it is simple, because that is what THEY need to think.

Louise Sumrell : American Academy of Pediatrician s was created to sound official. It's a creation of the far right "Christian's*. There are proven differences in trans and cis brains.

Nelsonomics Runs : If one believes they're a man born in a woman's body How would they know unless someone told them so and that person would have no way of knowing themselves. You can never know given you're "born in a mans body," what it's like to "be a woman"

Billy Wagner : That fact that this needs to be explained is sad.

josh Atienza : Yes 0:52!! Thank you doctor for pointing it out so clearly!! 😁😁😁

Roger Winn : That's what I've been saying for years... Transgenderism is a mental illness. Not sure why that is so difficult for the liberal minded to understand.

ThinkReason : You know it's mad when the expert advice of today has become equal to what we all knew as kids ages ago...

Mark Lee : What's interesting is that for a woman to say this, it virtually flies under the SJW radar. If Jordan Peterson were this blunt, there would be an almost immediate lynching regardless of the correctness of it.

LisaDawnn : Breaking News: A man followed a young girl into a Target bathroom in Texas saying he self identified as a woman. The man's teeth were knocked out by the girl's father, who says he self identifies as the tooth fairy.

Narmer Man : My problem is that parents are convincing their boys that they’re girls and vice versa. And the kids don’t know any better! 😡 they’re planting seeds of a bad idea that grow and blossom into something grotesque.

Spam Box : I agree with most of what you say. However, about 0.8% of humans are born without a defined XX or XY, they share characteristics of both male and female biology. This is known as intersex. If these people want to decide their own identity since it isn't clear-cut and defined, I'm open to discussion. For the other 99.2% of people though, you're male or female, end of discussion. Edit: National Institute of health says 0.018%, not 0.8%.

Lion of Judah, Lamb of God : Ephesians 6: 12

Phil Morton : Your beliefs are not scientific facts even if you justify them with only one DNA fact and your bias limited view point. While transgender should not be taken lightly, the famous case of a boy raised as a girl DID NOT WORK. So is it possible that brain chemistry is also at work, therefore some cases of transgender and non binary are valid. Alot of transgendered YouTubers know they have dysmorphia, is it really that wrong to try to fix such to be more comfortable with one's self image and worth. Alot of celebrities have cosmetic enhancements, this could also be seen as a mental illness. Where do we draw the line? The most important take home message is Do NOT judge and allow people to evolve naturally without influencing them with the current non binary message. Ps how do you feel about gay and lesbian? Call that a mental illness and you really are giving a hate speech. Do I even want to hear your speech on racism or feminism?