Game of Thrones: Robert's Rebellion & Battle of the Trident 283 AC

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BazBattles : Don't worry, this is just a "special" episode. We get back on track with our ongoing series shortly. Stay tuned!

SovietWomble : That was actually really interesting. Particularly the strategic overview of the map. I for one had no idea some of the cities were so close together. Or how King's Landing was actually right next to Dragonstone on the East coast (thought it was on the West). Or that the trident is a relative stone's throw away from the capital. Fascinating stuff.

Mortenick : "You are late lord Frey" EPIC REFRENCE

マーク : Guys! Guys! I want to be with the cool kids too! Wait a minute. I CAME HERE FOR HISTORICAL BATTLES NOT FICTION!!! ARGH! WORST VIDEO EVER! DISLIKE! UNSUB! Am I cool enough guys? Can I join the special snowflakes club now? Am I self-entitled enough to be with the cool kids in this video?

ToWageWarPodcast : Couple of factual errors here: Robert Baratheon was present at the Battle of Gulltown. He was the first on the walls, slaying Lord Marq Grafton is a duel. After that, he took a ship to Storm's End. The first major victory for the rebels was in Gulltown. The Battle of the Bells, far from being the first major victory, was the turning point of the rebel fortunes, as their beleaguered commander Robert was able to link up with Eddard Stark, Hoster Tully, and Denys Arryn (who would die in the battle in combat with Jon Connington). Almost as important as the loss of Rhaegar Targaryen at the Trident was the loss of the three Kingsguard knights who were Rhaegar's subcommanders. Lewyn Martell was slain by the Vale troops, Barristan Selmy was captured by the Northmen, and Jonothor Darry was slain by the Riverlander troops under Hoster Tully. The loss of those commanders meant that no commander was present to rally the fleeing forces, to retreat to King's Landing and bolster their defenses. There was a minor battle with the Greyjoys off the Mander following the Trident. Lord Quellon Greyjoy, father to Balon and a dedicated reformer, was killed in a worthless skirmish near the Shield Islands in the Reach fighting the Shield Islands navy. Robert was acclaimed before the Battle of the Trident by the overwhelming assent of his bannermen. He did not want the position, nor was this decision made following the Sack of King's Landing. Still, very slick presentation as you are known for. Cheers, SomethingLikeALawyer, Wars and Politics of Ice and Fire

valrossenOliver : Ok, so yes, I am subscribed for the "historical" stuff on this channel. Yes, I haven't watched game of thrones and have no plans on watching it for now. BUT SERIOUSLY GUYS? This video was GREAT! We also got to hear our great storyteller singing OOC! :P

seyfersnake : Its not that Robert was the only one that wanted the throne, he was the only one with a legal claim to the throne. His paternal grandmother was a member of House Targaryen, the daughter of Aegon V, and since the rest of the members of House Targaryen were dead or in exile, Robert, as the eldest Baratheon, was the only one with a strong claim to the throne. That is why Stannis claims the throne over Renly, and at the same time it is the reason why Danny's claim is stronger than all of them, except perhaps one of the books characters, who if he is who he says he is, has an even stronger claim.

Don Donnysson : Stick to real battles in the future pls

Rector : I'd prefer historic battles there is nothing to be learnt from this. It's only entertainment, While I appreciate the attempt at something new I don't think it suits the channel

Tom Luna : More videos from Game of thrones. PLEASE!

Link : You're all being immature and one-dimensional. *Open your eyes* and try to see it from both standpoints. I love Game of Thrones, but this channel has always been educational, this isn't increasing my knowledge as it never happened. Though, on the other side, the youtuber said this was a "special episode", a one time thing. Eitherway, at some point, this channel has to move over to something else. There aren't infinite historical battles. Besides, this was entertaning, atleast for me.

Blood Raven : That was awesome. One little thing though - and this is really just nitpicking - Robert was crowned because he had the closest ties to the Targaryen bloodline while not being a Targaryen.

Baratheon dude : Do more of this pls. Gives more diversity to the content.

Emilio Muñoz : 10:10 "You are late, Lord Frey!" I found that pretty hilarious haha

yay juiws : Its a great detailed video like always! One fictional battle shouldnt hurt anyone. Plus it invited many people who loves GoT to love historical battles too!! But my only concern here is that we will see alot of people demanding more fictional battles in the future videos because of this. And I hope that Historical battles will always make up about 95% of your awesome content. And you've also invited some diehard fans of GoT that insults and exaggerates your history loving fanbase. To anyone this might just be entertainment but for most of us this is where we learn historical stuff besides documentaries and historia civilis.

Müller Andy : Ok. Good job on the episode, BUT please keep *fantasy related topics to a minimum.* I subscribed for *history,* not faery tales.

Amanda Suttner : People complaining about this not being historic just don't get it. You want more regular vids? You want this channel to explode so the creator can focus on making more content? Then you need to put up with a little fan service. It's called marketing. Deal

Matias Mäkinen : Can you make wars of the roses? It would be amazing

TheCsel : It might be important to note that the Baratheon's had some legitimacy to claim the Iron Throne. Robert's grandmother was in fact a Targaryen. I would imagine this was used to some degree to bolster support, if lords during the rebellion saw it as a family dispute rather than an outsider trying to take the throne.

Jon Sei Lim : God Rhaegar was a moron.

studinthemaking : Why do they call it the tower of joy??

kingofda playazball : *GODS I WAS STRONG THEN..*

Devin Young : You should really tack a spoiler warning on this video if you are going to talk about the tower of joy

Leogalassi75 : This is by far the best summary on GOT I've ever seen!

TazeMeBro McCleskey : Wow. Such a well made video. Very easy to follow. I'm subbing to you and watching these commercials without adblock to help the little guys.

Jemal Parker : It suck's the English have a monopoly on narration. Good video though.

Max 1A14N15O14N : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I unsubbed

MaesterofEvolutions : Wait wait wait, what about the iron islands? Ned, Robert and Sir Arryn, all attacked them during the rebellion but when did that happen then?

Michael Williams : So that Jon Connington dude is still out there?

Duncan Morison : Fantastic special, out of the blue, it helped me discover your channel! A few Scottish folk including myself ask that you perhaps cover the battle of Bannockburn?

Siris Q : i really like baz battles but this fictional stuff is kinda for a dif channel, this was a history channel i think you might lose some people for this tons of lore and channels about game of throne not much on history out great vid i guss still not history thou i would thumbs down but i really love baz battles hmmmm.

Hot Wine : 10:10 "You are late Lord Frey!" ... Typical

Em1lic0! : Hope this video doesnt delay the real historical videos, just that, I would hate if I have to wait another 2 weeks because of this Game of Thrones video.

António Coiso : So John Snow is indeed the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark! Which makes him nephew of Daenerys?

Omecats : "You're late Lord Frey" As always 😂

Adal Hussain : I'd love to learn of the Arab conquests.

feelsgoodman : had goosebumps, nice to see the battle of the trident, now please make some Ottoman historical wars. u dont even have 1

iGod : We need a Total War: GOT game.

Meandrous Phoenix : Baz Battles, the reason why Robert was chosen as King was because he was related to a Targaryen lady down his line

Grée Antoine : That's why we need a Game of Thrones Total War game, and quick

Frosty : HBO gotta make a spin off on Robert's rebellion and Aegon's conquest

Camperalwayswin : This is so informational

Dildo Faggins : why is 100% of the comments people complaining about the critique when I can't see ONE comment that hates the video?

Seminole Wind : PLEASE DO MORE OF THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stephen Blackwell : Plus the first Baratheon was rumored to be aegon Targaryen bastard half brother

Goshio Arago : But Tywin isn't that great afterall, all of his records were written by his minion Pycelle. All he did is further undid what Aegon V's reformation, and increased tariff of ports apart from King's Landing and Lannisport.

TehGalvanator : That was awesome, by far my favorite video on your channel. Keep up the good work!

Chuckielol1 : what sources of information do you use to back these historical/fictional battles? i can never find any source or credits in your vids

luqman hafidz : The best story so far. Thanks for making and uploading this video! Waiting for the next ones.

Aprime : some fake English accent