Game of Thrones: Robert's Rebellion & Battle of the Trident 283 AC

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BazBattles : Don't worry, this is just a "special" episode. We get back on track with our ongoing series shortly. Stay tuned!

You Know Nothing : This video is insane! You really know your stuff and explain it in a great way mixed with amazing visuals! Aegon's conquest would be a great video for you to research next! :)

Fuzzy Dunlop : I actually really like this concept. It'd expand the scope of the channel while still being true to its premise. I could see all sorts of fictional battles in the future, from Tolkien's stuff, etc. Good stuff!

Emilio Muñoz : 10:10 "You are late, Lord Frey!" I found that pretty hilarious haha

Ed Gallagher : One of the greatest and most informative GoT history videos I have ever watched. You should be very proud of the work you have done. Incredibly clean and easy to follow video!

Mortenick : "You are late lord Frey" EPIC REFRENCE

yeahhhhhhman : Please make - Battle of Manziekert (1071) - Battle of Tannenberg (1410) - Battle of Pavia (1525) - Battle of Mohacs (1526) - Battle of Agincourt (1415) - Battle of Hattin (1187) Thank you.

Spencer Grant : I read about 20 comments thinking I wouldn't need to add one. I scrolled back up and saw you got 3K-plus responses.... But I gotta tell you that this is the best "Thrones "-related video I've ever seen! I wanted to hold back for fear of exaggerating, but no, THIS IS THE BEST! Thank you!

Zid02 : Please do battle in the whispering woods and battle of oxcross they were 2 battles robb fought but we never got to see them.

tohamyproductions : Haha I love how Walder Frey waited for the fighting to be over to show up

Rick Sanchez : This is so cool ty for making this

Pranaya Rana : This was such a great video! I'll be honest, I clicked on the video because it was about GoT, but seeing how nicely made it is I'll definitely be checking your other stuff.

John Clark : It should be added that Robert claimed the throne because he had Targaryen lineage. His grandmother was Rhaelle Targaryen, who was an aunt of the Mad King - Robert and Aerys were therefore cousins once removed.

Vodka Flask Genie : The narrator sounds like the one from Stronghold Crusader. I love it.

Nathan Tafolla : Great video. Really well done and accurate. Except for one piece. They didn't make Robert King because he was the only one who wanted the crown, it was because Jon Arryn realized he was the only one they could legitimize because (I believe) his grandmother was a Targaryen.

Golden 1984 : This could be a tv series of its own. Hopefully I'm around long enough to watch it.

MLKKK : Please do the Battle of Thermopylae. (Known as the movie 300)

The team that was promised : This is utterly fantastic..It made me so high that it exceeded my weekly Game of Thrones drug requirement

John X : make stannis campaign for the iron throne

Robert Danciu : Please make a video about the battle of Rovine. Danke.

Mørf : can you do a continuation with the iron islands rebellion? very cool video btw

Felix P : Dope video best one yet

Ja Jirayu : Fantastic animation and well explanation. Easy to understand

XPR Mitch : This was a masterstroke.

tagitab timanwa : Because BazBattle say so... I believe... Im loyal to the crown.

LM : Best click I've ever made on YouTube

IOCTOPUSI : Damn this video is really interesting to watch, the voice is chill, the editing (which took much work i assume) makes it very pleasant to watch for me, i was not distracted nor felt the need to close the video down, which i do often ;) Keep up the good work!

Moe Lester : you should do a war of the five kings one.

sam93931 : Came here because of game of thrones, then watched a couple of your vids and subscribe right away! Way to make a channel grow, well done man, thats a high quality channel you have there!

Hans : Some Say Tyrion was with Robert at the brothel

rockyblacksmith : This video has 2-3 times the views of any other of their videos, and it's only been up for a week. THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is how to properly attract attention to your channel. Brilliant move.

brezzainvernale : You are really good in explaining all that! Even I understood, and English is a foreign language for me! Well done!

EricTheYounger : Such a brash mistake by Brandon and Rickon stark

rtc : 7:52 BEGONE THOT!!!

Benjamin Cranshaw : Someone did there homework

Knoppergal _ : GODS I WAS YOUNG THEN

kwstas psychogios : So basically this is ww2 and the lannisters play switzerland's part.

Anthony Stingeni : This guy sounds like the narrator for the new animated series about Aegon’s Conquest.

Roshi : Can someone explain why they say Roberts rebellion was built on a lie?

videoloops1 : I'm sure HBO will make a series on prologue of GoT. There is so much content which can make a good story.

Sean Dick : Great work! Would love to see more fantasy videos like this one. Maybe Lord of the Rings!!!

studinthemaking : Why do they call it the tower of joy??

B1izzard24 : You should do more game of thrones episodes, Im a game of thrones fan myself. Maybe you could do one of the battles during robbs rebbellion.

Joe V : *Brahmpumbadabumbum* "Okay, you can edit that out" Nah fam! That's making the final cut! 😂

Waiehu Ku'kailimoku : Brilliant! Absolutely love your presentation on this thank you for sharing. Do you have one about the "War of Conquest" or "The Dance of the Dragons"???

william dulaney : I like what you are doing here on this channel. I hope you do more ancient battles and maybe some war of the Roses or 100 years war battles

bla blabljak : Very enjoyable video. This would be a great intro to anyone who starts watching GOT if you didn't spoil that Lyanna had a child close to the end

Nick Price : I liked and subbed purely because of the "brom bom bombombom" at the end.

Kimberly Eyzaguirre : Fact: Jamie should've been king of the seven kingdoms not Robert because it was Jamie who killed the mad king not Robert.

seyfersnake : Its not that Robert was the only one that wanted the throne, he was the only one with a legal claim to the throne. His paternal grandmother was a member of House Targaryen, the daughter of Aegon V, and since the rest of the members of House Targaryen were dead or in exile, Robert, as the eldest Baratheon, was the only one with a strong claim to the throne. That is why Stannis claims the throne over Renly, and at the same time it is the reason why Danny's claim is stronger than all of them, except perhaps one of the books characters, who if he is who he says he is, has an even stronger claim.