Game of Thrones: Robert's Rebellion & Battle of the Trident 283 AC

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BazBattles : Don't worry, this is just a "special" episode. We get back on track with our ongoing series shortly. Stay tuned!

Amanda Suttner : People complaining about this not being historic just don't get it. You want more regular vids? You want this channel to explode so the creator can focus on making more content? Then you need to put up with a little fan service. It's called marketing. Deal

videoloops1 : I'm sure HBO will make a series on prologue of GoT. There is so much content which can make a good story.

yeahhhhhhman : Please make - Battle of Manziekert (1071) - Battle of Tannenberg (1410) - Battle of Pavia (1525) - Battle of Mohacs (1526) - Battle of Agincourt (1415) - Battle of Hattin (1187) Thank you.

studinthemaking : Why do they call it the tower of joy??

tohamyproductions : Haha I love how Walder Frey waited for the fighting to be over to show up

SovietWomble : That was actually really interesting. Particularly the strategic overview of the map. I for one had no idea some of the cities were so close together. Or how King's Landing was actually right next to Dragonstone on the East coast (thought it was on the West). Or that the trident is a relative stone's throw away from the capital. Fascinating stuff.

Tom Luna : More videos from Game of thrones. PLEASE!

rockyblacksmith : This video has 2-3 times the views of any other of their videos, and it's only been up for a week. THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is how to properly attract attention to your channel. Brilliant move.

Stephen Blackwell : Plus the first Baratheon was rumored to be aegon Targaryen bastard half brother

Emilio Muñoz : 10:10 "You are late, Lord Frey!" I found that pretty hilarious haha

yay juiws : Its a great detailed video like always! One fictional battle shouldnt hurt anyone. Plus it invited many people who loves GoT to love historical battles too!! But my only concern here is that we will see alot of people demanding more fictional battles in the future videos because of this. And I hope that Historical battles will always make up about 95% of your awesome content. And you've also invited some diehard fans of GoT that insults and exaggerates your history loving fanbase. To anyone this might just be entertainment but for most of us this is where we learn historical stuff besides documentaries and historia civilis.

Hot Wine : 10:10 "You are late Lord Frey!" ... Typical

Moe Lester : you should do a war of the five kings one.

Don Donnysson : Stick to real battles in the future pls

Dillon Murch : PLEASE DO MORE OF THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leogalassi75 : This is by far the best summary on GOT I've ever seen!

SWilliams : You seem to have an affinity for history. Do you have a higher degree in the subject?

Elsneakakaze : Baz make a bunch more of these and get 30 million subs.

StubotticusRex : Another quality video!! Thank you!

the roseninator : You are late lord frey, lol

betsy : I laughed at the Freys being late...

Frank Castle : One thing is for sure...Robert Baratheon had the makings of a varsity athlete

jesus ortega : Can you make more got eps

maan kadi : Okay let me do the math you said 262 AC was 35 years before the start of the show "Game of Thrones" which is 297 AC (262+35=297), the battle of the trident and Jon snow's birth was 283 AC, so Jon snow was 14 at the start of the show ?????? (297-283=14). To be fair the targaryen rule lasted 300 years like you said, was it an estimate? Or was jon snow 17 at the start of the show and you had a small error with years? (300-283=17). Anyway, great video and it really made me understand Robert's rebellion very much, thanks.

Tiberius : AMAZINGLY... well done! Superb editing, great animations, great immersion into the Lore.. beyond impressed

Duncan Morison : Fantastic special, out of the blue, it helped me discover your channel! A few Scottish folk including myself ask that you perhaps cover the battle of Bannockburn?

Adal Hussain : I'd love to learn of the Arab conquests.

Grée Antoine : That's why we need a Game of Thrones Total War game, and quick

Maureen Kitty : This battle reminds of the real battle of Bosworth, which also is also a significant battle, remembered as a turning point in history. It marked the end of the great Plantagenet (here The Targeryan) dynasty. The so called at the time rebel-with-royal-blood Henry Tudor (here Robert who has also Targaryan blood)  defeated Richard III (here not king but a prince - Regaer) and took the crown for himself.

Azrael Enterprise : Not a fan of Game of Thrones, but this was still cool.

Arry : Do war of the five kings :D

tagitab timanwa : Because BazBattle say so... I believe... Im loyal to the crown.

Adylom Lomlom : It's not about wanting the crown, it's about having a claim. His grandmother or something was a Targaryen, and the first Baratheon was half-brother to Aegon the Conqueror.

Sun uv eh Beach Bolt : Latest episode of season 7 Roberts bastard has a war hammer, did it belong to king Robert?

Uruz : i'm having a hard time deciphering his accent is he trying to have an British accent or is he British

3st 3st : I didn’t enjoy this video exactly as much as the others on this channel to be honest (it wasn’t bad but just not as good). I don’t know anything about this series, but aside from the nice background story the battle itself seems to be pretty uninteresting from a tactical viewpoint. This battle only consisted of two armies mashing their faces together until one side fell over. There was no maneuvering, no attempt to spot this obvious ambush, no keeping units as a reserve and don’t even get me started on that “He challenged him for a duel in the midst of battle”-bullshit. The series might really be interesting for its plot and perhaps for its action-scenes but apparently not for its tactical profoundness during battles. Anti-Fanboy-Protection: I KNOW that there might be reasons to like this video (that doesn’t make my opinion wrong though), I KNOW that they will not always make this kind of videos, I KNOW that this isn’t my channel and they may do with it whatever they want  …did I forget something?

Zachary Tan : I like how you added the two Frey infantry units arriving after the battle had been won at the Trident.

PotatoKawaii Gamer : 12:17 You can see Jons hair appear on the baby

Derek Guerrero : Wait really? This is a thing? Awesome!

alfalex38 : So, in a way, Jon was born not too far from where Sam lived. This must be fate!

MaesterofEvolutions : Wait wait wait, what about the iron islands? Ned, Robert and Sir Arryn, all attacked them during the rebellion but when did that happen then?

João Branco : I don't get it... Was Catellyn Tully already married to Ned ? Is Jon older than Robb? Catelly said that Ned arrived with another child, yet Brandon Stark was killed when he was going to marry Catellyn ! Is the timeline right ? or it's a major fault on the show ?

iGod : We need a Total War: GOT game.

Lloyd Chappell : Cool!!!! Having read all these 'event's in the 5 books, now all this is in sequential order. This helps you understand our favorite fantasy world that never existed. Thanks.

700gsteak : Wasnt Arthur Dayne the best swordfighter? How could Rhaegar beat him in a tournament?

ali sarfraz : 10:15 "You are late Lord Frey", haha

ramonce09's stash : Can you try WW1 or WW2 battles? If you do then cover Operation Market Garden

Al Macias : "Incest is the best" Down with the Bolton's!

Great Khan24 : Excellent job on this fantasy battle vid. Now do one on Lord of the rings trilogy