People Need To Stop Clutching Their Pearls Over Elon Musk | Joe Scott TMI

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Hayden A. : Just smashed the shit out of the like button.

Tom Harrison : Yeah, the takeaway for anyone who didn't actually watch would be that Elon Musk was getting high on weed with Joe. My takeaways were that he's beyond brilliant, and he feels completely at odds with the rest of us who just cannot seem to understand. There are valid worries about Tesla, and he does stupid stuff a lot. This is also a guy who somehow knows how to get shit done. They talked a little about how ideas are cheap, but executing on ideas is the hard part. This is what people need to focus on. Rant on. This is silliness.

Wesley Magyar : I see now why Howard Hughes became a hermit...

Transport Evolved : Hehe. We did a post talking about why the pot was the least important thing in that excellent podcast :)

Vib3s : It's depressing how so many people are (with clear intent) trying to sabotage one of the few serious attempts out there to clean the earth up and keep it sustainable for the next generations of humanity. The short-term thinking/cash grabbing is disgusting. We're living on a planet with finite resources, a delicate balance, a growing population and a growing demand for energy to keep these economies (and modern living standards) afloat, people fed and given jobs to survive. It isn't that dificult to come to the conclusion that we need clean renewable energy, fix our shit here on earth, and simultaneously expanding further into the solar system. He's trying *both*. And they're actively trying to fuck it up. Great idea...

D Wolff : Elon Musk did something LEGAL? OMG hide the children!

Tony Pham : Bullied as a child, even worse now as an adult. Best thing in the world to give is Love, kindness & compassion - & it’s free

Alan S. : Well spoken and thank you. It's not just Elon, it's our media and the bad side of human nature.

Thedeepseanomad : The reason Elon gets blasted is that he is disruptive, both to the idea of how to run a business and how he changes the world. In the end a lot f people dislikes that he is not playing the corporate game corporate style. As far as I understands it, his main motivation is not to make money but to create an epic future. Stock owners want him to behave and earn them profit, but that is not really what his goal is, his goal is to change the world and he raises money to do it. So if you are investing, you are investing in his vision, everything else is just a bonus.

keco185 : I think it was a good thing he took a puff. Now there are a bunch of people waking up to the idea that there is so much exaggerated FUD against him

Brian Williams : Sucks that you can only like a video once...

Jason Crouch : That interview was amazing and Elon didn't even inhale, one of the very best interviews I've ever seen and people are freaking out over the puff and pass wow what is happening this dude is trying to change our world for the better and so many people are doing their dambdest to tear it all down.

Corey Kearney : That was what I thought too. He's on the spectrum. His body language, eye contact, pot "doesn't work" on him. I was really hoping Joe was going to ask about the vertical integration of his companies. It seems to me he's investing in the things he thinks he'll need for mars. Solar, batteries, rockets, electric vehicles, tunnel boring (habitats come to mind.)

Kelp Engineer : OMG... ELON SMOKED THE DEMON MARIJUANA, THE MARY-JANE, THE DEVIL’S WEED?!? The next thing you’ll tell me is he once jaywalked...

Rambler Andy : Actually, it was a very good interview. The pot thing was nothing. I was particularly impressed with Elon when he said he gives people the benefit of the doubt, and he generally loves humanity. And I loved him for it because that's exactly how I feel. I even say the same phrases as he did. And that was the best thing I remembered. The worst thing was knowing that Elon can't shut his brain off. Back about 20 years ago I used to mentally self examine 24 hours a day. I couldn't get to sleep. And it nearly drove me crazy because my brain wouldn't shut off. Eventually I cured myself of it, but it took months to do it. So I feel very sorry for Elon because his 'gift' is also a curse for him. I hope he gains control of it some day. Yeah, I wouldn't like to be Elon. The rest was peripheral, if interesting stuff. By the way, well said. Agree with you 100%.

Peter Houle : this was a brilliant move by Elon: now he can buy Tesla stock for a much lower price, based on pure reactionary journalism / hype machine.

jake Hawtin : I've read the Guardian and the Independent (two "broad" sheet papers in the UK) for many years and as with every paper etc. they have an agenda and biasness. But their coverage along with most other establishments has been horrendous, just a continual personal attack on Musk. They often run articles that are anti fossil fuels and such so I don't think their in someones pocket like the Koch brothers. So the only two reasons I see is that this tabloid type trash sells papers or/and they are worried about advertisement revenue drying up. One of the biggest if not the biggest spenders on advertisement is the car industry. Who is the biggest threat to the established car industry and doesn't spend on advertising?

Illegible Scream : Elon Musk smoked pot? Oh shit, I guess all his achievements never happened then. Damn. Don't you hate when that happens?

Jerry Rupprecht : You have to admit, it’s pretty funny though.

Colm Bolger : Electric Space Jesus barely smoked dope. That's cool 😃

John OneOfMany : Joe and Elon were sipping scotch too... A far more damaging legal drug... No mention of that.

cheesenbiscuits : If you're not whole heartily behind Musk and all his great work you are against humanity. He is the innovator with a track record of success against all odds. He put his own fortune on the line for a 10% chance of success to improve our future,not to get recognition but to actually try and make difference in this crazy world. If the world gave 1% of their taxes to Elon we'd be holidaying on Europa in a decade and paying a fraction of our electric bills.

Shauna Williams : Yes totally agree. I don't see how ppl can have a issue with a little marijuana mixed with tobacco. It was one hit and was drinking whiskey. Both legal so I dont see the problem. And come on... if you were a weed smoker and were sitting there talking to Elon Musk, ur not going to pull out a blunt? Once in a lifetime opportunity if you ask me. I also agree that Elon is different. Above average intelligence ppl often are a bit odd or socially awkward. I lived when he said something about your cortex is trying to make your limbic system happy. Let's all give more love and let ppl live. Geez

Chuck A : Great minds move us forward while the jealous among us, hold us back. Come Monday morning I'll be buying my first share of Tesla stock. #ElonHatersFU

Reto Fassbind : pearl clutching = _easily offended or shocked_ (derrogative)


Ryan Krause : I agree with a lot of stuff you said in this video, I watch that interview and it was so interesting and it shouldn't matter if he puffed that weed the entire interview I believe he is free to do whatever he wants especially when it's as harmless as just pot but the fact that people only look at that little insignificant thing he did and totally neglect to talk about all of the interesting things that they talked about really pisses me off. People need to grow the fuck up, that was the best Joe Rogan interview I have seen it was so interesting and I will defend Elon Musk against this totally unwarranted hate he is getting!

TColey100 : Joe, I couldn't agree with you more. This FAKE outcry about Elon taking a single drag from a blunt in which he didn't even inhale is ridiculous. I don't smoke but I've tried it for a short time in college 20 years ago. To get the full affects of it you have to inhale. Otherwise you're just blowing smoke and wasting money. The guy puffs once and blows it out immediately after and the media goes wild. What a bunch of freakin hypocritical pansies! SERIOUSLY!!!!! There are way more legitimate things to be concerned about when it comes to Elon Musk - this ain't it. The guy is under tremendous pressure 24/7. I don't think any of us could perform more effectively if faced with the same. Not making an excuse for Elon but come on. Thanks for your thoughts.

Stanley Orchard : Mr. Scott I’m the guy that was up front for your presentation at VMW... absolutely loved the info you had to provide. One of the most informative and compelling presentations we sat in, thank you for that, You did a fantastic job and you have an excellent series of channels here, I’ll be watching close. Keep doing what you’re doing man, thoroughly enjoying it.

Brant Wedel : ADHD (which is indeed "on the spectrum") explains much of Elon's behavior and thought processes. Read somewhere many historical innovators etc are thought to have had it. (Disclaimer: I have ADHD, and wan't to be associated with these people ;-), also don't believe in the last "D")

MaximusCruiser : Hey Joe... great video and I 100% agree. Just a feedback on your title... I watch youtube videos on my TV and the title will probably show only the first 7 words especially when there is a long title... as such, what I see on my TV is "People Need To Stop Clutching Their Pearls Over". Only when I click on the video... then I realize it is a video on Elon Musk. So perhaps in future... in order to attract more views... you can reword your title to say "Elon Mask - People need to stop clutching their pearls"... leave less important words at the end of the title. Just a suggestion.

FRACTURED VISION : "If you can't explain it simply, then you don't understand it." -Einstein High IQ does not mean you can't make it simple. Some folks just can't do that well, smart or dumb. Elon is decent on that scale, he breaks things down pretty well.

Tim Robinson : My cousin used to write out computer code on a note pad when he was 10! He’d then rub it out and write another page which he would then rub out again. His intelligence is off the scale!

The Cheaterman : Feels good when someone who doesn't smoke says (with full honesty) it's not a big deal. It's still not common enough unfortunately, and TBH I have been surprised over the past few years to see USA take the lead on legalization, as opposed to EU... We got a head start with NL and Belgium, but repression in some countries like UK (I know, not technically EU anymore...) is fierce.

The Indy SportsCar Podcast : So i watched the Elon Musk Guest spot on Rogan last night, when he took one cigar style puff of that half weed half tobacco blunt i didnt care cause pot is not a drug, the whisky in my eyes is much much worse, however i knew that was like the absolute worst thing he could have ever done and knew it would be a huge ohhh nooo to this immature 2018 everyone looks for anything to kill you on and yup it started before it was even done and its a shame cause my god people need to grow the fk up!!!!! BTW HE DIDNT INHALE!!!! THATS WHAT A CIGAR STYLE PUFF IS!!! A 3 hr PODCAST THAT BLEW MY MIND! THE MUSK IS JUST A REGULAR DUDE! THE PODCAST BLEW ME AWAY!!! THE MUSK IS JUST A HUMAN BEING!! Honestly made me like and admire the man even more and i didnt think that was possible

Altorin : He didn't inhale. So he didn't smoke. He was accepting the hospitality as a guest. If joe rogan offers you a toke you take it. I don't care who you are

Tommy C : The worse part is the hypocrisy, the people slamming him have all smoked weed, their pissed their not doing the great things Elon has... so sad this much hate out of envy

Akinlolu Oderinde : So, when we're pointing attention to media bias, this is a prime example.

t. gobold : I think the best part of the interview was the beginning where they talked about AI and the tesla easter eggs, the dream with the million Nikola Teslas that Joe Rogan supposedly had, etc. And I also really liked the part where Elon imagines the future of humanity - who knew he thought so positively about mankind? For me, this interview opened my eyes a bit and the pot part shows that Joe Rogan loves pot..apparently😂

ManDwarf : And he didn't even inhale! 😂😁

Bilbo Faggins : "Clutching your pearls" is an alt right dog whistle and you all know it!

Faded Soul : Joe Scott ,I have to agree with you strongly on this. Elon even said that weed was bad for productivity for him. The media nitpicks way too much. I watched the whole podcast and was happy he wasn't against the weed. I wanted so badly for the news to have been more "Elon does it, it's not so bad," instead of what happened. But obviously that wasn't goong to happen. Still the fallout hasn't all landed and i look forward to,, hopfully, having Elon's half smoke be a positive motivator. Just to keep it real I feel i should tell you that i often disagree with the one sided ways you try to justify your opinions in some videos without fully understanding the basics of what your talking about... but as a loyal subscriber, which I enjoy being, i always look forward to your future videos and the sometimes one sided opinions. ;-) good luck to you brother!

Eli Qfor : Joe - you are the sanest person in a goddam world right now

Vitaddict Dad : Everything you said was right on Joe we should have a 2 &1/2 hour conversation and you can have one toke on a spliff so we can destroy your channel jk. Funny thing is I still hadn't gotten around to watching the Joe Rogan interview and had completely gotten the impression that Joe R and Elon had just gotten totally smashed, I originally seen the headlines and pic and thought what! no way Elon did what got to see that he'd be so odd on weed. I'm so glad I didn't click on the article's and support that crap.(definitely watching Joe Rogan though)

ben sella : You have no idea how much i appriciate you joe!

Sven Schumacher : I have the impression that Musk is a really special person. He is capable and can motivate people, has great ideas and pulls his stuff through. But he is not adept at politics. He is vulnerable, quick-tempered and often very direct. Personally, I prefer such a person to the typical politicians or CEOs who hide behind phrases and only keep an eye on how stock prices are. But at the top of Tesla this is of course dangerous. There are enough competitors and envious people who would like to see him overthrown. For him, the legal cigarette draught was no big deal. But once again he had no feeling for what it was doing outside. It would really be better for him if he could buy back the shares and do his thing regardless of the stock market price. I'm just a little worried whether he can withstand the pressure on him in the long run. Such a person is fragile.

&y Diaz : I am with you, Joe. The media relies on controversy to boost headlines. It's kinda like most events, where everyone forgets the lifelong dedicated contributions and make bizzarre characterization of the same person based on one trivial thing. It happens to aged athletes all the time. People forget, Elon Musk was once in a much worse situation when starting SpaceX. He'll bounce back. Something tells me he'll be twice as strong in every aspect - financially, innovatively, diversification, etc. Great time to buy Tesla stock. This is how I view it.

AC H : “The press can hold its magnifying glass up to our problems bringing them into focus, illuminating issues heretofore unseen or they can use that magnifying glass to light ants on fire and then perhaps host a week of shows on the sudden, unexpected dangerous flaming ant epidemic. ” ― Jon Stewart

Thunk Tank Podcast : Great job calling out the media's playing on people's prejudice for a cheap headline -- what a waste for them to highlight 15 seconds that don't matter while a world of such more vital conversation was shared in this interview #nobodylistened

Dana En : I watched the whole thing, I really don't think I even noticed the joint part at the time. I did love how he just casually said he was just digging a hole in LA, It minus well have been "oh I'm just going next door to see the red dirt" :) :) :)