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KittenWispy : 2:17 *Boom!* See that? That's right! You FAILED! 😂

Darren Lee : 5:27 there is no meeseeks I CALL CLICKBAIT

Beast Baller : First, I'll Tell You What

johnquesac : "What the fuck is going on?" the voice actress nailed the confused and scared role 😂

Jocter : Does that mean that Mr. Meeseeks is never going to appear again in the show? :(

Jaden Skates : No Jerry, I'm the one who SUCKS!!!!! That face though 😂

I AM MR MEESEEKS LOOK AT ME : my favorite episode

nͫiͤcͫeͤ, YAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAEAET : I just thought of this, the Mr. Meeseeks who was teaching Jerry the golf thing created another Mr. Meeseeks, and the first thing the first Mr. Meeseeks said was "I'm Mr Meeseeks, look at me!" so the actual request the first Mr. Meeseeks wanted the other Mr. Meeseeks to do was look at the first Mr. Meeseeks as it was the first Mr. Meeseeks request, so wouldn't the second Mr. Meeseeks dissappeared right after the first Mr. Meeseeks created the second Mr. Meeseeks?

LIQUIDSWORRDS : Having a family doesn't mean that you stop being INDIVIDUAAAAAL

Half Baked Potato : "im mr meeseeks look at me"

Rhyan Ferry : the best part is that Mr. Meeseeks is voiced by the same person as lemongrab

tealmm : The "he roped me into this" sequence is like watching Trump's cabinet.

Daniel J. Hinton : Can't believe they cut out the whole "Your faults are your own, old man!" line. Loved that one.

jasmineg : honestly meseeks this is the best scene ever

Oh Fricc : Who else thinks me meeseeks sounds like Lemon Grab from Adventure time

Shaun830 : God his voice is hilarious even when he's saying something serious

CountDVB : I remembered something that someone pointed out... Notice one of the girls going up to Summer when her Mr. Meeseeks help her. She looks familiar doesn't she? And if you're wondering what this means, it means that the big Season 2 thing may have been Summer's fault because she brought Mr. Meeseeks at school.

Archie McDonaldsonshireberg : 1:50 is in my opinion the funniest piece of animated TV. The way he says "and most importantly, you gotta relax" and leans back is just comedy genius.

Ben : 0:53 look at that guys face on the left 😂

Sevoh : I want to die too Mr.Meeseeks

CoolxSkeleton95 : OOOH HES TRYING

A box : 5:16 holy shit I never noticed that meseeks

world of memes : First finally

Notlit Tox : what happened to "YOUR FAILURES ARE YOUR OWN, OLD MAN!"

Mazurka Takahame : ok jerry gotta CHOKE ON THE CLUB!!!!

Mark brown Donuts : Lololol

Pan-Chan :3 : Ooohh yeah Can do!

Jack Brust : *O H H E ' S T R Y I N'*

Rivas : OK Jerry, you've gotta choke up ON THE *CLUUUBBB*

Hey It's Prince : The Meeseeks are cute!

Andrew Pizano : What if i asked a meseesks to keep me company for the rest of my life? Would he hate me for would he not? My life is basicly 20 times faster than a meseesks life is supposed to be

Jordan Murray : It sounds like a horrifically mutilated Cool Cat. My god...

Pepe the Meme Lord : 'ITS GETTING WEIRD IN HERE'

Lindsey Johnson : I got a Meeseeks keychain today. I'm so happy. Lol

My Chemical Death : Beth is kind of aggressive when she says she's leaving

William Pilling : Is it just me or does Rick sound like Trevor from GTA 5 lol

Lost Hippie : I would've killed jerry

malik wingfield : Yo i gotta start watching this show😂

Rebecca Land : OOH HES TRYIN

Marijuana king : Someone in the show needs to request Mr meseeks to live... (To not die)

Darkbat584 Darkbat584 : Look at me

Gabe hash : I wonder what would happen if you gave a meeseeks a command that's impossible for them to fulfill...would they endlessly attempt to achieve it or would they just say "CAAN'T DO.."


Alexa Neal : 2:10 is adorable

A Moton : "Ooooh he's tryin"

Ronald Huffington : What have you asked Mr meeseeks to play Roy? Technically they would only be alive for a few minutes, but they will have thought they were alive for an entire lifetime just as a boy instead of a meeseeks.


Shane Cullen : Oooooooo he's trying!

rcolin497 : Why did you even rope me into this!?

mike hunt : "Ok, Jerry now you just got to choke up on the CLUB!" Lol.