Put Your Grasses On | Berserk MEMES

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Just Some Guy with a Mustache : I guess we all put them on wong.

Andrew Shuster : "With Two Fingers"MMMMHH "With Three Fingers" OOOHH AAHH "With Five Fingers!" GRIIFFIIIIIIIIITTTTTTHHHHH!!!!!! Comedy gold.

Keiko : Btw this video is too under rated

Rolo Tami : Weird to say the least but I liked the video anyway lol

SlyBiffrons : "That was fast" Took me too long to get that.

Steve : Love it.


Cino Dims : Fuck yeaaah! 😂😂😂😂

grimmer jxcts : Griffiiiiiiith

Nameless Moon : Ayy that's pretty good.

ava just some name : Put your grass on they say nothing will be wrong they say

Samuel Camacho : I see wong now.