Richard Dawson's Final Words (Family Feud 1985 Finale)

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Ducati Dude : One of the nicest speeches I've ever heard. Thank you Richard... RIP

Mike Jones : Richard Dawson was a class act and no one could fill his shoes. Whether Hogans Heros or Family Feud, Richard, you will be missed my brother RIP.

Sam Farnsworth : "I would not presume to tell the person who can make a rainbow what colour to make children."

Rein Engel : Now that's how you sign off, folks.

Damian Redman : That's one of the most powerful and touching outros I've ever seen. So much to quote from that. So glad YouTube can help those type of moments live on.

Dennis George : Steve Harvey...Drew Carey....not even close to being in the same league with Richard Dawson...not even close!

BomberMonkAssassin35 : I'll bet you 8 dollars Richard never even thought he would be back hosting feud 9 years later in September 1994 at the age of 62 but his final speech from the final episode of the original feud is powerful & emotional i really have to believe that the last day of taping of the original version of feud i doubt there wasnt a dry eye in the studio on that day.....

crissrudd4554 : I just saw a FF episode that had a moment that showed Richard really cared about people. There was an 89 year old gentleman who during one round wasnt feeling too well and couldnt think of an answer to a question. Richard decided to move on to the next person but told the judge to please not give them a strike due to the man's lack of answer which the judge kindly acquiesced.

Joseph Rotello : We are measured by both our deeds and our words. Richard Dawson was a true measurement of life, soul and a remarkable career, and was a truly real human being.

McPepper : I have always admired Richard Dawson and this was a great show. He made the show what it was and what will always be - special.

Larry Dallas : Thats Class....Something all tv shows lack these days

taratupa73 : As far as I'm concerned the show ended forever, when Dawson left.

Kyle Matthews : My grandma used to say turn the channel the kissing man is on because he kissed a lot of the ladies on the show. RIP to grandma and the kissing man.

Dayna Silvey : I love this man. I first saw him in a show called Hogan's Heros. I know he is with God.

Rich Risica : The man just shared his very inside feelings with us and some of you people have to make negative comments......not very nice.  I never realized what a sensitive guy he was.

Dennis Hines : I was 15 when the show got cancelled. I watched this happen as it first was aired, and was crying at the end of it. Richard Dawson was a good host, and perfect for that show. Rest in peace, Mr. Dawson. You are sadly missed.

CHRIS ARSENEAULT : What a class act. Kissing people is NOT A SIN! We ALL need to get more accepting of each other, and that includes touch. Nowadays, it's a crime to be physical to each other in an innocent way. God help us.

stew kupperman : and, now.....what has become of this show? so, richard kissed the women. big deal. but, now? we have a show that is filthy, and all sexual innuendo. a microcosm of the downfall of our society.

Jovanni Ruiz : Bob Barker is the greatest game show host of all time, but that said, Richard Dawson was the COOLEST and most open minded of them all. He would be 1A to Barker's 1st place. I wish he would of been around now. He was clearly ahead of his time and, as per his own words, didn't see people for their color. He did get a lot of slack for 'kissing' women and hugging women of all nationalities. Maybe it was a little 'unorthodox' to be kissing married women on the lips with their husbands standing right there (lol) but he was himself and was always open and honest about everything he did. Even his issues with alcoholism. He was a trailblazer and honest man, which unfortunately, as we have seen in our elections and world leaders, is hard to come by these days. Rest In Peace Mr Dawson. And to the person who owns this channel, thanks for posting this as this is the firs time I am seeing this.

Joseph Hardaway : I actually got emotional listening to this . His wonderful mother left an impact on his life with such a profound statement that changed his life. We can do the same with our children. This world was made for everyone. Let's enjoy and appreciate each other's company.

thedavecorp : I love what he said about the producer, who, back THEN, let ANYBODY come on the show - no matter the race or if they're disabled etc. - the way it should have ALWAYS been.

materialgirl8707 : Thank God for Buzzr T.V. channel.Now I can watch classic and retro Family Feud every night. I love classic Family Feud with Mr. Richard Dawson. He was an awesome host and the best host ever for Family Feud. Breaks my heart to see him say goodbye. Rich Dawson Family Feud forever.

Tobias Walker : This actually made me tear up!

Leone Kaiser : Family Feud today is such garbage. It's all about how dank you can be about your answers.

RanJo Believer : Wow, what an ending...... I now have a higher opinion of R.Dawson

More Faves : How could anyone give this a Thumbs down?

Caboose 48 : What an honest and loyal man.  I remember when he stepped in and took over when Ray Coombs committed suicide.  He did it at a moment's notice while the show looked for a new host, then left just as quietly.  That right there tells you all about the quality of his character.

ohsnapiam59 : Richard Dawson was my favorite host...just loved him. He treated everyone the same.

Kd Grayson : Gary Dawson was in my drama class at University High school in W LA , Gary did a skit with a tape recorder that had everyone on the floor laughing, his fathers sense of humor was evident! Gary was a really cool guy too, not stuck up or conceited , just a regular guy.

Quinn Rollen : Never thought too highly of Richard Dawson until this speech.

ChihuahuaboyDH : If my memory serves me correctly, Richard Dawson's final "Family Feud" episode was taped on June 19th, 1985 & aired on ABC on July 12th, 1985, correct? This was the best speech ever given by an actor/comedian/game show emcee. Kudos to you, Richard! R.I.P., Sir.

A Tusken Raider : Wait, Didn't this guy play on Hogans Heros?

Michael Smith : lovely closing speech, very heartfelt and honest

freakyflow : Seen this man in alot of shows..The Running man Movie. Family feud and Hogan's heros Always a laugh to be found RIP Hope Shultz and Kilnk go eazy on ya : )

MrPolymers : It's hard to believe it's been 30 years since Richard Dawson left Family Feud. Very touching farewell. Truly, a very smart and heartfelt man. RIP Richard...

0217ldp : The sign language he did was "I love you."

tigergreg8 : He answered and put into place every question and thought that could be imagined in those few moments.

Radio Surfing Grupo Cidade : Our Sir Veisaid was a class act. That's why he is my avatar.

annamal pete : i could not hold back some tears during this message. richard was a good man and god bless him for all he stood for.

Snead Hearn : Saw him a few times recently on Match Game reruns on an oldies Network. He was very intelligent!

Clancy Coburn : Class. All the way. RIP Mr. Dawson.

KateMich12 : Where's the LOVE button?

taratupa73 : Wonderful, wonderful man.  Rest In Peace, Richard.

David Haskin : Brought me to tears, was not expecting that, wow...

foskten10 : And of course there are thumbs down votes . . . some people. Richard Dawson was one of the best and will always, Always, ALWAYS be remembered :)

300 300 : Bob Barker hosted The Price is Right for 4 times as long as Daswon did Family Feud and his goodbye was one sentence saying thank you and then reminding you to get your pets neutered.

Mark Yasaitis : Simply put, Richard Dawson was a class act.

PokemonFire799 : I like how his last two words were thank you :)

Neil Ouellette : Class act all the way. Now if every person in this country saw this speech, there would be no hate.

Jeff Conway : Few of us will ever have a job that we truly love and have so much effect on people like Richard Dawson did.  Great to see that he acknowledged that.  Nothing pretentious about him.  Great story from his Mom about the rainbow.  You question any of God creations, then you are directly questioning, and insulting him.