Johnny Depp 'jokes' with Ricky Gervais

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Myles Lenaught : "Why did Rickey Gervais do a series of audiobooks? So that the blind could hate him as well." Lmfao.

Johnny Fartpants : Not taking himself too seriously makes Johnny cool.

Cletus575 : The flipping over of the fruit bowl is pure comedy gold!

Mike Dearing : Depp is one of the few celebrities who gets it, he understands why Ricky takes the piss out of celebrities when he hosts the golden globes

bradley agar : I imagine Ricky laughing made this almost impossible to completely film. 

Brokenjoker : Johnnys a legend for doing this.

lena fan : Warwick Davis is the real star of this scene

Warbo : Press 2

lex vili : when he throws his hands up at the end, that's the best part lmao

Matthew Stephens : Again, Johnny acting in this better than the summation of the whole series' worth.

Dog OfKrondor : Depp has a great sense of humour and is up for anything. Merchant really lays it on thick with the concerned looks.

James Morris : The best part was them purposely making Depp's delivery of the jokes so bad by having him explain the set up ahead of time on many of them.

RDGaming : Hahaa the fruit bowl. Now that's just unnecessary Johnny, Come on now.

Mark O'Brien : I like the way he points at the bin after he kicks it!

J O : why did they edit out no one makes fun of Tim Allen on my watch

Gabe Thornes : This is comedy at its finest

Grant Manor : ultimate cringe

hiyadroogs : "Just keep this, in you.. no one - makes fun - of Tim Allen.. On my watch.."

Jared T-F : I love Johnny Depp

sky hop : he whas mocking his movie star image & character lol it whas sarcastically dramatic like his role in cry baby

trippplefive : would love to see the blooper reel for this scene

geekrockrats : Do the joke,what's the joke?

LongLongLists : This is brilliant

LukewarmSkywater : Imagine hanging with these fellas for a whole day, would be such a laugh

Fredrick Miller : That short little weak kick and then he points at the rubbish flying around😂😂😂😂

trahereus : keep pressin "6" :D you're welcome

91Aramis : Just an amazing actor. So fun to watch.

Justin Edwards : There's no end to that prick

TheorisingMatrix_Mouse : Depp is a savage 😂

Mrkzio1760 : British schizoids who think they're funny.

Panda One : It’s not real idiots, they are joking

matty chip : This has been edited...

Christobanistan : I prefer the longer version where Johnny brags about how much money he makes per film.

TheBreezest : "What are you, dissing pirates now?" 02:10 LOL

larshoneytoast33 : Isnt that the dude that played Wicket?

Y~knot! : "no one ridicules tim on my watch and gets away with it"  "sorry have i done something to offend you?" ha ha ha

jim jimjim : I wish he was really like that :D... Unfortunately he's a legend.

Timi T. : HA, this is gold.

WarlordRising : 0:38

cragnog : I really love his accent.

Gabe Thornes : This is comedy at its finest

Niels Pflaeging : Brilliant!

MrAtaguas : johnny depp used to be good looking now effin Ricky Gervais looks younger and better than him wtf

David Westcott : Hunter S. Thompson Lives! JD is a cool dude & a great actor...Now may I please have what is left of Amber Heard?

Natashahoneypot : that scene must have cost a fortune

Wixxy Pharoah : that kid is from the willow movie

Flip Zilip : i think life's too short doesn't get the credit it deserves. i saw a few clips on youtube but thought it would probably not be worth watching. i was dead wrong, the show is amazing.

Bárbara JohnnyDeppfan : Lindo demais !!!!

Ivanna Depp : jajaja ame esto, nunca lo había visto actuar como "el mismo"

gianni arnoldons : Good clip hahahahaahhaha