Johnny Depp 'jokes' with Ricky Gervais

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Felix Burke : Actually Depp is satirising the way Hollywood is so fucking precious about itself, in his dark way he's agreeing with Ricky's piss take of the egotistical turds. Well done.

Myles Lenaught : "Why did Rickey Gervais do a series of audiobooks? So that the blind could hate him as well." Lmfao.

Johnny Fartpants : Not taking himself too seriously makes Johnny cool.

Cletus575 : The flipping over of the fruit bowl is pure comedy gold!

Mike Dearing : Depp is one of the few celebrities who gets it, he understands why Ricky takes the piss out of celebrities when he hosts the golden globes

bradley agar : I imagine Ricky laughing made this almost impossible to completely film. 

Brokenjoker : Johnnys a legend for doing this.

Warbo : Press 2

lex vili : when he throws his hands up at the end, that's the best part lmao

Matthew Stephens : Again, Johnny acting in this better than the summation of the whole series' worth.

Dog OfKrondor : Depp has a great sense of humour and is up for anything. Merchant really lays it on thick with the concerned looks.

James Morris : The best part was them purposely making Depp's delivery of the jokes so bad by having him explain the set up ahead of time on many of them.

RDGaming : Hahaa the fruit bowl. Now that's just unnecessary Johnny, Come on now.

J O : why did they edit out no one makes fun of Tim Allen on my watch

Mark O'Brien : I like the way he points at the bin after he kicks it!

lena fan : Warwick Davis is the real star of this scene

hiyadroogs : "Just keep this, in you.. no one - makes fun - of Tim Allen.. On my watch.."

Jared T-F : I love Johnny Depp

Grant Manor : ultimate cringe

Gabe Thornes : This is comedy at its finest

trippplefive : would love to see the blooper reel for this scene

sky hop : he whas mocking his movie star image & character lol it whas sarcastically dramatic like his role in cry baby

geekrockrats : Do the joke,what's the joke?

LongLongLists : This is brilliant

LukewarmSkywater : Imagine hanging with these fellas for a whole day, would be such a laugh

Fredrick Miller : That short little weak kick and then he points at the rubbish flying around😂😂😂😂

trahereus : keep pressin "6" :D you're welcome

91Aramis : Just an amazing actor. So fun to watch.

TheBirdflippingTheoriser : Depp is a savage 😂

mskidi : This is shit.Both the acting and the writting,especially the writting.If Depp or any other celebrity wanted to really attack Gervais I bet they would come up with much nastier stuff,more hurtfull stuff.For example the fact that Gervais seems to yearn to be a part of all this star system that he constantly bashes or the fact that he is so desperate for fame that he went from singing to acting just trying to get in there somehow.I am talking about real stuff you know,if you wanna write stuff against yourself make it real. But that would be difficult. So he made Depp a retard. Seems to me its time for a new Ricky Gervais to fuck up the old one.

Mrkzio1760 : British schizoids who think they're funny.

Panda One : It’s not real idiots, they are joking

matty chip : This has been edited...

Christobanistan : I prefer the longer version where Johnny brags about how much money he makes per film.

TheBreezest : "What are you, dissing pirates now?" 02:10 LOL

larshoneytoast33 : Isnt that the dude that played Wicket?

Y~knot! : "no one ridicules tim on my watch and gets away with it"  "sorry have i done something to offend you?" ha ha ha

jim jimjim : I wish he was really like that :D... Unfortunately he's a legend.

Anthony Barratt : Never did the pirates movies except 4

Richard Kardos : That was very funny. Like the circumcision joke...cause there's no end to this prick. Well done parody.

retard penis 69 : This is the best thing ever

darren pilkington : without exaggeration , the finest performance of Johnny Depp's career....genius sketch from everyone involved!!!

Martin Decamerone : Nice Satire

Paul Lee g : Brilliant nice one Jonny and Ricky real people

darren pilkington : I'm not even kidding!..this is the best thing johnny depp has ever done!...funny as fuck!!!

Kyle P : he and ricky should do a buddy movie. it'd be nice to see depp do something different.

matt kline : hahahaha "what are you dissing pirates now?"

William91W : Depp the woman beater

Xerox Re : No fruit was hurt in the filming of this scene

Richard Pembroke : Brilliant no selfness comedy, makes me weep