James Coburn Rare Interview (Bruce Lee’s Hollywood friend)

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Dustin Blythe : I could listen to him read the phone book! Great guy and a real Renaissance man.

Jakartaman : Cool guy with an incredible speaking voice. No one like him around any more, sad to say. Good actor too.

Eugene Vincent : Coburn, Lee and McQueen, man what a cool group of friends.

David Sidebotham : "We need an aim instead of responding to crisis" spot on!

Rayvis79 : James Coburn was an amazing cat!!

Kriste Isopahkala : Damn. Such a thoughtful, charismatic guy. He seems so genuine, unlike the celebrities of today.

epic style : James Coburn was a very smart thought provoking guy who captures your attention with his experiences in life and depth of charracter

munchyman100 : Great interview super cool guy. Very deep and he trained with bruce lee !

David Rocha Moreira : This is what u call a true friendship how we all r to be towards each other GOD BLESS THEM BOTH BRUCE N COBURN

hartono dyx : Morgan Freeman look like black version of him...

God Sun : What A Great Man❤ Legendary Legend❤

Catatonic and Gin : James was a cool dude who understood Consciousness in all living things.

Aikunle78 : Thanks for uploading and sharing

Jann Lee JEET KUNE DO : bruce lee is amazing uniquely man every times . everbody could follow his philosophy but cannot replace or be like him because bruce lee could kick 700 pound punching bag in just one side kick

Funkyboodah : [7:34] He's like... yeah that bitch OK, but she ain't no Bruce Lee

Hootowl54 : Such a bright smile!

RapidReader4 : I wish there was more interview like stuff about Bruce Lee out there

Nicky Depaola : The word "Hip" right here! James was so cool..**

Funkyboodah : I hate how they cut short the Bruce Lee section to talk about some actress no one remembers anymore

mike johnson : he should've been a news anchor with that voice.

Mr Westie : James Coburn one hell of a actor and coooooooool cat!!! Bruce clearly loved his company and visa versa---bless em both.

Karthik Manickavelu : He's the twin of Lee Marvin.

Zhen Chen : I know bruce can't wait to see James Coburn again

Paul Bennett : great interview... seems to me he should have been an even bigger star. His looks (he looks Asian imho), his voice (would have been interesting if he voiced Darth Vader), his personna overall... he would have been a great Bond villain

Robert G. : Coburn was as cool as they come and a much deeper thinker than most of his contemporaries.

ruben sanchez : hola que lastima que no esta ni siquiera subtitulado en castellano solo en ingles que no entiendo nada

onebigkahuna69 : Why couldn't this be my Dad.

Patrick Parker : Another one that hated socialism , wise thinking .

catsarereallycool : Great actor.

shihanUKS : Im lukewarm about his sincerity. He will always be known for blocking "The silent Flute."

AH : Bruce Lee talk starts at 5:25.

FREEKAFlR : A great man from a great era before political correctness and leftism.


Karel Fodor : Czech skoda,že neumím anglicky

caesar valentin : Probably so I owe you that one but Matt made a mistake on one photo of Bruce fighting Robert Wall on the set of the movie Chinese Connection or originally named Fist of Fury. Thet actor is Bob Parker one of his favorite student who died of cancer in the 1990's

caesar valentin : According to Linda Lee interview, Bruce's Lee major was in philosophy and A E channel the biography of Bruce Lee.

caesar valentin : Whe did it take place this interview?

caesar valentin : I love him portrayed a German soldier on the tv series Combat. He was a natural.

shr baaa : James Coburn made me cry when he said he misses Bruce Lee everyday. Thank you sir for sharing your emotions on Bruce Lee.

caesar valentin : He missed to share that Bruce Lee was a semester short to earn a bachelor in philosophy

Giovanni Tiroldi : Interesting face.

Leonardo John Reyes : Just like Bruce Lee said that Coburn understood the philosophical part of The Martial Arts more than McQueen. Not to say that McQueen was a stubborn man. He was rather more physical than philosophical in a good way.

Zisis B. : I could listen to James all day, seemed like a down to earth gentleman.

David Nicol : His 'Highest possible potential' means having to smoke! LOL

John Smith : Freemasons all

The Lighter Side of Practical Shooting : Great actor, amazing voice. He really loved Bruce you can see that. I thought both Coburn and Bronson were outstanding in “Hard Times”.

Old Cop : When I was a rookie cop in the late ‘60s my training officer was a James Coburn look/sound alike.

mandroid74 : He was a friend to Bruce leave the "Hollywood" off of it he knew and taught a lot of famous people hell he himself worked in "Hollywood"

Tempo : What a classy and humble guy!!

Neil O'Neal : Seems like a grounded, decent guy. The 7 year cycles, I've noticed it in lives of many people, and in reading biographies as well.