A bike commute you wont believe - Tom Lutz
A bike commute you wont believe

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Tom Lutz works at Google’s Chelsea Market offices and enjoys an unusual commute, 20 miles daily, year-round from his home in Leonia, NJ. You see, Tom commutes by Brompton – and boat! Visit http://www.brompton.com to learn more about Brompton Every morning when the the wind and tide permit, he unfolds his Brompton, attaches a trailer towing a homemade folding boat and then rides to the base of the George Washington Bridge, where he launches his curious craft – folded Brompton and all – into the Hudson River. As the Manhattan skyline grows near, Tom – carried by the currents – explains his deep need to break from routine and capture a sense of adventure while living and working in one of the most urban of urban landscapes. Tom lands at a canoe slip, unfolds his Brompton and rides to his office, where he casually strolls through the door wearing his lifejacket, folded Brompton – and folded boat – in hand.


The Joyful Eye : This is really cool. That mucky mud he had to squelch through though to get into his boat ... I wonder how he gets the mud off his shoes.

Joel Benge : INSANE! This is awesome.

JT : Really cool - inspiring creativity!

Simon Butler : What a great video, and an awesome commute, thanks for sharing.

William Volk : My LA River commute solved.

Philippe Tremblay : Pretty awesome !

Joel Gilbert : Awesome, Tom! Inspiring me to find a way to do this with a small dinghy sailboat. Any ideas on available models of sailboat / bike trailer combos? Thanks!

the Reynolds rocketeer : Amazing....

Jack Seroka : Everyday vacations

Miles Davenport : Excellent :) I love the creativity in getting to work :D

caegb : This is superb.👌🏿

Edison Jaramillo : Ever think of adding a motor to ur bike? Great story by the way!!

Lars Bartschat : This is a really awesome commute! And that boat looks great!

Max Rodriguez : Boat parking has to be tricky in most places.

Sean Fleming : dude knows how to live. chapeau.

baik 0717 : It's awesome! You are already realizing my future dream.

mygg15 : Bromptons and packrafts (Alpacka) make a nice pair as well! Will fit in a trekking backpack that goes onto the rack.

John Greenwood : Love it. A commute that you actually look forward to.

shreddagorge : Cannot believe someone would give this thumbs down. Tom, kudos to you and your pioneering spirit!

Leo the Third : This is just awesome!!! I had to share this with co-workers!!

Wooden Widget : Epic.

Vivian Frerichs : Super cool!

David Bills : Incredible! Love it.

The Geek : how long does ur commute take?

EA B : Very inspirational...

Randy Masters : Are plans available for the boat? I have 150 hours....

tjahjo prakoso : Very inspiring 😁😊

Luigi Gallerani : I care about ur safety man! I love bicycles and boats and I had the same problem as you and always wanted to find a foldable solution, but A 50 dollar commercial inflatable dinghy would be for sure safer and even lighter.