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Zach Coddington : What music is this?

pAceMaker : Oh cool, space has creep music...

Mike M : WOW!

ophello : What is up with the shitty frame blend warp used? Totally ruins the smoothness.

Pande Subs : can we get access to original file? i'd love to have this in high quality wallpaper

Nick : wow, what an age we live in!


hellolaco : music?

Wojciech Bociański : Jupiter is flat like a pancake. The Earth also.

Nico The Rabbit : How does Jupiter hold up it's weight? -------- With A-Steroid Belt.

łukasz łukasz : Amazing animation. Is 'Juno spacecraft' name of the author or is it just a computer program they made it with?

Leouch : fake, Jewpiter is flat! ;)

LadyBea : FAKE

szemhameforasz : Jupiter is flat ;)

Zoltan Chivay : It cost... 1000.000.000$ to see this photoshop... NASA... you are masters... Can I send you some samples? for just one fucking million

Pan Renifer : Why can't we see other stars and galaxies on jupiter background ? We can see them from earth but we cannot see them from space or juno didn't take any picture of background ?

thetinymoo : What are the dots at 2:50 ? Shadow of the spacecraft?

Nahum Berrum : is there a 4k version of this?

mōggio : Wish I could watch this in 3D or in VR or something like that

Graeson Maddox : Wow have we always known about those blue dots? Looks very uniform almost alien like.

StealthElectronVIP : 60fps but only 1080p. Jupiter you dissapoint me.

Aleys : It's beautiful

Musical Ether : FAKE!!! Everyone knows that Jupiter is FAT! #Wokeassfuck

Philip Wells : Is this real color or another bullshit "colorized based on detectable elements"

Hilla P : Awesome!

Alan Ruic : Looks surreal. Almost like an oil painting. 😻