e3 reaction video

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joe doe : damn this uploaded fast asf

Roblox Legend : I had this on full volume speaker when the video started and now the neighbors just stepped out of their house. But you're right, EA sleeping on Skate.

dickcheese : its ok king we’ll get skate 4 one day

Trevon Mcentee : Jump forces looks alright

ActuallyDarcy : EA confirmed racist

Trvr Shoe : You may have possibly kind of snapped

Mop Stick : good vid king

soap girl : you kind of sound like earl ily

Taylor : I’ll only buy skate 4 if it’s got battle royale

Matthew Barron : Go off king, I feel you

edwin reyes : That Cyberpunk game looks so fire

Mister Gimmick : You looking good king. Hope you get a girlfriend soon.

Evan Schroeder : Chin up king I know you got the mid pack waitin at the crib

P3DRO : EA foreal racist king.

rata tootie -_- : They gon drop despacito 2 before they drop skate 4

salad : honestly

Sam Atilano : EA hates black people confirmed.


Christian B : All facts I need to play skate again

dick jifferson : ily king

semaj W : This is sad :/, I can’t find this mans twitter