Raccoon vs Crow

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WinB04t : Filmed with new and improved Cloverfield Shake! (Patent pending)

Jesus Christ : that is exactly what I said

NorthForkFisherman : Trash Panda vs the eyes and ears of a god. Man, Odin's gonna be pissed!

nrojb : turn your god damn phone

Sasha Spiteri : Goblins are racoons that learned to start fire.

L. P. Schulman : Love the narration! 😂

djsoccer151 : Probably your fault the crow was caught. Next time keep your distance from wildlife so as to not interfere.

BlackTalon53 : what is landscape mode

SubConsciousMindd : wow! thanks for sharing! and... vertical? really? you sound younger than that...

povang : Thought Crows were the smartest birds on the planet, guess not...

Dukefrukem : Just awful camera work.

EpicDonutDude : This would be pefect for a new season of Bear Grils survival in the city

joeschultz2 : Normally I wouldn't deny the raccoon a meal, (staying alive in the wild isn't easy), but ever since I found out how intelligent crows are I've come to cheer for them in encounters like this. Besides, the raccoon doesn't really need to eat the crow, he can get all the food he wants just by overturning garbage cans and going through the contents he spilled on the ground. They're incredibly skilled at that.

Aaron Fairbanks : Holy macaroni

M. Gonz : Just cleaning up the sky rats. Thank you masked varmint.

Cristian Chelaru : The crow moves backwards very interesting.

Charlie Bravo : The fighter and the kid brought me here

hoover2001 : Raccoons ride hard

RKE Photography : Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

Rea Lachney : MUST be starving!

Adam W : What is one less crow I am sure the Blue Jays and Cardinals are thrilled!

DerpADuh : Mission: Successful.

Mark Squirp : what park is this?

c : damn, lol

Raul Montana : My boy quick!

Amanda Hogg : Urban, tho? Show me a rat fighting a one-legged pigeon...

Kranium Dranium : Racoons are horrible animals