Raccoon vs Crow

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WinB04t : Filmed with new and improved Cloverfield Shake! (Patent pending)

Jesus Christ : that is exactly what I said

NorthForkFisherman : Trash Panda vs the eyes and ears of a god. Man, Odin's gonna be pissed!

Sasha Spiteri : Goblins are racoons that learned to start fire.

L. P. Schulman : Love the narration! 😂

nrojb : turn your god damn phone

SubConsciousMindd : wow! thanks for sharing! and... vertical? really? you sound younger than that...

Dukefrukem : Just awful camera work.

djsoccer151 : Probably your fault the crow was caught. Next time keep your distance from wildlife so as to not interfere.

BlackTalon53 : what is landscape mode

povang : Thought Crows were the smartest birds on the planet, guess not...

EpicDonutDude : This would be pefect for a new season of Bear Grils survival in the city

Adam W : What is one less crow I am sure the Blue Jays and Cardinals are thrilled!

RKE Photography : Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

Raul Montana : My boy quick!

DerpADuh : Mission: Successful.

hoover2001 : Raccoons ride hard

Cristian Chelaru : The crow moves backwards very interesting.

Amanda Hogg : Urban, tho? Show me a rat fighting a one-legged pigeon...

c : damn, lol

Mark Squirp : what park is this?

Rea Lachney : MUST be starving!

M. Gonz : Just cleaning up the sky rats. Thank you masked varmint.

Kranium Dranium : Racoons are horrible animals