An American Observing Sanctions in Iran 🇮🇷
An American Observing Sanctions in Iran

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American sanctions on Iran are affecting the country dramatically. Usually, my content is about uplifting human stories--and I'll have a cool video about Iran soon--but I felt it would be unfair not to show the current story of sanctions too. Sanctions are hurting ordinary people from the most pro-American populace on the planet (I know that's hard to believe but true). They aren't hurting the politicians with coffers of money. I look forward to a day when the world can do away with the archaic political noise that aims at dividing, manipulating, and deceiving us all. Much love and respect for you Iranians. Better days are ahead. Music can be found on Instagram: aike_music_band



Custom Logo Cookies : My love to all the Iranians! XOXO💖💖💖

Hasan Alsulami : As a Saudi, I see Iranian people as my brothers because we share a lot of things, and I'd love to visit Iran and discover this beautiful country.

laowhy86 : This is the kind of stuff the world needs to see. You are doing an excellent job. Mass media is doomed if we have creators like you telling the real stories.

Friendly Creature : I am from Algeria 🇩🇿 and my love for Iran is Indescribable and Unexplainable 🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷💕💕💕😔😔😔😔 دووووست داااااارم

MarsZC5 : My heart goes out to all of the Iranian people.

Colton LeClaire : For those who are able to see this in Iran, our love and respect is for you. How can this international dynamic continue? We're all just every day people And there's a part of us Connected with every one else

Sherry : Very well done, you showed how it affects everyday people who are trying to live their lives, take care of their kids, and find a job to support their families. Very sad to hear their situations, they are lovely people. ♥️


Elyas Taghizadeh : I don't know why the hell those 139 people disliked this video.

Hamed Mortezaei : I , as an Iranian citizenship tell to all Americans and all the people around the world: WE LOVE YOU ALL . This fight is not related to the people but whether or not Iranian people will suffer from it .hope to see a better world in future. A UNITED WORLD OF PEACE WITHOUT BORDERS

vegassgurl : So sad , prayers to the people of Iran...

StoneSkin : nicely said, well done. yes we're pinched hard from everywhere! and yet smiling , be happy my friend ...

Bigay realTV : Great love and respect. From Philippines

krafthaus : Powerful!!! Thank You for opening the window so we can see inside Iran. The Iranian people who we've met back home in Canada have all been smart, positive and refreshing people.

Jafet Chaves : I want to meet some nice Iranians, they're so nice and kind!! Love from Costa Rica 😊

Cena Azr : this was one of the best and more close to reality video about Great Iran Iv seen in the youtube thanks Peter.

Farzin Fardin : Such a wonderful documentary, it's true and honest and very well done! Congrats Peter👍

Robert Fantina : I visited Iran in the summer of 2017; it's a beautiful country, and it will survive the cruel and unjust U.S. sanctions.

Norwegian viking : Luckily the Iranians are intelligent people, they KNOW the difference between government politics and the average persons, as they have suffered religious laws etc been imposed on them.So they know the difference between what politicians want, and what normal people want.

Santiago Fernandez Devoto : I'm from Argentina and I'm very thankful to see more people defending and showing how's Iran and what's going on there with their people. I was there for a month last year and found my second home in the world. I'll go back for sure to visit all the friends I've made on my trip there and know more cities and towns over there. They say don't go, terrorists, danger place, etc. I was even safier than my own country. This year I'm going to Turkey to the South East to meet more Kurdish, Lurs, and Iranians travelling there because how warm they are. Like I always say don't trust on media and if they say don't go over there, investigate and see it by yourself. Most likely it's a lie.

Cirugía de Mano : May God protect Iran and its noble people...

Eternal Phoenix : USA: "Yeah... let's sanction Iran.. While we sell bombs to the Saudis who love to drop them on innocent school children in Yemen for the last 3 years. And let's do everything possible to make sure this genocide gets as minimal media coverage as possible."  Wake up America and ask yourself .. Why your leaders are so afraid of the most peaceful nation of Iran and why do they bow down to the most evil House of Saud? Research the House of Saud and see how they rose to power by creating religious extremists(Wahabbism) in Arabia in the early 1900s. That is the same extremist religious ideology that the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and ISIS follow. Yes, the Saudi royal family are directly tied to the propagation of that ideology and those groups are their proxy mercenaries. It was the Saudis who never let democracy take pace in Iraq because democracy there was against their interests (mostly Shia Islam state). How many American youth died there only fill the pockets of the likes of Dick Cheney and other corporate giants? Why are we supporting the Saudis to fight the group(the Yemeni Houthi Shia tribe) which eliminated Al Qaeda in Yemen..On the ground. Yes that is right... this group did what the US could not do.. they defeated and almost took ALL land in Yemen back from Al-Qaeda in Yemen. And the the Saudis start a war with them for no reason soon after.. hmm!?!? .. Who went into Iraq and Syria and liberated it ON THE GROUND from the ISIS problem that the Saudis and friends created?!?! The Iranians.. Who has directly opposed the evil of the Saudis throughout history.. the Shia and the Iranians. Why do the Saudis hang innocent Shia muslims for no reason? Why do the Taliban hunt to kill innocent Shia Muslims in Afghanistan and Pakistan? Why do they promote extremist ideology in the Islamic world that tells the ignorant to believe the Shia muslims are not muslim? Is it Iran that is a danger to them .. OR is it the knowledge and beliefs in the Shia faith that they fear? Why now.. after Saddam is gone.. that the largest annual human gathering is taking place in Karbala, Iraq (40million and increasing each year).. what is there? Why was ISIS destroying the shrines built over the graves of prophets? and Why did they say they wanted to go to Karbala and Najaf to destroy the shrines there?? Why was this so important to the Saudis to destroy? Ask yourself America.. why is your country sanctioning the biggest terrorist killers.. no one has killed more ISIS/terrorists than Iranians. Is anything starting to make sense? Iranian culture is maybe the most refined culture currently on the planet. Ya Ali Madad!!!!

marg4s83 : Until today I didn't know the country "Iran" is that much beautiful. People are so nice and friendly and they are educated and smiling even after American Sanctions on their economy. Hats off to the Iranian people, will come to visit one day in future for sure.

Avisa Heydri : I love what you said at last : Bolton and Trump there is nothing to stand on when you are ruining other lives..... That was a cool sentence As an Iranian I'm thankful to you for giving us this chance to knowing each other... Thank you Especially for your Humanity

alireza riazati : thanks man, for understanding us❤️

Gorgoroth Bergen : Thank you from Norway, for sharing this such Emotional and interesting Video Documentary, we've truly enjoyed it . Oh, and Iranian Girls are so Beautiful and well mannered 🤗.

Miguel Gasnier : Your video needs lots of more views! I am shocked to see that they havn't got the attention it deserves. Thank you!

Monsieur Alex : This is great work mate! If every country had a Peter Santenello, politicians wouldnt be able to fuel so much racism and animosity among people through their distorted media. I've visited Iran twice. But gotta admit, I, probably just like every other tourist, never had the head space or the patience to bring so much cultural awareness and uncover the reality of who Iranians are to my people (Australia). My brother's wife is Iranian, we never had the chance to learn about Persian culture or visit Iran before meeting her. All we knew was what (gibberish) we saw on media. Oblivious of the VAST difference between the crap on the media and the reality!

Amir AK-47 : Nothing can break our faith, even the whole world. We will never be the slaves and we will never bow to anyone. This hard time will pass. And in the end, The Victory is ours. endless greetings on great nation of ours and Ahouramazda is with us.

RENCSI81 : Thank you for your work in this, Peter. Your words need to be spread. (I spent 2 months in Iran.. The most amazing place I've ever been to. You did speak from my heart.) Love from Hungary

48sufi : Thank you peter for your balanced and just portrayal of Iranians and their daily challenges. Loved your videos and the mere fact that you came as an ambassador for the United states to Iran to show Iranians as well that the American people want no harm for Iranians. You did your mission well and as a fellow Iranian-American I am very humbled and thankful for your effort sir. God bless

nouf veldon : Iranians are such beautiful people.

Nazir Jessa : 2 months ago I was in Iran for a fortnight's holiday. I was bowled over by Persian history, numerous beautiful monuments and gardens. They know how to take care of their monuments, I visited 1000 years old Mausoleum of famous mathematician, astronomer and above all a poet, Omar Khayyam. I bought 3 exquisite pure silk Qom rugs. Abbasi hotel in Isfahan is magnificent, it's architecture, huge courtyards with well laid gardens and fountains are magnificent. Iranians are lovely people. The only criticism I have is the Iranians have fallen pray to fast food like Pizza, burgers and chips instead of their tasty & healthy Kebabs. I have already booked my follow up trip next spring. Jessa from England

IRichard Adegbola Adesakin : Yes Iran is ruled by “Mullahs” but I’d rather live there than live in Saudi Arabia. I have met Iranians they are sophisticated people. The US is only angry because this people had the effrontery to stand up to them.

Amir B : By far, the best video I've seen on YT

Huponit : Good job on the video thank you I love you👏👏👏👏👏🌸🇺🇸💕🎄❤️😊😍👏👏👏👏👏

John Rouhani : Thank you for your honest portrayal of my beautiful country and people. Watching this brought tears to my eyes- missed Iran!

mohamed kanouni : I wish to visit one day your amazing country and discover your awesome culture... Greetings from Morocco

سپهر گلستانیان : Completely true. As Yas - an Iranian rapper - says, we humans are following just one true goal and that’s peace.

Nasrene Kim : Thanks for Inlighting people. Humanity will come throw.

Fay Mackie : I visited Iran in 2017. Such a wonderful country with great people. Would US sanctions work? I don’t think so.

ZiomekPatrykC : Love from Poland, I want to visit Iran

Alex Al : Thank you for a non bias report on Iran.May the good Lord have peace and blessings for you and your family. Love from USA

Leonard Do : Hello I am an Iranian. I would like to say that we are not enemies with any country, including America All the protests against America are the result of false politicians in Iran, but at the moment most people do not glean politicians and love the American people. Peace be upon the people of America and Iran

Jina Bagheri : I’m Iranian and I moved to Canada a couple of months ago and I get teary eyes whenever I watch ur vids 😕nice job and luv for all my Iranian fellows 💖

Shiva Oveysipoor : we are d best bro the best hi from iran persia

MAS MAS : Thank U Peter . Glad U saw the real picture behind the political show . Unfortunately Zionists & psychopaths R playing with people’s lives .Lots of love M 💚

Punkk! : great video man ! love from iran