An American Observing Sanctions in Iran

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Hasan Alsulami : As a Saudi, I see Iranian people as my brothers because we share a lot of things, and I'd love to visit Iran and discover this beautiful country.

Fay Mackie : I visited Iran in 2017. Such a wonderful country with great people. Would US sanctions work? I don’t think so.

Classic Lover : Iran the devil invaded (ZERO) countries in the past 400 years. America the hero has invaded 125 countries in the last 100 years or so Organised dozens of coups and "revolutions" throughout the world. Overthrown democratically elected governments of several dozen countries, including the first Iran's coup of 1953, Guatemala, Chile, Iraq... Armed the likes of ISIS, Taliban, Al Qaeda, Saudis, Israhell mass murder people of the world on behalf of its rulers, i.e. the Rothschild Zionist Mafia People may forget, history does not and all in good time, it shall hand out its final verdict and subsequent punishment. So, people of the US, wake up and control your destiny and government and save yourself an unspeakable punishment for the crimes committed on your behalf by the Zionist gangsters. Every patriot has the duty to defend his country against his government. One of your own said it.

Pirouz Ebadypour : To the Iranian people; you do not owe anything to the American people. Respect is mutual. You do not need to prove yourselves to anybody. You are amongst the kindest and smartest people. To love is great, but love those who at least do not hate you! There are many Americans who are loving and kind, but there are also lots who are full of hate and fueled by extremist ideologies. Iranians should not feel like they have to love Americans in order to not be called terrorists and sanctioned by the Americans. America's policies towards Iran and Iranians have always been hostile, even during the late Shah's time and the people have always paid the ultimate price. On top of that, Iranian governments have taken advantage of their people throughout history. You the people, have a right to be enraged with what's going on today and what's been going on forever. You have the right to be unhappy. Show your dismay with these conditions but do it peacefully and through resistance to injustice of any form.. All governments lie to their own people, are corrupt, and have an agenda. That agenda, unfortunately, inever includes the prosperity of people and humanity. You are a proud people with thousands of years of history under your belts and nothing can change that . Long live Iran, Iranians and all the good and open-minded people of the world.

nouf veldon : Iranians are such beautiful people.

allen battey : Also something most people don't realize (and I didn't either until recently) is that many successful businesses and ideas in America originate from Iranian immigrants (e.g., Uber CEO, Dropbox, Ebay, even Tinder)- the list goes on and on.

Robert Fantina : I visited Iran in the summer of 2017; it's a beautiful country, and it will survive the cruel and unjust U.S. sanctions.

Eternal Phoenix : USA: "Yeah... let's sanction Iran.. While we sell bombs to the Saudis who love to drop them on innocent school children in Yemen for the last 3 years. And let's do everything possible to make sure this genocide gets as minimal media coverage as possible."  Wake up America and ask yourself .. Why your leaders are so afraid of the most peaceful nation of Iran and why do they bow down to the most evil House of Saud? Research the House of Saud and see how they rose to power by creating religious extremists(Wahabbism) in Arabia in the early 1900s. That is the same extremist religious ideology that the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and ISIS follow. Yes, the Saudi royal family are directly tied to the propagation of that ideology and those groups are their proxy mercenaries. It was the Saudis who never let democracy take pace in Iraq because democracy there was against their interests (mostly Shia Islam state). How many American youth died there only fill the pockets of the likes of Dick Cheney and other corporate giants? Why are we supporting the Saudis to fight the group(the Yemeni Houthi Shia tribe) which eliminated Al Qaeda in Yemen..On the ground. Yes that is right... this group did what the US could not do.. they defeated and almost took ALL land in Yemen back from Al-Qaeda in Yemen. And the the Saudis start a war with them for no reason soon after.. hmm!?!? .. Who went into Iraq and Syria and liberated it ON THE GROUND from the ISIS problem that the Saudis and friends created?!?! The Iranians.. Who has directly opposed the evil of the Saudis throughout history.. the Shia and the Iranians. Why do the Saudis hang innocent Shia muslims for no reason? Why do the Taliban hunt to kill innocent Shia Muslims in Afghanistan and Pakistan? Why do they promote extremist ideology in the Islamic world that tells the ignorant to believe the Shia muslims are not muslim? Is it Iran that is a danger to them .. OR is it the knowledge and beliefs in the Shia faith that they fear? Why now.. after Saddam is gone.. that the largest annual human gathering is taking place in Karbala, Iraq (40million and increasing each year).. what is there? Why was ISIS destroying the shrines built over the graves of prophets? and Why did they say they wanted to go to Karbala and Najaf to destroy the shrines there?? Why was this so important to the Saudis to destroy? Ask yourself America.. why is your country sanctioning the biggest terrorist killers.. no one has killed more ISIS/terrorists than Iranians. Is anything starting to make sense? Iranian culture is maybe the most refined culture currently on the planet. Ya Ali Madad!!!!

Classic Lover : Can we go back to the short 200 years history of the US and find JUST ONE instance of an American administration doing something worthwhile for humanity?????

underfloor heating installer : Iranians are bulletproof

Arghavan12 : Proud to be IRANIAN!!!

Dawn Cunningham : All being done for Israel


Dariush Ashkani : Instead of getting out of Iran, Iranians, young Iranians specifically need to stay in Iran, specially in these tough times and try to help their nation and people. You cant abandon your nation during hard times and only stay during the good.

Xigza D : I just wish India moves out of non allaince movement and signs security pact with Iran and protects Iran as Iran is a major interest of not just indian government but the people of india

Dimon Proidysvit : Iran is wonderful country! Persians are super nice and friendly people! I spent there couple months in winter and that was great opportunity to understand the problem about political games. Im ukrainan, and I support Iran! F""ck Trump!

OrionLady777 : This Mr. Bolton reminds me of a cartoon character called Mr. Woopie . The difference is that Mr. Woopie was a Scientist and Mr. Bolton is an idiot.

Pasdar : im iranian and we are under american sanctions for 40 years now (since we stood up to US opression) they call us terrorist they call us dangerous but we invaded nobody. the true devil sits in Washington in a white house and thats why we say death to america. its often misunderstood. we dont mean death to american people. we say death to the evil american empire that oppresses us and many more sanctions wont make us swallow our pride and independence EDIT : All those Islamophobe answers under my comment by arrogant westerners prove my point that we iranians need to be so radical and hostile in our actions. hostility was started by imperialists and as soon as we back down they will advance . It is in the Interest of the Iranian Nation to destroy the plans and hopes of European and American Powers

1Sapphire1 : As an American, (who strangely enough is currently in Saudi Arabia) thank you for sharing your open minded observations.

djbardia22 : LONG LIVE PERSIA

Aman Negus : True. I feel what the Iranians are going thru. My country Eritrea just came out of a nine years old sanction TODAY. I hope the same to the Iranians.

Ali T n : As long as Israel's lobby are in the american goverment, nothing in world going to change.

jon snow : Luv u brother 💙 always tell the truth god bless u

Dank of America : I'm actually part Iranian and living in the states. Sanctions don't work against non-democracies. It's like if there were an abusive parent and you punished them by hitting their children. It just doesn't work and hurts the wrong people. Persian people are some of the best and it's a shame they have to deal with this.

mehdi rahimi : Iran is great 😁😁😁

حسن قدیری : خوبه یک آمریکایی اومد ایران و شادی و زندگی عادی مردم ایران رو دید و بره به جان شالتون بگه ایران اونی نیست که اون دوتا دیوانه فکر میکنند

william wallice : I blame that trump and he's cry baby friend netinshitoface for all this . What about the 200 or more nukes that shitreal has .No one dares to talk about the zionist israel . Think all countries are scared of that evil murderess of the poor Palestinians .

IRichard Adegbola Adesakin : Yes Iran is ruled by “Mullahs” but I’d rather live there than live in Saudi Arabia. I have met Iranians they are sophisticated people. The US is only angry because this people had the effrontery to stand up to them.

Bahs Azad : Iranian people are the victims of Trumpian warmongers in US, and theocratic ayatollahs in Iran. Time for both sides to leave them alone...(long overdue).

saeid safaei : چقدر شبیه عمو جانی هست خخخخ

Brian Mino : The Garden of Eden was on the top of the Iran.

Wild Gorgh : Iranian do not need sympathy, they have what it takes to over come these inconveniences, at end they will persevere with dignity.

mary fl : I was about to cry in 3:12. And thank u for 5:05 But I don't think Donal Trump is ruining Iran. Iranian regime is doing it to its own people

Patriot Of Iran Mihanparast : 🇮🇷 ❤️🇺🇸

Amir AK-47 : Nothing can break our faith, even the whole world. We will never be the slaves and we will never bow to anyone. This hard time will pass. And in the end, The Victory is ours. endless greetings on great nation of ours and Ahouramazda is with us.

Atashak Gem : Peter that’s nice what you do, and your sincere intentions,,,, I as an Iranian American, lived in USA long years,,,, quite frankly year after year I am more disappointed and I have tried numerous time to leave USA, is because this country and Americans in general truly in most part, are so clueless to humanity, and of course in specific Iran for ex, Americans suffer from ego issue and they always trying to dictate me they are better than anyone in world ,,,, and with out even knowing the world out there, they think they know everything, they talk rude and disrespectful to others believes, I have also lived in Europe, truly Europeans always told me they think Americans have no manners, and are rude, not to mention they believe all the war and refugee crisis of Arab countries is all because of very un qualified American government or lousy presidents one after one,,,, anyhow, I am a USA citizen, I tried to love this country, yet year after year got worse, I do love the land and nature but the mentalite, lack of compassion towards humanity has concerned me much and I am determined I don’t want live here any longer , sadly 😞😢😓

ga pavds : i love persian people ❤ 💘 💘 😍 please END the sanctions.

Oleksandr Zubchenko : 6:12 - what a beautiful girl with green scarf! Looks like Ukraine, Syria and Iran are world's TOP-3 in natural beauties.

rakkrisr123 : From my experience so far Iranians are the most well educated, peaceful (except those religious fanatics) welcoming people I've ever met ..the real sponsor of global terrorism are the Saudis ..great people but terrible government in iran

Radman Ghanizadeh : جیمی کارتر و خمینی هر دو یک جا کش اند . که در آفرینش ز یک کسکش اند. تو که محنت کسکشی بی غمی جیمی کارتر. نشایند که نامت نهند خمینی دیگری

yaşa : i dont hate americans but i certainly do hate neocons

dastforush : Yeah we are the most pro-American and we always been, but Persia used to be the best ally and friend of the U.S before your democrat President Jimmy Carter supported the Islamist terrorists and helped them to take the power on 1979, and turned Iran and the region to a shithole and a warzone. Today Persia could be a country like Japan, Germany, South Korea but what it is instead!

Kevin Porter : RESIST the usa. Stay strong.

Mitra : We can't deal with Mollas and Sanctions! That's why everybody wants to leave Iran!

Anonymous Youtuber : I am an oppressed Atheist woman from Iran . I just wanted to say I'm so grateful to you for your beautiful and kind words and this awesome video. very well done ! your kind words and support mean a lot to us and we appreciate thanks again. now at this time , I believe the only thing that'll truely help us is that the world must hear our deep desire for a peaceful Regime Change ... as you can see in the video , the majority of Iranians are quite secular... The world's only existing theocracy who enforces women to cover their hair , bans drinks and concerts isn't what we should have as a government...Islamic republic is just a terrorist group who successfully took over a big country . they took 85 Million lives hostage.... Everywhere in this planet , the countries are either democratic or at least meritocratic, to some extent... yet Iran is mullahocratic :/ yes , Islamism and mullahtarism are the source of all of the problems we're suffering from . not US sanctions... This MULLAHOCRACY must be overthrown... this is the only real cure ...They're not the ones who should be running this country . clerics are not fit for such jobs. This fanatic regime who squanders our wealth abroad funding on stupid ideological wars IS NOT WHAT WE DESERVE and is NOT AT ALL our representative . . . as you already mentioned in the video , Persian culture has been through a lot ... it was on the edge of absolute extinction many times. (Islam invasion of Persia) today , mullahs are the enemies of this culture and persian people, not America. you probably heard our people chanting : "our enemy is here , but they say it's america" in the recent protests all across the country. I'm neither supporting sanctions nor do i support Trump administration , i don't know much about politics , but i do know that we can't blame Americans for the troubles some other guys inside have created for us ! anyways... You have a heart of gold... Your attention and care for people living far faaaar away from your homeland impressed me. I shout with loud voice : ISLAMIC REPUBLIC IS NOT MY CHOICE... kleptocracy must go, fundamentalism must go , mysoginism must go , corruption must go , superstitions must go ,illiteracy must go , poverty must go , oppression must go , hanging must go , sharia law must go and in one word #IslamicRegimeMustGo اصلاح طلب اصولگرا دیگه تمومه ماجرا

Eh_Dude : Ok Peter I feel the need to add a thought here. As someone here earlier mentioned, you talked about the effects of the sanctions without talking about the reasons. Your video is all well-intentioned I'm sure, but I believe you may be seeing this only on the surface here. The Iranians are incredible, of course. Having travelled the world and made good friends from Iran myself, I appreciate their hospitality greatly...but lets be frank; the Iranian government are the root of the problem here. The restraint and level of freedoms removed from Iranian citizens are not to be disregarded or taken lightly. The US has it's own level of cronyism and debauchery, but none of it comes close to the workings of the Iranian government. They are like the mafia Peter; and that's not even coming from me, but an Iranian citizen. There's a reason why young Iranians study something in demand outside of their country; to flee. There's a reason why several I met mentioned to me that it was sometimes "like living in a giant prison". The Iranian government has been abusing the Iranian people since the revolution of 1979. When the Iranian people first revolted in revolution, it wasn't for this. They wanted true freedom from the US-appointed Shah. Well guess what? Most of them say it is WORSE now than when the Shah was in control...and this was BEFORE the sanctions imposed by the current government! When President Obama gave billions in cash that was owed to the Iranian government, guess how much went to the people? None. You can attack the US government for a lot of things, but you should be attacking the Iranian government for a heck of lot more. I guess it comes down to the simple question; is one supposed to sit idly by and allow a deeply-corrupted government take advantage of it's citizens through theft, murder and economic manipulation? I wouldn't want to do business with a murderer, would you? You talked a lot about the US government to these Iranians, but you never talked about what they thought about their current government versus what they once had, as well as what they would actually like, apart from simply asking them if they hate America. I write this merely to discuss my findings of this unfortunate situation as it's not quite as black and white as your video seems to portray. The Iranian people are WONDERFUL and they deserve better. The government IS NOT and they will always be the larger problem here.

No War : Iranian will make it through but will YOU really be proud of making the life of these wonderful people miserable? Do YOU realise that We are standing on the side of Saudis who murder reporters and mass murder the poor Yemanies and Iran is helping them? What has happened to us the American? Why can't we STOP our government of bringing suffering and unjust to the world. Why do we support the very people who created the 9/11 killing over 3000 of our people? and now we are supporting those responsible for killing our hard working American? What is happening to us?

Keivan Haghverdi : I understand the good intention of you making this video but its pretty much inaccurate. talking with normal people about whats going on in iran is not a good Idea because what they say and believe is normally not quite accurate. about those prices which went up you can "fact check" my words. it started way before sanctions have started. prices went up around April. 3 month later trump declaired U.S is going out of deal. and the sanctions have begin just a week they actually have nothing to do with each other and there are other reasons to these infilation which is actually an internal strategy to make the situation better in the future. and the interseting thing is as sanctions begined the prices actually going down again !! U.S dollar was around 18 toman now it is 13 toman. and its still going down. so sanctions dont affect irans economy at all its just western media propaganda that wants to believe that way. americans want to believe their sanctions are important so let it be. normal people who you talked to are good , nice poeple but they lack ecnomics and politics knowledge. as you know yourself since youve been to iran, Iranian dont get the chance to go visit other countries so often so most of them havent been anywhere else and american media are using these fact to brainwash iranian people. they are very active in Iran and they are among most popular channels that people watch. Such as VOA (voice of america in persian) , BBC persian ! manoto (funded by Britain gov) , iran international (funded by saudi arabia who is iran rival) . so first of all they make people believe west is paradise and iraniann people believe it since they dont see it for themselves and they say so we can also live like that and whatever happening in iran is a disaster ! second they try to use this propaganda that only way out of these disasters are to surrender to U.S and west so they may help you get a better life !!!! so many people may believe their life sucks in iran but im sure you saw it for yourself its not the case and im sure in your next videos that u gonna make about iran , showing people life.. its far from a disaster ! its just the mindset of people who are acting and talking like a depressed "rich" kid who is nagging all the time about life !!