Matisyahu joins coffee shop performer on "One Day".

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Jersey Mike : One of the best videos of 2016. One of those special spontaneous moments only music can bring. Thanks for capturing this and posting for us to enjoy.

bryce e : He is dressed like me going to my 8 AM class hungover..

mixflip : that was so cool. you have to admit he doesn't look the same as he did 6 years ago when we all first heard of matisyahu.

Kit Kat : Matisyahu's level of chill is my life goal.

t3rr3nc388 : one dayyyyyyy we will learn to not film in vertical yahweh bless

bloodhound242 : Matisyahu looks like the mom in high school who would buy kids beer

Fireoncityy : and he put the dude on the guest list and sang with him ....matisyahu is a dope person

Mark Gummer : "you look a little different kid" 😂

Andrew : this video is making me feel a lot better and i didnt even know that i needed to feel better.

#RhymingOverBeats : If the human race would live up to it, this could be the anthem for the planet Earth.

Errol P. : why do i keep watching this video over n over? Fck it one more time !! Bless up

Jason Miner : I never heard of Matisyahu before seeing this viral video and I've watched it numerous times since. It makes me smile every time I watch it! Such an awesome moment for both Kekoa Alama and Matis!

big Mac : That young guy has a cool vibe. So Hawaiian and chill.

KarmicYogi : As an artist, the greatest thing to see is someone else doing the justice to your song! that is why this moment is as special for Matisyahu as it is the for performer.

Jason McDaniel : Isn't music a wonderful thing?

JTsuits : Best video of 2018

joshyman12312 : I seriously love how humble Matis looks throughout this song. It's like he thoroughly appreciates that his message of love is being spread, but he doesn't need recognition to be happy for it. Fucking love it!

Algiz : - Yeah.. I'm Matisyahu. - ....Oh Jesus!! Oh man, that reaction cracks me up.

kathy sidor : We love it when Kekoa tells Matisyahu, "Hey, you have a good voice." :-)

Bro Zart : dude deserves it. made Matisyahu proud, obviously. such a gratifying experience to know one of your idols was totally down.

meefking8404 : Matisyahu looks like a beach bum James Bond movie villain

Andy M : Can't help but smile throughout the video!! So amazing to watch every time!!

Mon Paningbatan : Such a great guy. Didnt even attempted to outshine the player.

Sombojoe C : Never heard this song since I'm just a 52 yo dad, but this version is currently my favorite video on he internet!

Woomanchew : I first came across this video by accident (YouTube world) I'm totally drawn to it. I've never watched a video so much,ever! I had never heard of matis before but he has the best vibe ever. Thanks for sharing. X

Little Susie : I can't get enough of this video!! I must have seen it a thousand times!! You guys (Matisyahu, Kekoa and Stu) rock! 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻

808 Lifer : Thank you for capturing this and sharing. Priceless moment at the end. I cannot stop laughing when he says, "Not!". What's the odds of Matisyahu being there in that coffee shop on some island in the middle of the Pacific while you're rocking his song?

Amber Heckler : Pure joy and love. I could watch this over and over and over again.

Justine Halili : that's the real singers no autotune need just pure talent I salute you MATISYAHU

Ashlee Tierney : brb crying. I met Matisyahu once at a Shabbat dinner at my university. He was the guest Rabbi for the night and meeting such a wonderful beautiful soul meant so much to me.

Ashley Wilcox : Matisyahu is such a beautiful man

Alex Eclavea : This was in Paia, Maui at Anthony's Coffee Co. just so anyone who was wondering knows ;)

DeadlyUSMC : You can see it in his face he's thinking like, "brah, this can't be Matis!!" while they were singing lol

Florida MilitarySurplus Full Auto Works : Not a huge fan of his non-reggae, but WOW do I love Matisyahu, and this video shows him to be as bright as soul as one could hope to find.

trombonedave68 : Music saves the day again!!!!! Awesome!!

BradsOwnChannel : Matisyahu looks like a proud parent listening to his song being sung.

Riva Benzikri : Unfortunately I have no Talent but fortunately Matisyahu saw was in him and took him oh my,, I heard this so many damn times but I think it's as from the prosecutor to whatever I don't need a prosecutor but seriously what Matisyahu did is a billion percent respect

Chris Stone : What an amazing feeling...for matisyahu (I bet). A small piece of magic in this world realized by about four people based on the claps. Everyone smile... we'll be ok

7VlesSiah : I've watched this like 30 times. Great moment. Didn't know who Matisyahu was before, but been listening to a lot of his music the past few days. Great stuff.

wabanstyle : I watch this video incessantly, I love it, makes me smile, Matis is the man.

Johan A. : I wish the the song went a bit longer, just an awesome moment for both of them!

Steve Rivera : It must be such a trip to be on vacation and walk into a coffee shop and hear someone playing your song. He's awesome for doing this!

Adam Bennett : I'm pretty sure that this is THE ONLY YouTube video that I've ever smiled all the way through as I watched it...Thank You for sharing this!

Steven S : how awesome is this guy sings with a side walk performer then put him on stage to do a live show. actually practices what he sings about very heart warming

Riva Benzikri : Moteck, I can't stop watching this video because you did kavod,, again tell me because we are friends correct😭 I only wish because in my months are numbered but I don't think I can get out to Cali or wherever basically we have a carbon copy background

Riva Benzikri : Matisyahu did him such respect,kol ha havod , now tell me when are you going to be in New Jersey because my health is poor but I absolutely have the same exactly that you have but I have no Talent for real let me know when you're going to be near New Jersey

Minnow Mania : I claim about 250 of these views

Riva Benzikri : I am red white and blue, and I am a proud you first generation here but you know what my tears are dripping it went he said oh really is that you Jesus man I sent I am still dripping

Tim Graham : Why would anyone thumbs down this kind of love.. you are sad inside. ☝️❤️

*Dream Team* Joey : I'm obsessed with this song