Girlfriend Secretly Illustrates Everyday Life With Her Bf, He Uploads Comics Online & They Go Viral

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Kes Draw : These comic couples have a better love life than me

Tessa Whittaker : *forever alone*

Hugo Stonewall : Why is he a ninja

TheOneWhoShallNotBeNamed : This is so true, me and my girlfri.... I'm single


Buster Gamning : At first i thought 'why is the man a Ninja' like it make no sense. Then i realise it where his beard and hair. I feel kinda dumb.

Dallas Van Etten : Thats CatanaComics! I love her!

Mikayel Hakobyan : Her boyfriend looks like the spy from tf2

xMissileBalisticsx : Girls like this are almost extinct we must create a program to save them! Who's with me!!!!

Bubba no good : God i love weird girls hade one miss the shit out of her

Tyler The Gamer : I feel that every one just wants a relationship like this Regardless of who they are or their orientation

larry the walrus : 4:31 does the girl look like packman or is it just me? XD

shwimble shwamble : Still a better love story than twilight

MrCatLover101 : The thumbnail made me think the dude was the TF2 spy!

Sparrow : I wish I had a crazy short girl to love me.

Dart Curt : For a second there I thought the boyfriend was wearing a ninja mask

Rachulrian : Shes always horny...

Drego117 : Cried manly tears, nothing more beautiful. 10/10 <3

Mark Ampil : I'm happy for them, but for some reason this is sickening to me.

lost girl : I cried.

Narayan G Asok Nair : Really enjoyed it.....Keep it up

Bluebär : This is not your work and you didn't even credit the original artist. You're a thief.

Lt. Frost : I want a relationship like this

Potater Lps : 4:35 opposite of meh parents.

Joonie Bae : Thought the guy was wearing a ninja mask but noticed it was a hair and beard, ruined how I looked at him

MinicakeCREATE applejuice : "Wubba lubba dubdub!" - Freaking awesome girlfriend.

troller 85 : 5:30 someone want to teach me how to teleport too?

Jubanni 1998 : Can someone pls tell me the name of the outro song (and no its not sandstorm xD)

m1cr0sn1p3 Delta : I don't know if it's just me but I think this is what Naruto and Hinata's relationship would be like after they got together

enija a : im the only one who finds everything about this video cringy

Eve Woods : Omg just like me and my boyfriend.....................wait I am single.........😑😐😑😐

ICH SEHE MENSCHEN, ABER KEINE MENSCHLICHKEIT : This girl acts just like me!!!! 😂😂😂


Sanity in Solitude : Thanks for letting me know how lonely I am.

Fiorella Zancolla : "I got a new cologne" *drops clothes* "Take me"

Ex nunc : I'm here watching this while crying. I've never had a gf Q_Q

TUmaDO : i suffer with a disorder that makes me emotionless, and watching this , triggers something, maybe im not dead inside ..:)

marcel Schwabenland : wish my girlfriend would do this... wait i dont have a girlfriend

Dennis Kara : 2:40 i know that one too good 😏

becky sweets : I want to do this now.... ack!!!


Balthizaur : God fucking dammit, I just realised i stayed up late reading manga and took me till 3 minutes in to notice i'm reading these comics backwards >.<

LordCentaur : 6:35 tho 😂 wubba lubba dub dub

TheBlueRose : so adorable OMG!!

James Liu : It's like an older version of mabel

Pucconici : I love when channels like this make money off of an artist's hard work and don't even credit the original artist :^)

Marissa Bell : 😆😆 "who's that little boy in your kitchen?"

Redd_Flare : PICKLE RIIIIICCCCKKK!!,!!!!!!!!

Chardae Rader : Omg 6:36 rick and morty wubba lubba dub dub

Trash Noob : Came for the comics. Stayed for the music. Song pls?