Girlfriend Secretly Illustrates Everyday Life With Her Bf, He Uploads Comics Online & They Go Viral

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Boss DT : *What do you think ?* 👉 Help ❤ Boss DT❤ Reach Goal of 100.000 Subscriber : Always look on the bright side of life and stay positive! *i love you all so much* 🔝❤

Tyler The Gamer : I feel that every one just wants a relationship like this Regardless of who they are or their orientation

Angelique Juson : i thought her boyfriend was a ninja

smallblue08 : What's sad is if this was a gay couple, everyone would hate on it.

Madison Winters : wubba lubba dub dubbbb

Dart Curt : For a second there I thought the boyfriend was wearing a ninja mask

Buster Gamning : At first i thought 'why is the man a Ninja' like it make no sense. Then i realise it where his beard and hair. I feel kinda dumb.

Narayan G Asok Nair : Really enjoyed it.....Keep it up

Kezzie TV : If they break up... holy shit run for the hills, she psycho

atomic doomsday58 : Anyone remember hearing songs like this on YouTube all the time back then?

Warrior's Vids : Too bad in the real world bitches be cheating

Hana_Song : The comic is called Catana's comics, your welcome

MinicakeCREATE : "Wubba lubba dubdub!" - Freaking awesome girlfriend.

G_Boy : ah is this what the anime characters life with a loli is after the hentai ends ?

The Great and Lovable Peridot : The art style is so daMN ADORABLE!!!!!

Rachulrian : Shes always horny...

BoomBoxGurl : I thought the boyfriend was a bank robber

becky sweets : I want to do this now.... ack!!!

Nana Banana : This is literally the definition of my relationship😆😆😆

Hugo Stonewall : Why is he a ninja

Eve Woods : Omg just like me and my boyfriend.....................wait I am single.........😑😐😑😐

hot ice : i have 4 test later philosophy, general math, history and calculus pls kill me now.

Snowpix : Tbh i do the exact things with the perverted comics XD

Charlie Fiction : I am happy for those who find love. Since, my sacrifice is to never find love; I hope everyone finds their soul mate. My life has ended since the sacrifice. They say if you make the deal with the devil at least you can try run,hide or get out it. Though, once you make a deal with god.... There is nothing you can do. People don't realize how lucky they are. I had the perfect life, perfect friends, perfect love, perfect job and perfect ect. Then the group of crows came... The grey thunderstorm clouds came.... Then everything ended. Good luck everyone, I know you will find true love and if not that then love that will give you great memories. At least everyone will have that special someone, everyone but me. _Mr.Lonely_

UltimateFinal13 : Isn't this just stealing?

PrincessMonkey 33 : What is the first song?

Benoit Comfort : 6:15 tops are on bottoms are gone and the blanket is ready to censor, does this hint anything?

Mikayel Hakobyan : Her boyfriend looks like the spy from tf2


The Glitch Counter : Huh :/ the feelings of crippling depression thinking about what has been lost, but the unbridled feeling of hope that it will happen again!

Orionphist : Overly Attached Girlfriend

Horrortale Frisk : These comic couples have a better love life than me

Idkthatgirl23 : 6:36 *Sees Rick and Morty season 3* WUBBA LUBBA DUBDUB.

tom eddsworld -* *- : what's the song ?

xMissileBalisticsx : Girls like this are almost extinct we must create a program to save them! Who's with me!!!!

Donnyboyedits : Wait was the illustration at 1:03 a reference to her being pregnant?

stanfoo : this bitch is crazy, jesus

Adala-Fareeha Taibek : WHAT'S THE SONG???

yandere mangle mae Melanie : Me and my friend Kris are gonna be roomates one day...I'm gonna use the towel thing .

PolilopMc : She's not secretly illustrating it if the boyfriend is the one who upload it.

Joseph Huynh : Why is she a little girl

CarrotShaker : The only one I didn't like was the one about girlfriends having a sixth sense about their boyfriends, because it's just sexist, girlfriends can have girlfriends too, jus stfu

FreeinRealms : Sadly most started relationships go along with fuckboys and cheating. You don't see many people that can be so loyal to their partner like this.

MR. VERY QQ INTERESTING : This made me feel sad. I believe that I'll never be able to feel such warm feelings. I can't stop my tears.

Kacper Koziej : music 8:40?

Abigail Gabriella : Ha when your ugly asf and have never been kissed or noticed and watch these and feel even more depressed 😂✌🏻

000 : This is the worst artstyle ive ever seen

PureDescendedSoul : WHAT'S THE SONG?????

Maleoan Uiaonh : whats the first song called?