Girlfriend Secretly Illustrates Everyday Life With Her Bf, He Uploads Comics Online & They Go Viral

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Boss DT : *What do you think ?* 👉 Help ❤ Boss DT❤ Reach Goal of 100.000 Subscriber : Always look on the bright side of life and stay positive! *i love you all so much* 🔝❤

Buster Gamning : At first i thought 'why is the man a Ninja' like it make no sense. Then i realise it where his beard and hair. I feel kinda dumb.

Kezzie TV : If they break up... holy shit run for the hills, she psycho

Hugo Stonewall : Why is he a ninja


TheOneWhoShallNotBeNamed : This is so true, me and my girlfri.... I'm single

Madison Winters : wubba lubba dub dubbbb

Nana Banana : This is literally the definition of my relationship😆😆😆

Mikayel Hakobyan : Her boyfriend looks like the spy from tf2

xMissileBalisticsx : Girls like this are almost extinct we must create a program to save them! Who's with me!!!!

larry the walrus : 4:31 does the girl look like packman or is it just me? XD

Dart Curt : For a second there I thought the boyfriend was wearing a ninja mask

MrCatLover101 : The thumbnail made me think the dude was the TF2 spy!

Rachulrian : Shes always horny...

lost girl : I cried.

iiSora Takashi : Thought the guy was wearing a ninja mask but noticed it was a hair and beard, ruined how I looked at him

Tyler The Gamer : I feel that every one just wants a relationship like this Regardless of who they are or their orientation

Ben Smith-Emerson : Still a better love story than twilight

ICH SEHE MENSCHEN, ABER KEINE MENSCHLICHKEIT : This girl acts just like me!!!! 😂😂😂

Dennis Kara : 2:40 i know that one too good 😏

Lt. Frost : I want a relationship like this

Narayan G Asok Nair : Really enjoyed it.....Keep it up

Sam theirongolem : The spaced out look is the sort of thing I want to be able to do and laugh uncontrollably at.

Pixel Keep : People who disliked it are jealus that they dont have a girlfriend

Amy Hebblethwaite : Comic couples have a better love life than me. I'll just stay single..... and I'll have two dogs and two cats to keep me company. And then there's always Harry Potter marathons to keep me company...... Yeah I'm good single.

Ava Renner : 8:10

MinicakeCREATE : "Wubba lubba dubdub!" - Freaking awesome girlfriend.

JinglyJanglyJoel : Who Else is a Kid Watching

shrubbery : morale of the story his girlfriend is actually a 12 year old and hes a pedo

yandere sylveon gaming :3 : Me and my friend Kris are gonna be roomates one day...I'm gonna use the towel thing .

Doobies : So her boyfriend is Spy from Team Fortress 2?.....oh, that's a beard.

becky sweets : I want to do this now.... ack!!!


Puffer_fish 99 : When the video started my thoughts were like: *NINJA? TRIVAGO.*

CurrHam : Holy horny

It's Pinetree : Warm Safe Embracing Might buy you food ♥


Exotical Gaming : 2:07 That one was the funniest for me.

Golden Heart : 1:25 you'll thank me later

Battle-Worn Robot Taunt Processor : Girlfriend secretly makes comics that her husband uploads? That contradicts itself.

xxXExmitter23Xxx LIKE A BOSS. : 5:54 lol.

MJ3K : She blow him under that desk?

TheWarBabe27 : smallblue08 I don't like gays so I rig their tubs to electrocute both at the same time all about *EFFICIENCY*

Magnus Strangmann : i have 4 test later philosophy, general math, history and calculus pls kill me now.

xlazer xfazer : Imma just steal the putting the towel in the dryer idea

Random Person : ~"Pull the plug... ;-;" I can't live like this anymore... *^*" ~"Don't you just have a head cold? ._. " ~"... I'll miss you... T^T"

Idkthatgirl23 : 6:36 *Sees Rick and Morty season 3* WUBBA LUBBA DUBDUB.

smallblue08 : What's sad is if this was a gay couple, everyone would hate on it.

Victoria Girl : These are so cute

Squishy Potato : "girlfriend"