Meet Karl Pilkington II
Meet Karl Pilkington

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Have permission to use for educational purposes. All credit to Universal Studios and Ricky Gervais. No copyright infringements inteneded.


MKN : "Pack it in Steve, have a rest" ahahahhaa 3:54

Johan Lund : Please let Karl Pilkington and Neil deGrasse Tyson meet

Daniel Brown : "we've researched your family you know Terry the Slug?" lolol

jonah holmes : "atoms, there not getting in the way... so don't worry about them"

Paddy .Cook : That's really frustrating.. I wanted to know how Karl managed to rent a 3 bedroom Majorcan villa with swimming pool for only £250.

Dan Dunning : "See, all that went right over my head…" what a hilariously honest man!

fazmano1 : I met Karl today at the Nottingham shopping centre, and he truely is a really good bloke, even got a selfie. Cheers Karl!

Dylan Hulland : What Ricky sees when looking at Karl ££££££££££

Hannah Blencowe : "Pack it in Steve, have a rest"

Pilkboys : Well think... I don't want to. BRILLIANT :D

luuke luketer : 7:55: "It'll be like antique road show in the sky but with shit of the years gone by"............

smp3161 : karl dilkington

Pogo : Karl would be a great Buddhist.

Anil Löeb : some scientists have shown that Karl shares 98.6% of his DNA with an orange.

Chris Barnett : What're they doing knockin' about in there? Get out! lol!

Spartacus Mills : Faffing About With An Atom

Boondock : I miss Karl Ricky and Stephen together so damn much

Stefan : OMG... I haven't seen this one. How is it possible?

Reggie Wray : Terry the slug he was a great uncle of yours 😂😂

MrObiwan1 : "Less astronaut's , couple of bin bags" - literally the greatest quote I've ever heard :)

Samuel Noble : I love Karl's shrug after Ricky tells him that it's a terrible flawed theory. He genuinely doesn't give a shit. He knows he's right.

Mol Hill : I feel like Karl seems so tired in this one, not that he isn't in other videos, but he looks even more fed up with Ricky's messing around.

Larz_Vox : "There's a gang of 'em in the tube." lmao

Chris : Pack it in Steve, 'av a rest

Horus2468 : He's not entirely wrong most of the time. lol.

Ben Oconnor : I love everything Ricky has ever done. I literally love he's work and sense of humour that comes across on tv . even the films that have been badly received. I've seen more of he's material than any another artists.... but I don't think I'd like him. he's personality annoys me a bit. arrogant. some things he's says I just think "oh fuck off will ya Ricky"

Chandler Spitsworth : Never thought I'd say this about a bald chap, but Karl really needs a haircut here.

Cle Draine : The funniest thing Karl could be considered a great thinker without effort because of his honesty.

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh : I love how he says 'bang' "bahnnnnk"

Hal Erickson : Karl really hates slugs.

Daisy Chambers : LMAO "What's a MartMOT?" xD!!

TheJawaah : 3:45 ahaha he was so close to saying chair

Yameng Cao : As a professional scientist I'd rather discuss science with Karl than Ricky, Ricky is always "Amazed" by facts, whereas Karl asks why and how

Klaüs Smooth : "I coughed up stuff that looks like a slug..." hahahah i simply love him

ocampo6794 : -So you would go back in time to save 400 quid? -No 250, it was a bargain.

BFKC : Karl Pilkington is extremely fortunate. It is not that special to be a bullshitter, however he has extreme self-confidence, a kind of robustness that is an ingredient for a "star".

CaptainArn : "Of course 'e can sit there an' think about i'. 'E's got nuthin else to do". Lost it.

HAZ : They play off each other so well, it's literally seamless.

armpitfuzz : Karl's "hair" grows straight up, I wonder how he would look with a full head of sticky up hair ?

TheBjp0001 : I'm with Karl , we dont need to smash atoms up , they're not getting in the way.

The Lost History Channel TKTC : Karl's subconsciousness holds the key to the past and future evolution of Humanity!

Fabian Patrizio : ps- Karl is way funnier than Ricky :)

david burrus : I love watching idiots interview Karl.

JDHGaming : Karl is one of the wisest people in the world

emajon : Absolutely love Karl , great philosopher , comic and life in general genius!🙏👍❤

Jai Singh : Someone's faffin' about with an atom - Karl on science

cojocoolio : I could watch Ricky and Karl talk all day long, I crack up and then Ricky's laugh makes me laugh even harder

Spookity Skeletor : "I read something." -karl pilkington

야로 : The big bank