The Crippled Masters - Final Scene

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The best movie in the whole world


flipidy94 : So this is what john lennon meant when he said come together

KozeOfficial : Thanks Obama.

AcixCube : classical hotz

Necrosis KoC : The origin of the OG Crippletron...

roy hutton : I think at one point he hit him with his sphincter in the face

Larson Davidson : 0:55 CRIPPLE GATTAI!!!

Banks Price : Thanks Kenny!

Geitargaming : KENNY HOTZ

horaciosi : I love this remake of Freaks

Samuel Labelle : Kenny is god.

malbecks316 : Pffft, Master Blaster would crush those guys.

Tohru Adachi : this is essentially a dark souls boss

Esteban Valdivia : Fuck you forrest gump First crippled movie... Ha

EdLachica : some say this is how Voltes V started...

Shaidyn : Well crap. A guy with no legs kicks ass better than I do.

ladistar : Just saw this last night.... This movie is too incredible for words

DrCarl : Wonderful use of sound effects! :D

technixbul : OMG you are sick ...

fg : Were these two guys crippled from birth, or did you become crippled later in life like Christopher Reeve the super butthole?

Michele Amagna : love this action pack of kung movies like kung fu theatre in LA many years ago...

whoopsie : katawa shoujo in a nutshell

Stuart Marchetti : Had this on VHS

bitchymcbitchface : I've seen some shit..

Mrtheunnameable : The originality makes up for it all.

HeliusSlayer : That was sick

AQGOAT24 : Because he couldn't.

Dim-Simmonds : A no-legged man in an ass-kicking contest... now I've seen it all.

AllhailAtlas : huh.

Red Skull : Yay for Agent Orange

Keenan : Of course they won.

bilsintheta : Just make the third guy deaf and mute and it would be Shizune Hakamichi's too.

Zim612 : What year did this movie came out?

jackywushengzong : My body wasn't ready for this.

Diego Garrido : Best part of this is the sound effects.

xgestaltx : Emi Ibarazaki and Rin Tezuka's favorite martial Arts movie

kimuraRGDA : Greatest video to date I've seen.

sirdanielkennedy : Cripletron!

FoxyhoundEmployee : Fuck they'll still kick my ass lol

PianoGamer64 : He got recruited.

Roberto De Cecco : reddit is like the doesn't send me to places I want to go,but to places I need to go

Benjamin Eakin : did he fart on him?

KillenEMsoftly : Crippled masters final scene

lufia22 : psh psh psh psh

nemesis360 : agent orange strikes back

Phillip Santos : I don't know who I am anymore

Milos Colakovic : I don't think I like this version of Katawa Shoujo.

Helios177 : 0:19 WTF!

sockpuppetkingdom : The true meaning of teamwork.

Brainles5 : Why doesnt this have more views.