The Crippled Masters - Final Scene

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Paul Seeth : It's like the sound is in 8-bit.

flipidy94 : So this is what john lennon meant when he said come together

KozeOfficial : Thanks Obama.

roy hutton : I think at one point he hit him with his sphincter in the face

AcixCube : classical hotz

barbelljoe : These guys got crippled by that bad dude at the beginning. Now they have learnt Kung Fu and teamed together to get their revenge. If UFC allowed tag teams these guys would actually own. Kung Fu in UFC actually sucks. No way McGregor beats these two especially if they have a bo staff. Dana would be crying in McGregor's dressing room!

Buzry Hapro Mandalorian Bounty Hunter : What did I just see?😂😂

horaciosi : I love this remake of Freaks

Necrosis KoC : The origin of the OG Crippletron...

Larson Davidson : 0:55 CRIPPLE GATTAI!!!

Sidney Price : Thanks Kenny!

Kolgaz : AlkaizerX

Shikimori Kazuki : WTF o_O

Peter Müller : That punching sound is irritating as hell

7armedman : Love the old school kung...they didn't even need to let you see the bad guy hit the ground...halfway down, freeze frame, end of movie, get out!

Pudge Boyardee : It's like a hallucinations' wet dream come to life.

Tohru Adachi : this is essentially a dark souls boss

Samuel Labelle : Kenny is god.

Geitargaming : KENNY HOTZ

FloydKnip : did he died

This Will Destroy You : O_O

Ian Durango : WTF ??????????????? this movie is disgusting.

Esteban Valdivia : Fuck you forrest gump First crippled movie... Ha

EdLachica : some say this is how Voltes V started...

Shaidyn : Well crap. A guy with no legs kicks ass better than I do.

ladistar : Just saw this last night.... This movie is too incredible for words

DrCarl : Wonderful use of sound effects! :D

technixbul : OMG you are sick ...

fg : Were these two guys crippled from birth, or did you become crippled later in life like Christopher Reeve the super butthole?

Michele Amagna : love this action pack of kung movies like kung fu theatre in LA many years ago...

whoopsie : katawa shoujo in a nutshell

Stuart Marchetti : Had this on VHS

bitchymcbitchface : I've seen some shit..

Mrtheunnameable : The originality makes up for it all.

HeliusSlayer : That was sick

AQGOAT24 : Because he couldn't.

Dim-Simmonds : A no-legged man in an ass-kicking contest... now I've seen it all.

AllhailAtlas : huh.

Red Skull : Yay for Agent Orange

Keenan : Of course they won.

bilsintheta : Just make the third guy deaf and mute and it would be Shizune Hakamichi's too.

Zim612 : What year did this movie came out?

jackywushengzong : My body wasn't ready for this.

Diego Garrido : Best part of this is the sound effects.

xgestaltx : Emi Ibarazaki and Rin Tezuka's favorite martial Arts movie

kimuraRGDA : Greatest video to date I've seen.

sirdanielkennedy : Cripletron!

FoxyhoundEmployee : Fuck they'll still kick my ass lol

PianoGamer64 : He got recruited.

Roberto De Cecco : reddit is like the doesn't send me to places I want to go,but to places I need to go