Life in Transition by John R. Dilworth

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"Life in Transition" is a visual and symbolic journey depicting the continual transofmrations of life from birth to death to re-birth. Directed and animated by John R. Dilworth Art Direction and painting by Andrew Covalt Music by Masami Tomihisa Effects Animation by Thomas Bayne For more films by John Dilworth, see

Comments from Youtube

Max Seuberlich : I can definitely see the Dali influence on your work.

The modron Clock work goof ball : The love you put in your art gives it life

Connor Scanlan : Dilworth is an absurdly underrated cartoonist. He's not as prolific as a Bakshi or a Williams, but he's never once drawn a boring or bland cartoon in his entire career.

Son Gormonk : This is more than a work of art, this is a gift by a GOD of animation! You're the best, John R. Dilworth.

Billy Shears : This was incredible, a true work of art, it showcases everything I love about animation, it's strange and beautiful at the same time, the animation and music are on par with something you'd see in Fantasia. I feel like if you were to take any frame from this and hang it in a museum it wouldn't look slightly out of place. I guess you could say I like it.

Bruno Piedra : I wish I can time travel back to my childhood without ever interfering with the past. I miss the old days. hey John thanks for courage I wish I can say thanks to you in person .

L Ryuzaki : If only Salvador Dali were alive today and saw this, I know he'd especially appreciate this for its surrealism.

MisterOverdude : It was a normal day in Nowhere, Kansas.

Victoria Rivera : I can't explain what courage meant in my life when i was little, i remember even dreaming with the show, i just love every thing about it, i still watch it. (Sorry if my english isn't perfect) love you John <3 kisses from Chile

MiniGemini : I sense some elements of pain in here. Who hurt you, Mr Dilworth?

Skepsi : "So how did you make this beautiful piece of artwork Mr. Dilly?" "WITH A PENCIL!"

DoctorDrinkX10 : I always wondered what a surreal painting would look like if it could move.  Thanks for answering that question for me. This was spectacular.

TheSmiIingMan : This means a lot to me as an artist with bipolar disorder

- King - : To think a person is capable of making this. Also thank you for making our childhood

MAD Lab : Very Deep meaning Dilworth is the best

Relle M. : this is why i love John Dilworth.. he just continuously surprises me with his amazing works

Gusinero : Every frame of this video is a masterpiece. I love your work Dilly. Thank you for share with us your talent.

L R5 : Beautiful film, John. Keep up the good work!

n nn : this man is talented, such a artiest!

xXM4v3r1ckXx : 0:28 that dog on the left look kinda like Courage ( Courage The Cowardly Dog )

JustSomeTests : This is truly a beautiful piece of art. Wonderfully animated and painstakingly detailed. Amazing!

Tales of Fay : Hello John! I just recently found out about your Youtube channel. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and the whole team behind Courage the Cowardly Dog Cartoons. It's a big part of mt and many other people's childhood. It will always have a special place in our hearts. Cheers to creators! :)

Candle like : Cartoon network is not the same without courage the cowardly dog Best cartoon of all time!!!!!


z : John R Dilworth is one of the best animators i've ever seen. Please make more things!!!!!!! We need you man

Mr. SarcastiBlaster : I can't even comprehend the painstaking amount of work put into this... I'd say "they don't make them like this anymore," but, well, clearly, at least John R. Dilworth does!

Pineapple Pizza : Swiggty swoogty dat booty.

The Controversy : im glad i looked deeper into the creator of courage the cowardly dog i knew he had to be a dope artist

Bruno Piedra : i love you john dilworth you made my childhood I really miss it and thanks for courage :')

KenTastic : Better than dance despacito and ganagam style.

A Donttrip : This isn't Weird at allllllllll. 😖

Neal Dilworth : I’m a big fan of John R Dilworth

The lone man : I don't know why but I think john R wilworth is trying to say this person in this video is him and the things he makes are what he enjoys the most and the black spider spike monster thing is meant to be some kind of boss who limits what he makes and stops him from making and once he is let go and let to do what ever he wants again he becomes what he was before. the maker of animation of life.

rainandsnowandsorrow : So this is what goes through an artists mind

Plague Zeru : This is actually an amazing animation! Im gonna give this a 11/10...great job mr dilworth!

TheMAM : I love you, John. Never change.

Frank Geez : Grotesque and beautiful. Thank you Dilworth. Marvelous.

Picklepie 888 : Whoa, this whole thing was drawn by hand? Dang, that's impressive!

Rocio Thomas M : the style reminds me of Salvador Dalí

Coloe Cady : John, all of your work inspires me throughout life and I always seem to find new meaning in them each time I return. I’m in a sort of transition myself, and rediscovering your animation reminds me of the first time I saw Courage and learned that art didnt have to be conventionally beautiful and realistic to mean, resonate, and be astonishing in it’s own way. The way you animate in general has such a strange grittiness that I truly don’t think can be replicated- but I got off topic. Thank you for being such a fun, down to earth person, and inspiring me to work in art ever since I was a little kid about to rewatch another Courage episode for the umpteenth time in a row.

Gun Jew : I have seen the face of God. 

Faye Mey : I 🖤 john r dilworth, Courage the cowardly dog was part of my childhood

Kane Obscurum : I... wow. Just wow. Seeing your weird... cooky style from courage brought into such a... mature styled piece I.... what a surreal experience. Thank you Mr. Dilworth and everyone at Stretch Films, For remaining masters of your art, so long after my favorite cartoon ended.

Blue Sheep 123 : This is the tutorial God used when he created the Universe

Bautista Nicolas : you are such an interesting charector john

AakashR Music : I look up to you... Mind blowing 💝

H. L. : You have such a wonderful, rich imagination. To be able to get a glimpse of it through this piece is a privilege. Vivid and beautiful.

Not Found : John R. Dilworth es un genio, y este es uno de sus mejores trabajos ¡Increíble!

Bram van Gompel : Happy birthday, Mr. Dilworth!