The day after I buy a Tesla

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ISiupick : Why was he at a gas station in the first place?

Martin Mccarthy : What an @$$hole, drives to a petrol station just to inform the people there that he doesn’t need them

WittyDroog : This is painfully accurate

cannibalcoookie : Fuel is for lesser men!

RAG1NG _FLAM3 : It’s funny how this clip can actually be applied to tesla cars and doesn’t sound outrageous

noOrules : 0:36 wtf is wrong with his face?

JustSparkyYes : This clip is so outrageous, it feels like an Adult Swim parody.

Isicil : My friend and I quote this whenever we see a Tesla. We try to get as close as possible- whoever gets the closest first plays Magneto, the other is the gas attendant. We bust into tears every time, it's great.

Bad Hombre : You're puttin' me on!

You wish you were me : Why tf did this guy pull up to a gas station in the first place then?

Sergio silva : The music makes this scene even more epic!

airlockengage : "I grow bored with this charade, pedoman."

Johnny Bravo : wtf is this

Liam Barrett : That guy who drove up. He's dead. He had no idea what hit him.

TheRednaxelas : Wait why was he even at the gas station?

Tim Timar : This is how I feel when I drive by in my EV as well.

Vaalferatus : good writing

starfox300 : what happens to his face at 0:36?

Jatin Sharma : "To me, nothing is impossible!" (as long as it's comprised of ferrous metal)

Jacob Min : Magneto is never gonna be the same

kodaspaws : LMAO !!!!

McBelmods : No! No its impossible!

Danny Dorito : 0:36 can not be unseen

Ferhan Başaran : this will wathcin millions of times and you only see my comment at the top for predicting this.

wag man : Fuckoff tesla

OBG70 : Why is he at a gas station? Getting a 44oz soda and a bag of chips?

Zarealdark : What show is this from? I really wanna see it.

Tampa Boy : is this a voice over or was it what was really said?

DoesHeDieded : Is this Elon Musk?

yunyun capece : The gas station dude sounds a lot like Joey from YGO

MGS V : bu..but..if his car doesn't run on gas then why did he stop at a gas station?

Zach D. : Predicting this vid will blow up extremely, at 857 views ;) THIS IS NOT EVERY VIDEO

animangafan342 : U missed the part when it blows up after losing control

gamacrit : Don't believe me? Just watch.

Vahe Hatch : He got batteries up his ass?