Loca can't fecking run

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iamchril : Hey people, I didn't knew that this video will get so many views, so that's why I didn't send a link to the original video, but here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2RJN9a_jdM&list=UUC8Zu7UCJs5fSblaqBpUftg I wasn't trying to make this video look like it's me who recorded and edited it. And it isn't my dog! :) I'm sorry, I just noticed by now that the video was so poplular.

bryson heath : "Okay, its only 10 feet... I can run this." *tries running *ass spirals out of control "DAMMIT NOT AGAIN"

xfantasybr0 : RIP loca

veronica : Same loca Same. I cant fecking run either.

Marissa Ann : i'm so weak the end made me tear up

BlaqkAudio : Rest in peace, little pupper. May you feckin run in heaven.

Sarah Waltham : Its so hard to watch this after hearing the heartbreaking news about poor baby loca. RIP baby girl, im sure you will learn to run in heaven. Xx

aish. : I came here immediately after hearing that she died :( R.I.P Loca

CoolHandFluke : This video deserves a billion views. Sharing this Fosho!

skylight24774 : R.I.P loca we will miss you.. Hello our little Loca, Your time with us is done. You were a blessing to us all And gave us lots of fun. Above the Earth you'll romp and play And wait for your family to come. And while you're up in Heaven maybe You'll learn how to run!

mediadrone01 : I heard Loca passed. Sorry for your loss. We lost two pugs this past year. I hope she found a place where she can finally fecking run.

I am a Unicorn : This is hilarious. XD I have a cat that can't meow. She tries to meow but just squeaks.

TheJFKGamer : dawwww

oceanic deviant : I can't run well either, it may be due to to the lack of physical exercise that is a result from spending endless hours engaging on intellectual discussion on reddit. You know what they say though, brain over brawn. -Jake W. moderator of 8 subreddits

PROFIVCXX : double click to edit

shannon nollsy : Loca seems to have a disease I've seen way too many times unfortunately over at /r/dogs. Check with your vet what's wrong with him, he may have a dysfunctional brain or could be a twisted spine, I'm not a dog expert but you should check him out. Cross breeding could also be the problem (he has many sisters and brothers who look different, just an observation). Also, you guys may love him but he is in pain, those eyes seemed pretty wet if I would say so myself. Perhaps you guys fed him some ecstasy tablets for the purpose of the video and song, I'm just keeping all the options open (that voice seemed pretty high pitched if you ask me). Check out /r/dogs and compare it to /r/aww to see other healthy puppies. With concern, A.F

winniundwinni : my mum teared up when I showed her this

Trilby McTip : Redditor here! I am not much of a runner either. I prefer to exercise my mind over at Reddit browsing cat memes and debating the finer point of atheism with my intellectual equals. However, when I do need to run, I will don my trilby (ie. sport fedora) for less wind resistance and my cape, which can act as a foil to increase my speed. You should try dressing your dog in a fedora and cape OP, it really helps me. - Trilby McTip, _Gilded_ Redditor with over 3,000 Karma

Mady Martel : Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww to cute,a pug who can not fecking run! They should put that on Too Cute and rediculusness!


Carolyn Wilson : Not much of a runner, but what a voice!!

crit : "double click to edit" end of video

squadfam msp : play this at my funreral

Drew Sta : Can I triple like this?????

Cotton •XX• : RIP loca you are the best dog <|3. I’m crying 😭

PaleoARTZ : those 339 people who pressed the dislike button r cold hearted bishes who haven't found their place in the world

Jay S. : kinda sad because there's probably something wrong in the dog's spine

Wolfy Howls The Therian : *sooo cute*

AbzPlayzGamez : I STILL CANT FECKIN RUN!!!! RIP loka!💗

Collin Louro : RIP pup

Heyitssophie : I can't stop laughing lol

Hasshasshin : 0:13 hhahahahahaha lmao


Savannah Landgraf : R.I.P 😭😭😭😭

HamburgerGaming : I like the "Double click to edit" in the end haha

dantdm wow awsome!!!!!!! Couch : So cute

JimG : A bi-product of selective breeding..

Jack Howarth : *thinks this is gay*

Briar Hackett : loca has passed away guys 😢

Mady Martel : So fecking adorable!

Annie Murphy-Jones : It's not sweet, it's sad. this dog has a neurological problem and should be taken to a vet; it needs surgery.

Stephanie Taylor : RIP Loca 😓

Victoria Silver : I’ve always loved this song ever since I first heard it! My favorite part is watching Loca try to run.....”I cannot fecking run”

Weather_Channel : I replayed it so many times , I love it

Colin Qu : RIPIP

BalZy : Sodapoppin

Bulmer : Double click to edit.

TLK Dodger : I cant Flippin' Run, XD

Late Night Fire : Ha Ha Ha Ha. funniest stuff ive ever watched in years

Robert Mando : *you* are krill? dude, watch for that Blue Whale.