Little Fat Kid Meows after licking his plate

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charliechaplinsghost : I don't think he meowed......I think he ate the cat.

goocheeseballzoo : That's not his final form....

erick sanchez : He's so content, eating on the staircase...and meowing. 👍🏼

Jess Kinsella : I don’t think they needed to describe him as “fat kid” it’s quite mean. I found this video by searching “little boy meow”

ThorCanChokeMe : This is by far my most favourite video ever

ryan : "I'm sorry sir, are you saying meow?" "Do I look like a cat to you boy?"

vhyper 1 : Reincarnation is real

Andrei Rodriguez : Mans just meowed like a cat

Brandon House : I really don't think the "fat" adjective is needed. I wish you'd remove it. Poor little guy.

Lil Duck : I cant stop laughing every time I watch him meow

CourtKawaii : This is so pure 😂💖

K.A. Ferguson : I have so many questions. He's HUGE! Eating dressing? The only thing funny about this video is that he meows for no apparent reason.

itsdtx : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!! This is one of those clips that are not particularly funny if you had been there irl watching it. But seeing it online makes me lmao for some reason...... Internet has this effect on people, weird.

Shroom : He is just like Danny Devito

Ceka D : Y’all stop being mean to him!! He’s just living his best life eating on the stairs and meowing!!! He ain’t hurting anyone expect by being too cute!!!

Sam Stanell : I find this cute

1k subs without any videos : Omg he's so cute!

dynasty Stewart : He is so cute I guess the food was so good it made him turn into a cat or he's been watching a cat eat food

Armando Gonzalez : It's the diabetes kicking in

Jesse White : I can't get my head around this one

Jolly naughty : Can somebody please make it two hour loop of this....


mehdi nahaa : I think i have to change the world I'm living in

Rosalee Balcombe : I meow like a real cat😺

LightningMania : I bet that that food is delucious

Ama Gen : 0:07

Dejan Banjevic : *M E*

The_Dolphin : Why does this exist and what purpose

Joshua Salinas : Bruh i laughed soooooo hard

Aasku Ensku : ??? 🙂

Konatablob : Why did he meow

air142009 : I swear this is the same kid from the "Indian kid dancing " video .

Cherie Anne Hendrie : maybe i expect too much of people, but it makes me cringe that people will happily upload a video of a random kid without the original poster's consent, give zero credit to whoever took the video (which i'm 99% sure was from twitter) and then proceed to insult the child in the title, yet nobody else sees an issue. i mean, YouTube is a cesspool, but kids should be off limits

Bubblegum Ninja : my. new. favorite. video. of all time

Isabel Becerra : who is this kid he is adorable I need more info

CenTz : ahahaha he just meow'd wtf

Gamer. Kaii. : “mEoW”

Manny Shaikh : This so cute and stupid I love it XD

Ventex : "Little Fat Kid" Yeah, good job with the title.

KNIFE KING : No diabeto roll back into kitchen

SiwyStudio2013 : HAHAHAHAHA

Aurska Cavill : That's when you know the food is good.

gaminggod 1313 : This isn't really that funny tbh

Swiss Swiss : What’s next he starts hissing???


izzycat skadoodle : Im still so confused....

SLEEK MSP : #addedtofunnyplaylist

B. A. : I laughed more than i should. Lol

weird science : I'm weird enough to understand this he's licking the cream or whatever like a cat in his head so he also had to meow