Little Fat Kid Meows after licking his plate

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charliechaplinsghost : I don't think he meowed......I think he ate the cat.

erick sanchez : He's so content, eating on the staircase...and meowing. 👍🏼

vhyper 1 : Reincarnation is real

goocheeseballzoo : That's not his final form....

ryan : "I'm sorry sir, are you saying meow?" "Do I look like a cat to you boy?"

orlaghYAAS : This is by far my most favourite video ever

Andrei Rodriguez : Mans just meowed like a cat

Armando Gonzalez : It's the diabetes kicking in

itsdtx : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!! This is one of those clips that are not particularly funny if you had been there irl watching it. But seeing it online makes me lmao for some reason...... Internet has this effect on people, weird.


CourtneyLovesMakeup : This is so pure 😂💖

A slightly off-centred potato. : I cant stop laughing every time I watch him meow

Brandon House : I really don't think the "fat" adjective is needed. I wish you'd remove it. Poor little guy.

Jesse White : I can't get my head around this one

Konatablob : Why did he meow

Ama Gen : 0:07

dynasty fun shop 09 : He is so cute I guess the food was so good it made him turn into a cat or he's been watching a cat eat food

mehdi nahaa : I think i have to change the world I'm living in

Isabel Becerra : who is this kid he is adorable I need more info

K.A. Ferguson : I have so many questions. He's HUGE! Eating dressing? The only thing funny about this video is that he meows for no apparent reason.

Kaminari : He is just like Danny Devito

Rubin lopez : Lmao it's the black panther movie 🤣😂

wiiqiqiq Jsja : Omg he's so cute!

sheldon lac : The way he says it and the way he looks away in shame makes me laugh.

Jesus Christ : Fat Mexican baby...

Joshua Salinas : Bruh i laughed soooooo hard

thomas ebers : I think cats brought him up

Bubblegum Ninja : my. new. favorite. video. of all time

Noah : haha

afreen : LOL

savannah Phillips : how can u let ur kid get that fat like wtf😂

savannah Phillips : how can u let ur kid get that fat like wtf😂

Juggernaut206 18 : Lmao this nigga

Bigboy123 : What a fat little shit haha

cale shoemaker : Are we sure some magic has not transformed a cat into a small, fat child!?

ricky : fuck those parents how can you do this to a little child its sad to see how people find this normal.

Jim Bob : Fat fuck. I feel bad for him.

Jose reyes : Wtf 💀 what is shit