Little Fat Kid Meows after licking his plate

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charliechaplinsghost : I don't think he meowed......I think he ate the cat.

erick sanchez : He's so content, eating on the staircase...and meowing. 👍🏼

goocheeseballzoo : That's not his final form....

vhyper 1 : Reincarnation is real

ryan : "I'm sorry sir, are you saying meow?" "Do I look like a cat to you boy?"

BucketBarnes : This is by far my most favourite video ever

K.A. Ferguson : I have so many questions. He's HUGE! Eating dressing? The only thing funny about this video is that he meows for no apparent reason.

Armando Gonzalez : It's the diabetes kicking in

Andrei Rodriguez : Mans just meowed like a cat

itsdtx : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!! This is one of those clips that are not particularly funny if you had been there irl watching it. But seeing it online makes me lmao for some reason...... Internet has this effect on people, weird.

Brandon House : I really don't think the "fat" adjective is needed. I wish you'd remove it. Poor little guy.


CourtKawaii : This is so pure 😂💖

A slightly off-centred potato. : I cant stop laughing every time I watch him meow

Kaminari : He is just like Danny Devito

dynasty fun shop 09 : He is so cute I guess the food was so good it made him turn into a cat or he's been watching a cat eat food

Jess Kinsella : I don’t think they needed to describe him as “fat kid” it’s quite mean. I found this video by searching “little boy meow”

Ama Gen : 0:07

Jesse White : I can't get my head around this one

Konatablob : Why did he meow

mehdi nahaa : I think i have to change the world I'm living in

*Watch Dogs2* : Omg he's so cute!

air142009 : I swear this is the same kid from the "Indian kid dancing " video .

Sam Stanell : I find this cute

Bubblegum Ninja : my. new. favorite. video. of all time

Rubin lopez : Lmao it's the black panther movie 🤣😂

afreen : LOL

thomas ebers : I think cats brought him up

sheldon lac : The way he says it and the way he looks away in shame makes me laugh.

Mike 0891 : He's already had 2 heart attacks

Joshua Salinas : Bruh i laughed soooooo hard

Cherie Hendrie : maybe i expect too much of people, but it makes me cringe that people will happily upload a video of a random kid without the original poster's consent, give zero credit to whoever took the video (which i'm 99% sure was from twitter) and then proceed to insult the child in the title, yet nobody else sees an issue. i mean, YouTube is a cesspool, but kids should be off limits

W.K. : Are there more video of this kid? I can watch him whole day licking cream

Isabel Becerra : who is this kid he is adorable I need more info

Noah : haha

Henry Pacheco : Holy shit! That KID from the Grudge IS REAL!

sapphire diamond : Oh man that’s my friends, friend

sapphire diamond : The parents and her parents are friends and they just came over to their house yesterday

Jesus Christ : Fat Mexican baby...

ramzieh kanaan : He looks huge on camera but he isnt

ramzieh kanaan : Wtf he came to my house and i didnt know he was on youtube

gorilla glue : I wish that in reality he has tourettes and that's his tick 😂