A Song of Vanilla Ice and Fire - Swedemason

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Commissioned by Sky Atlantic to promote the 7th series of Game of Thrones. It's been re-uploaded a few times, I'm sticking it up here in case any of you lot missed it. https://www.patreon.com/swedemason


Shoot Red Barrels : Ahaha grabbing "word to your mother" from "Send word to your mother" was brilliant.

Zoyander Street : I'm sat here so impressed and confused, like "when did Cersei use the phrase "rock a mic?"

Carl Kermode : Its the bloody Mason! Again!

Sneaky Weazel : You're spoiling us. 2 uploads within 1 week? Appreciate ya

placeboing : Nice!

dadsinoz : Where the hell's that swede coming from?!

Juan Lopez : This was truly one of the greatest videos I've ever watched. Thank you good sir or madam

james marno : Ah amazin! I had seen this but had no idea it was you and i've been a big fan for a long time. Well done, it is fantastic.

Alex Vegas : I feel your pain in creating this! Excellent work.

dosadi420 : Word to your mother!

VanBullock : Swede! Swede! Swede!

Not Ben : A song of Vanilla Ice and fire

Adam Halley-Prinable : I cannot express how happy this has made me

Rickest Rick : Still don’t know why more of your vids don’t have millions of views like the Talking Heads one. Granted half those views have to be from me.

Wayne Shields : Ice ice baby to go... You know nothing Jon Snow...

LegglessGamer : sharing this on facebook for you swede, proper skills :)

Ben Jamin : Love your timing it's spot on! Another epic upload!


Esinach : This was an awesome birthday present Swede.. How did you know?

Katie Teh Llama : Thank you! Made me laugh! When ever I see that you uploaded, all ai think about is "It's the bloody Mason!" From Magpie Music xD

Joe McBride : OH MY GOD SWEDE'S ACTUALLY ALIVE - this wasn't a one-off. This is better than HL 2: Ep 3

Dimentive : This is art.

LarpCraft : This is fantastic!

willdegr8 : The best thing ive ever watched on youtube . thank you

SporksAreGoodForYou : Amazing work. Thank you.

Damnit Bobby : OMG I laughed so hard

Jamie Costello : love game of thrones its amazing

Sourav Bhattacharya : Can we please have one for Season 8? Pretty please?

J to the R-O-C : Saints brought me here. You sir, are a legend.

armst012 : Word to your mother. LMAO

18T220 : Okay you just surpassed yourself... again.. bravo

mooglely : Did Dany just almost dab? She is truly ahead of her time.

The DIY Science Guy : This is genius!

Tommy-Ray Collyer : 2 uploads in a single week? Swede's about to kick the bucket, methinks.

Geoff : I'd smash Swede Mason

Chris Champagne : I love that the thumbnail is an ice baby.

Drinner D : Better than the original... absolutely incredible, swedemason!!

Ellebelle dunnet : This is gold

Archie Heskins : Although all of your vids are brilliant, I have to say this your best by a country mile 😂

YB Negative : this is glorious!

Jamie Costello : Man I just love GoT because it just always gets better and better. Every series is just sweet as. Characters are so amazing as well! Super up for next series

CoyoteBeatz : You're finally back! i've missed your epic shit :D

MrC : *word to you* for making this

Paul A : Quite impressive. You're right there with DJ Shadow and Avalanches in my book!

ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ : dude you are the best lol thanks swedemason

Patty Mattson : Wow that is great!!

Vincent Castro : The only time Ive ever watched GoT, ya got me dude.

Ric Marshall : Brilliant! Worth a subscribe! How long does it take to create these?

Mark R : Absolutely Brilliant love it!!!!