faking my death in front of my dog - funny pet video

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BiggestRayRay : Have you faked your death in front of a pet? What did they do!! TELL US!!

Lew Angeles : In another video ive seen that dogs smell our votal signs. So they know when are are rwally in dire need or just faking it.

Tracy Dobson : My collie would definitely try to help me out. Our husky....he'd just pee on me. For that reason, I will NOT be trying this out!

Tylina Havle : Lmbo! "gosh, couldn't this guy have found a better place to die... He invaded my safe place"

We Imagine : It's not that he doesn't care....LOL.....it's that he's too smart for that. :D

Whitney Sews : Hehe at about :55 I think he rolled his eyes at you.

Double Kodachi_ : Thicc 😍😍

Kittwin Ters : Yes, I admit I've done this, and no it doesn't work! They know what's going on. If I get upset, my two Chihuahuas come find me and stick really close. They just know. Your dog's reaction to you lying on the floor next to him is hilarious!

Dick Lunde : New Title:” Dog stays loyally by dying owner until stench of decay sends him into the next room!!” ;)