Gus Fixes More Art Names

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Gus Johnson : is your name art? do you also like to look at art? come see more art on my social media pages, located in the description down below. just kidding there's no art there but oh sister follow me please.

hmm yes interesting. : Bold, Brash, and Beautiful.

UrielCinema : By golly the man did it again

JediJoe2001 : uncle touchy 😆😆

UrielCinema : Shoutout Auguste Bonner

UnPhayzable : Uncle Touchy... Everyone's favorite uncle... *nervously laughs*

UnPhayzable : Vincent Van Gogh is my favorite anime too

Fuzzy Milk : Burn victim cyclops was my petname in high school

Sorrow TV : How much to buy Glasses Fuckface

woldenwolk : Oh wow how good is this? I will answer that with a "very good" hmmm yes. I rate 5 burn victim cyclops out of blep

mmarlaire : It's good to see that the doctors let Gus out of the hospital more often these days. He seems to be really enjoying himself.

SmexyRula : **MMMMMMMMM**

Anshul Gupta : That last frame belongs in an art museum

Coco Puff : I went to bed at 12:35AM last night because I was binging your videos gus.'re causing my insomnia to worsen gus. Stop it gus. Please.

Brenton McCann : Hooker Hammock is a great band name

Hjalte Tagmose : just doop it!

Tori Straughn : He did it again. What an icon. What a man.

Rain Multer : quality content Gus

qwertmom : He fucking done it again.

Samantha Smith : Uncle touchy im suprise he doesmt have like a million subs so good

PANDAGON : 36 views 85 likes

R00KIE GUY : You're hilarious

Daniel Tillotson : I really connect with glasses fuckface

Who This : Your comedy is a gift from god.

Elizabeth Lee : was that Eddy Burback? The myth the legend and the extremely handsome?

Ellen Harding : I predict clear and present dinner will be the unsung star of this video

Dair2Knee : Top 10 anime sequels

Big Al : I just subscribed, and YouTube suggested I subscribe to Logan Paul next. WTH YouTube? How dare you compare this to Logan Paul?

Jesus Tears : *shaves off eyebrow* *draws nike swoosh in place of said eyebrow* *just doop it*

Damon Tripodi : I think sad single woman was a boy

Khandar William : oh, look! a trending video!

2Sugoi4U : glasses sorrowface!

Jack Jackson : "You belong in a museum!"

NotSo Wonderful : My favourite part was at 1:00

Fresh Mangos : *done it again*

Kian : first

online persona : Dang museums when are they going to hire a professional like you to actually name art pieces

LizzyinSerendipity : I can't believe Gus was able to collab with the legendary Eddy Burback

Squirrel Is Amazing : This Is Literally Me In A Museum. 😂

Tom Sallyman : Why it isn't on trends?

Justin Jacobs : I just sat through a 15 second ad for you. if that's not love idk what is

Doctor Batman : I'm not a jealous person, but the fact that your run of the mill idiot gets paid millions of dollars to facilitate the shell game that is modern art (ie, put a blindfold on and pour a can of paint on a blank canvas) makes me incredibly angry.

Hot Wine : How are you still sub 1 million sub?!?! I just don't get it!

Bronabonle : done it again

Sky A. Cramer : Thx for the subtitles so I could watch it in school!! 😂

TheFunnyVille : just doop it.

Spicy Nephew : blep

Tricia Tripp : 90s Taco Bell! So perfect

Daninfocus : First, wow I hate myself

trustnoone81 : I had a more intense reaction than blowing air out of my nose at "clear and present dinner".