Boy - Little Numbers Super Cut for Reddit

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Singer of German band tears up after realizing that people in Brooklyn can sing along. Note: I didn't film this, I simply compiled two videos at the request of some random dude on Reddit. Enjoy!


3nr1BAE : Today’s I discovered an awesome band. Thanks for the super cut. I love this.

Henry Caldora : Came from Reddit and glad I passed through! :)

Ben Botts : Seven little numbers, baby, they can make a change ... I found a new band.

Adam Weaver : Tearing up myself

Pitty82 !!! : Random wander here from Reddit. Made me smile inside and out. Now hunting tracks on Spotify

snapkin788 : My friends dog sent me here.

IceDragon978 : What's the happiness version of "heartbreaking"? I don't feel like "heartwarming" quite does it justice.

Logan Hockema : Been trying to find this video for years! It's my white whale! Thanks a ton!

cool kid with swag : aight whos the motherfricker cutting onions

Krystle Walton : Reddit brought me here and I'm so glad! Great band.❤

Noe Bernabe : I'm here because of Sam. Tried & True's dog.

Chaitanya Singh : I can't stop smiling the whole time

Evan Ross : Thanks for the discovery! The album version of this is awesome as well.

PhantomCoffee : Found this on reddit and wasn't dissapointed I loved the song

AVC 29 : Aw this made me so happy! Their reaction is adorable :-)

Dallyink : I always wanted to see something like this so thanks for compiling two videos at the request of some random dude on Reddit.

Big BlackCock : Get at me r/niggasbecookin if you want to have a life changing experience

Brother Coconut : Nice to the ears and the heart too

momonyak : I thought that this was a repost. Glad that I clicked.

RadyTV : Oh this is from an ad in Germany. The people liked the song and well... worked out for them

Hrvoje Cindric : Beautyfull. Made me smile

Hetstaine : Beautiful

Job Lomongo : saw this on reddit

Thomas Pettit : Reminds me of Fiest.

Relative Strength Advantage : Yay

VolV8 : Very sweet.

edshot mashin : nice

Zach Turner : So cute :)

Jay Lee : Awesome!!!!!

rleigh : Via Reddit. Beautiful song.

Gregg Bechtel : 17 people down voted this

Langusten August : Erdogan sent me here

Patrick Chen : That hot chick is so hot

Tried & True : My dog Sam sent me here.

Jedidiah Prillaman : tbh it sounds like there's 12 people there

Omidion : 9gag sent me here :)