Real Ghost Busters Intro (HD)
As far as animated TV show intros for me it doesnt get any better than The Real Ghostbusters

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If you grew up in the 80's like I did then you definitely were one of the millions of kids watching this on saturday morning. This the best quality you will find of this video other than the stupid retrojunk downloads. ALL VIDEO'S ON THIS ACCOUNT ARE MADE FOR NON PROFIT PURPOSES & ARE NOT INTENDED TO INFIRNGE COPYRIGHT. ALL IMAGES, MUSIC & AUDIO ARE OWNED BY THERE RESPECTED OWNERS. The Real Ghostbusters is owned by DiC entertainment and Colombia Pictures.


JEDGAAL : 0:00 - 0:08 Me returning home from work.

ketchupkatsup : always felt sorry for the ghost at the beginning! Dude's just bopping along minding his buisness jamming to the theme tune and gets caught in the logo!

EPIC BLASIAN : Thumbs Up if you like the way the GHOST BUSTER LOGO was dancing to the BEAT of the intro!!

ConcreteSurfer420 : I miss the 80s    My childhood!!!

David Turner : Here is a mind blowing fact. Peter Venkman (Bill Murray's character) was portrayed by Lorenzo Music on the show. Lorenzo played Garfield on the TV animated series. When Garfield moved to the big screen, the voice duties were handled by... Bill Murray. Bam!

GESSO217 : I remember watching this show every saturday at Five PM. Good times.

Comic Nerd Props : Oh the good ol' days.

untseac : Clearly animated by Japanese, not very hard to see that. The Japanese sure knew how to animate back then.

OtterloopB : Anybody else weirded out by the fact that Egon and CHIEF from Carmen Sandiego look similar?

TheMrSugar Productions : This is what I'll also call the Original Ghostbusters movie, the Melissa McCarthy version isn't ghostbusters at all.

Aleksandar Vil : Just this intro alone is *10x better* than 2016 remake

Honk Hell : The Logo Ghost isn't getting payed enough by the look of it.

silentopinion : SLIMER!!! I ain't afraid of no ghost!

strongbad666 : Damn, this was probably the best cartoon I saw in 1988-1989. Man, so many good episodes.

Alelander : "[HD]" 480p

Neverland : Sokakta oynamak,çizgifilm kuşağı, güzel çocukluk yaşadık be! En büyük mutluluğum okuldan gelip battaniye üstte dertsiz tasasız çizgifilm izlemekti.

maxeypad : Saturday mornings on ABC!!!!

HyperSonicXtreme : This show is on the Fear Net Channel now on Saturday mornings.

DR Doctor : i would trade vinz for walter peck!

Buc Reviewer : The intro was a bit misleading since their missions were raring this straight forward.

switcheezy : Animation these days is so boring and lifeless......this is how it should much said just by how the character moves and expressions of the dont get that nowadays.....

jj13103 : Make that Gozer, Vigo, Zuul, and Vinz Clortho because 4 dislikes.

PUNI Go : Good! :)

guy weinstein : Animation today sucks compared to what it used to be

costmo69 : yeah cause Dr veinkman, Stanz and Speingler all skipped school.

Thot Pran : Egon.

Dvon : 0:23 Dayum! Usain bolt Has competition!

CaptainConvoy : No, this was animated in Japan, though I forget which studio. Someone mentioned Bionic 6, which was animated by TMX, one of the better Japanese animation studios of the 80's. Oddly, Thundercats' (also a Japanese studio, same one as Silverhawks, licensed by the same studio that did the Rudold the Rednose Reindeer stop-motion), animation got tighter and better, later in the series as the stories grew sillier.

fengmd : I still have my Firehouse, with Slime, in memoriam of this franchise.

danusty : I'm pretty sure this cartoon was drawn by japanese just as tigersharks, silverhawks, thundercats, bionic sic, ulysses 31, m.a.s.k., dinosaucers, mummies alive and many others of those days.

danusty : great show! I can't believe dr. spengler (I forgot his name, the one with the glasses) never paid attention to janine (I think that was the receptionist's name), she was hot!

Trans8010 : along with Zool and Clorthos.

Terminatorx81 : I remember watching this thanks for uploading. Wow this takes me back to those saturday mornings. I would wake up to watch this cartoon every saturday. This was one of my favorite cartoons.

whitesonicex : 3 people are not gods.

GAMERSONLY1234 : i'm joining

thelight288 : ghost nappa

Christian M. : are you the Key master xDD

costmo69 : 480p is not HD

Joker : They reran it in the mid to late 90's before and after school

jj13103 : So does Vigo and the terror dogs and pink slime.

GG : LOL Looks like it might be Gozer, Zuul and Vinz Clortho now XD

TheJFerg24 : one of the greatest gifts I got as a kid - the proton pack...sad they didn't have the trap available then.

Android21A : Thumbs up if a proton pack turning on gives you a boner

radiosmacktive : Anybody notice how the ghost at the begging is, how shall I say uh,FAT

radiosmacktive : Toattly,onehundreddollars

tigerqueen007 : Sandwhich.

MrMaxHeap : You will probably be unhappy to hear that 3 out of 4 Ghostbusters are PhDs

WhiteKnight Leo : @Iamjohntheone Chicken salad on a whole wheat bun.

ssoo mee : that ghost is a damn fool walking down the street and he doesn't think the GHOSTBUSTERS are gonna get him I pity the fool