Real Ghost Busters Intro (HD)

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Geeked-OutTurtlesFan38 : THIS is why love the 80's cartoons. The Real Ghostbusters, Transformers, many more great cartoons. ..

Aleksandar Vil : Just this intro alone is *10x better* than 2016 remake

JEDGAAL : 0:00 - 0:08 Me returning home from work.

David Turner : Here is a mind blowing fact. Peter Venkman (Bill Murray's character) was portrayed by Lorenzo Music on the show. Lorenzo played Garfield on the TV animated series. When Garfield moved to the big screen, the voice duties were handled by... Bill Murray. Bam!

ketchupkatsup : always felt sorry for the ghost at the beginning! Dude's just bopping along minding his buisness jamming to the theme tune and gets caught in the logo!

untseac : Clearly animated by Japanese, not very hard to see that. The Japanese sure knew how to animate back then.

EPIC BLASIAN : Thumbs Up if you like the way the GHOST BUSTER LOGO was dancing to the BEAT of the intro!!

maxeypad : Saturday mornings on ABC!!!!

ConcreteSurfer420 : I miss the 80s    My childhood!!!

Honk Hell : The Logo Ghost isn't getting payed enough by the look of it.

strongbad666 : Damn, this was probably the best cartoon I saw in 1988-1989. Man, so many good episodes.

Jack Leighton : Anyone think there should have been a crossover between this and the classic ninja turtles?

TheMrSugar Productions : This is what I'll also call the Original Ghostbusters movie, the Melissa McCarthy version isn't ghostbusters at all.

GESSO217 : I remember watching this show every saturday at Five PM. Good times.

Star Child : Slimer!!!

OtterloopB : Anybody else weirded out by the fact that Egon and CHIEF from Carmen Sandiego look similar?

JEYTON/LEYMES 009 : Who ya gonna call *ghostbusters*

Comic Nerd Props : Oh the good ol' days.

Özgün Özgülşenler : Sokakta oynamak,çizgifilm kuşağı, güzel çocukluk yaşadık be! En büyük mutluluğum okuldan gelip battaniye üstte dertsiz tasasız çizgifilm izlemekti.

Leonard RBLX : Wow this song is cool right

Silver Arrow : You know the rules 0:12, NO GHOST ALLOWED!

Rickey Boyer : Take me back to the good old days and leave me stranded there I'm so sick of these dead -end days!!

milkmanv1 : Very considerate of the ghost to not knock over the garbage

patrick mckeown : love the real ghost busters

nightmastercool97 97 : I never seen and heard of this show but their was another show called The Other Ghostbusters and it existed before The Real Ghostbusters. Has anybody heard or seen it.

silentopinion : SLIMER!!! I ain't afraid of no ghost!

Adam McDougan : Ever since I was a toddler I would be tuning into these and getting my hands on all the action figures!  Ah those were the good old days!

Alelander : "[HD]" 480p

Carmen Arenas : WHO is slimer

Chelsea french : t e Dr

Nikki Lai : 一。一一一一:一一 的一一一——一,

Roberta McDowell : Still love this 😁

Hugo Ochoa : Juj


Mugman : W H O Y O U G O N N A C A L L ?

tonysaure : This Thundercats and Turtles!

Zeus McPain : X.

Brina Francavilla : Kkkkk


Brenda Queiroz : 😩😶😶😩😩😩 🙇🙇

David Witte : Yeahhh Funny 😎

Anish : Ghost nappa!

Jared Fogle : I originally thought the Ghostbusters logo looks like a Dairy Queen ice cream

Blake Bosschaart : Chantelle lockwick love you too much blake bosschaart Ghostbusters rides theme song final season high degrssi junior high school students who are you blake bosschaart happy birthday party comes from chantelle lockwick

Dakid015 : haha I wonder why the ghost at the beginning can't just walk through the garbage cans if he's really a ghost..instead of weaving his way around them

Misty Thirsk : GHOST BUSTERS!!!!!!

Hallo hi : Der Film ist besser.

Ст Ил : music shoot & down nostalgie respect of Rus.)

Nathan kinnin : Loved this cartoon and miss it.

Redouane Aouiby : I ain’t fraud’ of no ghost :3