Girls Gone Geek Time Travel 12 years into the future

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Lezlie Cohen : I love this. Great job!!!!!

Hanna Sturgeon : This looks great!

Rebecca Shoultz : SAWEEEEET

John D. Crook : At least he didn't tell you to download Mobile Strike free from the app store.

Joan L. Ward : OH. MY GOD I Love TERMINATER and Arnold he's the best I've watched him since I was a little little kid :0

Martha S. Parker : Wow... the end part where he says "Who's this girl?" to Justin Bieber... hilarious

Edythe H. Blum : wow Justin made a 2000 profiles to hit dislike

Jane W. Maki : Imagine all the wax statues coming to life at night in the museum. Arnold gave me that idea. He insisted.

diamondaveincali : i would cancel the series having seen this. nice amateur try but no one will watch this as the legal with this would exceed any revenue acquired. it lacks cohesion, vision and talent.

malindamoneymusic : YASSS! 😍✨🤓

Daniel B. Goodrich : - because I am Ahahahha

Sharon S. Casillas : Are u going to make a new movie a final part of the terminators I love your terminators movies can u pls make a final part of the terminators pls

Jordan C. Carroll : asome a lot

Thuy K. Zeigler : You are a Legend +Arnold Schwarzenegger. Thanks for coming to Brazil.

Grace A. Kleiner : Arnold Schwarzenegger vs the hood

Faith T. Hansford : part 2:05 that really funny

Dale J. Mitten : Most actors disassociate themselves from the one liners that made them famous but Arnold embraces it all fora good cause.What a col dude.

Maria D. Duran : lmao freaking killed it with the last part"who's this girl haha

Robert S. Young : LOL when he met the fake terminator! Thats was bad ass

Melissa G. Sanders : Fun fact : the jacket that Arnold wears in this video is one of the jackets used in t1.

Richard N. Alvey : pretty sure that other terminator was gary busey.

James J. Harris : Wait your really arnold Schwarzenegger??

Carl Z. Patterson : That looks real. That's because I am. That was crack up as

Rita W. Reed : He should have said to the lil kid why do you cry? Lol

Jason N. Pugh : The last 5 secs made me laugh so hard I almost died xD

Monica C. Phillips : did that lady who is holding a baby just spoke Zulu

Marjorie D. Hall : Who's this girl!! Hahaha!!!

Jane W. Maki : lol, that fake Terminator saw the real Arnold and shat a brick.

Robert J. Ard : Come with me if you want to live

Miguel A. Mays : 1:20"get out" hhhhh Like the movie😂😂😂👌

Brenda D. Manning : I'm from the future June 19 2017 I'm here to tell you guys that you are in great danger....

Austin D. Patton : get to the choppa!

Jacqueline D. Sweeney : I used to be your governor, can you believe that???

Eddie Mendosa : "Who is this girl". So true.

Mary T. Powell : hey Arnold I was the first one to know you and watch your first ever video

Yolanda J. Agee : When he met the fake terminator lol haha

Susie W. Wisniewski : "Who is this girl?" Arnold you fckin savage. Lmao

Cheryl J. Smith : "Get Out". - man nods 'yes sir' and exits truck. The power of Arnold.

Ann J. Murray : oh men so embarrassing

Lyle C. Riddick : that fake terminator just poop his pants 💩

Christopher C. Harris : It feels good to be his first subscriber

Joan L. Ward : "Who is this girl?" LMAO

Margaret K. Campbell : LOL HE SAW A FAKE ARNOLD

Jeannette J. Leggett : "Who is this girl?" LMAO!

Stephen A. Powers : It’s just a normal day in Hollywood man.

Richard S. Robinson : Who is this girl XD

Wanda G. Ewell : Every single comment= "Who is this girl?"

Joseph A. Edwards : "GET OUT!"

Sharon Stemple : "Who is this girl". So true.

Selena O'Sullivan : So cool! Badasses :D