Whose Line Is It Anyway - You've Got Sole

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TanookiPants : *AND TAKE ME ON A-*

Karen Valin : "Meee..." That little squeak kills me every time hahahaha xD

Jason Lilly : Ryan: Ha! Wayne: Ha! Drew: (Real laughter) That was my favorite part.

flaekon : I love that I could find this video by searching: "andtakemeona" XD

Liam J Foster : You are my solemate. I can't hardly believe. Ash ooooo. Gesundheit. Can't love me. You are my solemate, baby. Lace up my shoe. And take me on a- Oh, sorry, one word. Trip so beautiful. I love you, sooo. Can't. You. What. Ha. Ha. Hahaha. I love my girl because she's so beauti- Like. Listen. To. Me. Such a deep song.

PixarShark : So much went wrong in this game and yet it's one of the funniest bits on the show. XD

Aza Za : But 'take me on a' actually fit so well in that part and the music was doing a crescendo towards climax

tomimn2233 : "you are my solemate baby, lace up my shoe...And take me on a--" Seriously, that part sounds really good.

jasobres : I love all the passion Drew puts into singing "And take me on a".

roseo : I love how Drew's laughing so hard that Ryan has to do the "we'll be right back" talk before it fades out.

MugzyBrady : (Ryan) CANT (Wayne) YOU (Drew)......What?

Arcien : "HA" "HA" "ha-h-ha"

TheChildofAuraReborn : I think Drew losing his shit through the whole thing is what makes this video.

tiff0795 : I found it ironic how Drew at the beginning was like "One guy paying attention in the whole room!"

HappyFace : 14 People didn't get taken on a...

Gor The Buddy : There's two moments that absolutely kill me in this one. First is obviously "And take me on a..." while the second is just how pitiful Drew sounds on that last note.

IGotYourBack : Drew was a great host

Dolan Darknight : Oh man, I just realized that Ryan's "listen" was aimed at Drew. Such a genius haha.

Kirill P90 : Is it just me or is Drew actually a pretty good singer in this

Grave Robin : I don't know which one I like better, this one or " Leg Warmers"

Michelle O : Drew's laugh is so contagious! another reason why the show was great w/ him as host!!

Roberto Acero : Ashh... Oe... Gesundheit

Hannah Quinn : And take me on a!

SventheCrusader : I think this may be the first musical game Ryan ever enjoyed.

Frostic : i have always wanted to meet ryan in real life.....well some dreams just don't happen  but he is really funny though.

OneAngryGinger : 2:29 Greg in the background like "Nice work Drew. Nice work."

Luke Anderson : How can Laura Hall and Linda Taylor keep straight faces in all this? And whoever says that Drew wasn't a funny host is a filthy liar.

Adam Maclada : I wish i had Drew's personality (spontaneous and happy)!

Joseph Bonczyk : "Listen."

Sxrillez : I miss Drew.

soimboredandtesting : i love howit took drew like a second he had done something wrong hahaha

Mike Sena : What does Ryan say after Wayne's first slip up that Drew corrected? I think I missed something with that one

Phoebe L : ....aND TAKE ME ON A

King Harkinian II : This is one of the absolute best bits of Whose Line ever because of how extraordinarily bad Drew is at this game. Of course, bad doesn't always mean unwatchable or unlistenable, and it's often their lack of expertise at something that makes it all the funnier. Case in point.

Kevin Ashwill : Ryan's face when drew messes up

Cesar Cortez : I just love the way Drew got so into the song and then realized later he screwed up.

Lelia Ziv : I cried I was laughing so hard!!! 😂

TrainingThespian : "The big hit love song from the Broadway musical uh....something about a shoe." --The moment I knew this was gonna be an epic trainwreck

Agnessa92 : and tAKE ME ON A-- I love this <3

Awolfx : Listen...to...meEE!

Seth_Nile : Meeee

Asif Khan Vlog : Man I Really can't stop #Laughing .... like Drew.. :D

Nicholas Johnson : Ash... ooooo... Gesundheit! LOL!

Daniel Williamson : 1:11  1:32  1:50  1:56   2:07  2:16  2:22   LOL   The funniest ever game of Three Headed Broadway Star.

Ambipie : ashoe oooooo gesundheit

Mr. Ouw : this one never gets old <3

Ran Sherman : 1:32 look at wayne's face xD

Star Lynn : LOL Andtakemeona! Just a keep pressing 1:31 people.... His ending wasn't lacking in LOLs either. :)

PixarShark : Drew got into the music there. X'DD

Jason Bates : 1:32 "And take me on a.... Oh, sorry, one word at a time." :D