MAGNET FISHING - We Found The Holy Grail Of All Ponds!! / MAGNEETVISSEN - Level Ultimate!!

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Steve Eady : I was thinking the stick was a flag pole from outside a window or doorway

Ржавые лики войны : Excellent finds! Spring mine without fuses? A great movie!

milcoll73 : byf = mauser, dot = Waffenwerke Brünn

Titi- militariaww2 : Awesome incredible

NUGGET SHOOTER : That is just so cool.... thanks

Derek Naylor Metal Detecting UK : Awesome video guys 👍😀those guns looked in fantastic condition almost shootable

Paul griffith : You guys are lucky you found a stagnant pong to search. There is very little oxygen in that water so it preserves metal very well. No oxygen = no rust.

MalcOfLincoln : Enjoyable video and great finds. I'm amazed that pond hasn't been dredged and cleared.


Lego is fun lego : The rifles is in great condition. Probably the germans throwing them in the river to avoid the enemies to capture the rifles...

Detecting Money : I definitely was born on the wrong continent as far as metal detecting goes.

Cape Cod CNC : The stick is for artillery barrel cleaning.

Dutch-Diggers: WW2 / Relics / Metaldetection : Again very nice video brothers!! Greetings Dutch-Diggers

Nightwalker527 : This is an incredible upload. Interesting , informative and thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks for sharing ATB

Mike fishead : Rifle grenade bouncing betty anti personal mine

get off my lawn : I can't believe the shape those rifles are in. Incredible. Be careful, boys, some of that other stuff is still unexploded ordnance!

Hokum767 : The stick is for laying signal cable, a truck would reel out the cable and a soldier would walk behind (the wire in the notch) and then push it into the hedge/out of the way of traffic

Mike fishead : Tank mine fuse boom

jon lennon : In the USA I can keep stuff like that, can you in your country keep what you find?

Melissa Coleman : Great video. Wish I lived there. Would go every day.

Woozzo : wow.... that rifle was in a very good condition

Chris's small engines : Do you guys keep the rifles ,or do you have to give them up.

donald Robertson : My Grandfather was a Canadian Sapper in Holland when those Mausers got dumped in the water. He would have said Free men have guns. The Swiss say Free men have guns. The EU has subjugated Europe. Isn't it time you were free?

JJ schultz : awesome finds from the u.s.a

pieter oberholzer : I THINK THIS IS A SETUP #FAKE

Flip_ Fluitketel : Those rifles are in great shape, given that they are in the water for 75 years.

eifel : the wooden stick cut be the upper part of a cable holder for telefon wire of the signal corps to put wire into trees or something else

Danny McCallum : its the staff of ra from indiana jones.

Patrick Woods : Well done boys nice finds very cool love the channel 😊 👍 keep them coming 👍 hh from ireland my friends

davros0007 : Awesome work. I’m in Western Australia so no war here - which is a good thing- but means magnet fishing is old fishing gear and, if you’re lucky, a shopping trolley. In fact, where I am, it’s very saline and acidic mud, so even railway track is eaten away!

traper333 : Waar is dat ?

Brother Blacksmith : Could you make a video of all your gun finds? Id like to see them cleaned up proper. Im jealous i have no chance of owning a battlefeild relic k98. I live all the way in canada and they wouldnt let me bring it across the border.

Tuomas Haarala : That stick looks like tool for lifting communication lines into trees.

rmg03c : What is this pond?? Why is there so much in it???

isellcatlitter : in the United States, we keep our guns and ammo on our night stand, not at the bottom of the lake.

MilHanSolo : Yoo bekijk jullie vids al een tijdje. Ik wil zn kar kopen van je!

Chris Barber : Another great video thanks

bodge6886 : You lucky devils, fantastic site.

Cain Gates : Where r u guys

Bandit Ryan : It’s insane all the k98s you’ve found there keep it up👍

Richard Mcginnis : those old guns are in pretty good condition

DAVE FOX : I wonder how come so many things ended up in that pond. Amazing!

Spain at war : You have to push the spring of the mag down so that he bolt can close on the k98

Peter Martijn Heite Bauwens : toffe video

Mitja Strajnar : Since there are so many weapons, have you ever found any bones from dead people? I know they are not magnetic but still

JG24Diecast : Why do you think these weapons, especially the rifles in such good condition, were here? Was this area the scene of a battle or do you think the weapons were just discarded here? I would be very interested in your thoughts about this.

Ken Allan Dronsfield : More wonderful finds. Saving history, one pond at a time! It seems the items are in much better condition than those found in the ground. Take care! Keep up the great work!

kevlandy : I can't believe how much crap Jerry threw away at the end of the war.

davros0007 : I want to try magnet fishing in Finland, in the West. I wonder what I will find? Russia vs Sweden in 1808 etc. I wonder if there are cannon balls? There would be a lot of lead balls, not magnetic...

pieterklaaskrugmann : Congrats guys, your english is getting better!