when you're a classical guitarist but you listened to hip hop once

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SethEverman : nice

Natalie Alfera : Found Seth Everman’s second channel

Dom St : I'm a fan of your guitar skills. You're a big one. Very soon a fan of France

Rose Lion : Me, on my knees praying: "Don't be Despacito, don't be Despacito, don't be Despacito." Music: **turns into candy shop** Me: "YEEEE-"

JBL Asutavario : A new viral video is born

iaan : This guy has meme potential

Gabriel Nardin Music : - Fun Faces 10/10 - Using Steel Strings And Playing 4/4 Pop Music Strum/Rhythm As "Classical" 0/10 - Meme Potential 100/10 Overall conclusion: Thumbs up :) Good luck with the channel bro, seems this is getting a lot of traffic now! Greetings.

Rebecca K : Person: So, what kind of music do you listen to? Me: **smiles awkwardly**

Futaba Yoshioka : I loved your facial expressions in your videos greetings and salutations from Turkey

Marcelo Yuri : AHHAHAHAHAHA I wasn't expecting that at all. ahahahaha GOLD.

Cour : Hey guys The fact that the guitar is not classical Does not mean the guitarist is not Classical guitarists can play steal strings Go home

Most Unique : About to go viral, showed up on my home page👍

WS Froggy : you got a capo on the second, that can mean only one thing wonderwall

Alejandro Velasquez : Mildly offended that you didn't use a classical guitar, but hell if it wasn't great

Redmar Kerkhof : >steelstring >classical

Empty : Seth Everman Jr 5/10 - head not bald enough

I Love Memes : Interviewer: how old are you? Me: between 12 and 30. Interviewer: what? Me:

Nythil : Thought you were gonna call despacito hip-hop, and use that. I'm glad you didn't cause this is far better lol.

Kapitein Eenbeen : Your confusion face is amazing

bartelR : Hmm, there's not even a hint of guitar in that song. Was anyone else waiting for "cypress hill - tequila sunrise"?

Advena : How can you look 30 and 13 at the same time?

Shroomboy : Great video idea actually. I fucking love seth, that melonhead

Mr. Snrub : Isn't that intro Despacito's one? xD

세스쿠엔틴 : *WOW*

M I S T E R G R A Y : Very awesome! Subscribing now.

Maria C : nice😂👌

Yjorik : This guy might turn into a meme factory, keep an eye on him

Nullatrum : P H R Y G I A N B O I S

curious george : its kratos son playing a guitar omg

Robert Hunter : As someone with ADHD and been playing guitar for 14+ years, this is far too relatable man; this happens far too often when practising. God damn. I'm dead. My sides have achieved orbit.

Takumi Fujiwara : The perfect guitar player doesn't exi...

4Pixel : Before it gets 1.000.000 views!! Great video

Kenan Furcle : Im sorry but... whats the song?

Jack Judge - Classical Guitar : when your clearly not a classical guitarist

Stephanie Mineros : In my head I was like “so seductive” and then I realized that’s what it is😂

Hugh Janus : Although it souds great as a fellow classical enthusiast and player, please dont play with a guitar like that for classical

Quacking Dragon : *Wasn’t subscribed, but I got a notification for this.*

ChezMusic : U inpired mentioned make a jazz guitar version

D2nisTM : Wow,Seth,i didn't know you had a brother...

Rafael Molina Sanz : Is this Charlie Puth?

Jas min : hooooww ?! I want to be able to do that too :(((

Secret Forreddit : So glad I found this channel! Subbed!

gabrielle :D : when this goes viral i was here

f**k!1&2&3 and : Lmao that was amazing

Markus Correctus : Waiting for the album

blankady blackady : I feel lucky to be within the presence of such a perfect video

Max Kovalenko : +Yosuto is there a clean version of this? can I have it? please?

Yame Yamerooo : Almost forget to watch this today

zoopdiwop : While this has nothing to do with classical guitar (this is more like pop flamenco), this has great meme potential. 10 / 10

PaperGauntlet : the little "woah" flippin around was hilarious xD