when you're a classical guitarist but you listened to hip hop once

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SethEverman : nice

zgy : I loved your facial expressions in your videos greetings and salutations from Turkey

Rose Lion : Me, on my knees praying: "Don't be Despacito, don't be Despacito, don't be Despacito." Music: **turns into candy shop** Me: "YEEEE-"

SubscribeTo PewDiePie : Interviewer: how old are you? Me: between 12 and 30. Interviewer: what? Me:

JBL Asutavario : A new viral video is born

Natalie Alfera : Found Seth Everman’s second channel

Advena : How can you look 30 and 13 at the same time?

Rebecca K : Person: So, what kind of music do you listen to? Me: **smiles awkwardly**

Marcelo Yuri : AHHAHAHAHAHA I wasn't expecting that at all. ahahahaha GOLD.

Empty : Seth Everman Jr 5/10 - head not bald enough

Kapitein Eenbeen : Your confusion face is amazing

Rafael Molina Sanz : Is this Charlie Puth?

Robert Hunter : As someone with ADHD and been playing guitar for 14+ years, this is far too relatable man; this happens far too often when practising. God damn. I'm dead. My sides have achieved orbit.

curious george : its kratos son playing a guitar omg

Dom St : I'm a fan of your guitar skills. You're a big one. Very soon a fan of France

Mr. Snrub : Isn't that intro Despacito's one? xD

Takumi Fujiwara : The perfect guitar player doesn't exi...

zoopdiwop : While this has nothing to do with classical guitar (this is more like pop flamenco), this has great meme potential. 10 / 10

loki : 0:00 to 0:45 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 0:47 ( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙)

AAYYEEUU FALCON : That ain’t a classical guitar tho

Olivier Kokkedee : There is no classical element I'm very sorry

Jack Judge - Classical Guitar : when your clearly not a classical guitarist

Maria C : nice😂👌

Ragdoll X : Legit thought you were goint to play Despacito at the beggining there.

Hugh Janus : Although it souds great as a fellow classical enthusiast and player, please dont play with a guitar like that for classical

Nullatrum : P H R Y G I A N B O I S

Ardadsaw : *It is better than despacito*

domst2002 : When you're youtuber but watched Seth Everman once.

X ramaa : Guy looks like the actor of Baby Driver😎.

Lupita : Did anyone else feel like he was staring into your soul?

Kenan Furcle : Im sorry but... whats the song?

The Quacking Dragon : *Wasn’t subscribed, but I got a notification for this.*

Tom Hodgkinson : Classisical? Hmm.🤔

Prince Tamrac : 0:25 Omg i love that tapping sound you made. I can feel the rythm * - *

WooDaaHoo : Top 10 characters that can beat Thanos in seconds

iaan : This guy has meme potential

Quote : The confused look when the rest of the track kicks in sells it for me 10/10

gabrielle :D : when this goes viral i was here

Panzer Meyer : This is better than PooThePie channel...

Scorpio FTW : Now change hip hop for rock

Lando Tama : What's the name of the hip hop song?

bartelR : Hmm, there's not even a hint of guitar in that song. Was anyone else waiting for "cypress hill - tequila sunrise"?

AutumnOnFire : No words? ✔️ Music stuff only? ✔️ 1-2 expressions? ✔️ Charisma ? ✔️ He did everything right, tenoutaten.

GENERAL BHASKOMM : what was that song

Zac Evans : This shit is fire though

Galothus : At first, I was confused. Despacito -> Something Classical then Flamenco? -> 50 Cent. Then I watched the video about 9th symphony and it clicked for me, that the first song is unintentionally sounding like Despacito. Fun stuff.

General Krasnov : when you are seth everman but you play guitar instead of piano

Ema Atwell : you are gold. your videos are literal gold, so short, so funny, so accurate, also relatable if youve ever played something and felt like you were actually playing chords to a completely different song as well. YOU MY FRIEND, ARE DOING IT RIGHT. I LOVE THESE VIDS

WS Froggy : you got a capo on the second, that can mean only one thing wonderwall

Labib Ishmam Khalid : Seth 2.0 Too much hair- 7.8/10 IGN