The king Of The kickboxers - Loren Avedon vs Billy Blanks -

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One of the best fighting scenes ever. I myself am a massive action fighting movie fan. This is the final fight between Loren Avedon & Billy Blanks I recommend you watch it.

Comments from Youtube

Tweekend27 : I remember hiring this out when it was a New Release on VHS. The cover was so bad-ass. After we watched it my buddy and I went out the back and practiced all our kicks. Ahh, the good ol' days.


Rick Deckard : Billy Blanks = Dee Jay from Street Fighter 

dmc16336 : How did this not win an Oscar?!?

KratosaurusRex : This Movie made my childhood

Rocky V : Billy Blanks should have been in The Van damme Street Fighter has Dee jay  

ПичвајзПикчерс : They both look like they're holding up the biggest turds in history while fighting.

Capsy Dash : and this is how america was discovered, the end.

Why are we here? : Why do all the good fight scenes have to have the corniest acting? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY???

armani sim : I love these cheesy movies lol

BillionaireMove : Good fight..corny actors. these dudes was funny

micglou : Such a bad movie and if possible even worst acting... but this fighting scene could've been straight out of a classic kung-fu movie... some excellent moves going on.

gmshadowtraders : I wish this had been the Manny Pacquiao versus Floyd Mayweather fight instead of that snoozefest I had to go through!

Jonathan Kavanagh : this is like a Ong Bak 2 gone wrong

Xulius Caesar : Looks like all that Tae-Bo paid off

N Slater : It's Dee Jay from Street Fighter!

zambimaru : LOL Terrible dialogue. But great fight scenes.

Foxpowers : In 3:07 he looks like hi is going to make a nice big shit 😜

Bill Killernic : IVE BEEN THERE FOR TEN YEARS MEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahaahahahahahahahhahahahaha im crying hahahahahahahaha

Sino Melo : 1:19, epic scene :D

Lone Wolf : Don't let the cheesiness fool you.....the fight scene is one of the best

KOB O : Billy should be an Expendable, classic action hero

Michael Lesmana : LET THE GIRL GOOOO LOL

matt repa : I think once a film gets this bad it becomes interesting to watch

spector969 : These guys don't even need martial arts, they could kill me just with their bad acting.. No Retreat, No Surrender 3 was good though lol...

Draxxen Drexxen : This is so poor now, But bare in mind all, this was pretty impressive shit when it was made (1990)..I remember seeing this when i was about 12-13 years old and thought 'fuck this, tomorrow at school im gonna kick someone in the face'.

Rupert Tinker : These are far less cheese when u are only 4/5yrs old watching it!

Aqua Man : He is the life dee jay.

Jafar Martin : I remeber seeing this when I was a kid. I think it's called "king of the kickboxers". Seems so cheesy today but I remember going nuts when he hit billy blanks w/ the up kick & locked his jaw together. My how times have changed.

Roger Ek : Oj vad spännande

galedevil : Maybe Morgan Freeman narrating this could make kinda better.

GARAGE 135 Barber Shop : este filme é muito bom ,tem senários fodas.(Legais)

Gabriel Grez : amazing fight for a script wroted by a five years old

jejejejeje jejejejje : haha took me ages finding this, i remember watching this when i was 6-7. so much nostalgia. gonna have to watch it sometime

redmunkee : "I've been there, for ten yearsAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!"

Malcolm Kekua : let the girl gooooo. xD i lost it

blockmasterscott : Oh man, I remember renting the VHS and absolutely loving this fight scene.

Vlad Tepes : Bad acting, but good action!

Joe Leeming : best fight scene ever

MaharlikaAWA : Wow, I'm glad there was a reason he was training with those logs. Such real world applications!

Alan Mugalu Kyeswa : The best movie

Saneth Rajinda Marthos : "LET THE GIRL GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...................." :P

Scope Galaxy 234 : Fight in bird cage!!!😎😎😎😎😎

Peter Sywwester : Billy Blanks and Loren Avedon...                                      Two Masters, 2 Dragons... Twice awesome!!!                                                                                               I was a boy and i already knew it!

alex astete infantes : hermosa la pelicula un  clasico me gusta mucho esta pelicula loren avedon excelente

facephoenix : Classics B movies of the 80's and 90's... bad acting and all. Still love it though.

Kevin McAllister : I'm so angry with the comments, while watching this I was thinking up some really witty remarks, only to find everybody beat me to them. Well played folks, well played.

koolaid28 : Oh man, I loved this movie!  Horrible acting, but the action looked great!

Wulfgar1224 : At 2:33, I laugh everytime.  Wow that is bad acting!