The king Of The kickboxers - Loren Avedon vs Billy Blanks -

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dmc16336 : How did this not win an Oscar?!?

Rick Deckard : Billy Blanks = Dee Jay from Street Fighter 

Tweekend27 : I remember hiring this out when it was a New Release on VHS. The cover was so bad-ass. After we watched it my buddy and I went out the back and practiced all our kicks. Ahh, the good ol' days.


micglou : Such a bad movie and if possible even worst acting... but this fighting scene could've been straight out of a classic kung-fu movie... some excellent moves going on.

Jonathan Kavanagh : this is like a Ong Bak 2 gone wrong

N Slater : It's Dee Jay from Street Fighter!

Draxxen Drexxen : This is so poor now, But bare in mind all, this was pretty impressive shit when it was made (1990)..I remember seeing this when i was about 12-13 years old and thought 'fuck this, tomorrow at school im gonna kick someone in the face'.


Rocky V : Billy Blanks should have been in The Van damme Street Fighter has Dee jay  

Rodrigusificacionn : This was hilarious. How is possible than in the usa they have money for this?

Bill Killernic : IVE BEEN THERE FOR TEN YEARS MEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahaahahahahahahahhahahahaha im crying hahahahahahahaha

Jin Park : i love choreography. I have a black belt and I know how hard those moves are. I love how most of the actions movies in 80's and 90's shows the whole body movement and really shows those beautiful kicks and other moves that require lots of training to master. But lots of action movies these days show close up too much that it may make kicks and punches seem more powerful but I can't really enjoy any of the kicks and punches.

Jafar Martin : I remeber seeing this when I was a kid. I think it's called "king of the kickboxers". Seems so cheesy today but I remember going nuts when he hit billy blanks w/ the up kick & locked his jaw together. My how times have changed.

Vlad Tepes : Bad acting, but good action!

lionclaw77 : can they please put this on dvd or bluray before i die. this movie is a classic.

ПичвајзПикчерс : They both look like they're holding up the biggest turds in history while fighting.

KratosaurusRex : This Movie made my childhood

armani sim : I love these cheesy movies lol

Spirit Touch Records : FANS WANTED for Soundtrack & Bluray contact www. STR. eu. gd

Lone Wolf : Don't let the cheesiness fool you.....the fight scene is one of the best

BillionaireMove : Good fight..corny actors. these dudes was funny

Chiclone- Tests : Superb martial artists, but that acting.... i love it!

Sarah Norment : Damn, did he just kick Billy Blanks' shirt off? lol

zambimaru : LOL Terrible dialogue. But great fight scenes.

Любимый Богом : фуфельный фильм - впрочем, как и все с этим Аведоном - выёжистым гондоном, у которого минимум техники и лажовая харизма, в отличие от других актёров жанра.

KOB O : Billy should be an Expendable, classic action hero

Michael Lesmana : LET THE GIRL GOOOO LOL

Sino Melo : 1:19, epic scene :D

Joe Leeming : best fight scene ever

12dance4u1 : check it out people martial arts films are very basic in story line someone is killed and revenge is sought thier after, yall killing me with the bad acting, and movie comments i mean really what great martial artist is and exceptional actor as well as long as thier is a story line to follow i just want to see great martial arts witch this film delivers,for great acting and drama just key in Terms of Endearment see what that do for ya

Xulius Caesar : Looks like all that Tae-Bo paid off

Dax Bradley : Great fight scene. These two were amazing kickers, but I've never been a big fan of this style of know, like every time one does a dramatic kick, they cut to a closeup of their foot making contact in slow motion...I'd rather see full-frame cuts, where you can see what these very skilled actor/martial artists can really do. The extreme close-up/slow-mo trick is usually helpful if the actors are not really martial artists, but these two really are skilled men who are a pleasure to watch. 

matt repa : I think once a film gets this bad it becomes interesting to watch

Richter Belmont : You can't get 100% on everything. While the dialogs are very corny, the fight choreograph is superb. Even better than modern Hollywood era. A few that ever come close to this was The Matrix and any film that has an Asian guy in it.

MaharlikaAWA : Wow, I'm glad there was a reason he was training with those logs. Such real world applications!

ThexBorg : B-grade

gmshadowtraders : I wish this had been the Manny Pacquiao versus Floyd Mayweather fight instead of that snoozefest I had to go through!

karatekai01 : Loren Avedon and Daniel Bernhardt are the kings of serie B

facephoenix : Classics B movies of the 80's and 90's... bad acting and all. Still love it though.

jejejejeje jejejejje : haha took me ages finding this, i remember watching this when i was 6-7. so much nostalgia. gonna have to watch it sometime

Julio : Dois feras do Taekwondo.

alex astete infantes : hermosa la pelicula un  clasico me gusta mucho esta pelicula loren avedon excelente

Rupert Tinker : These are far less cheese when u are only 4/5yrs old watching it!

Celis Reyes : Lo maximo

Peter Sywwester : Billy Blanks and Loren Avedon...                                      Two Masters, 2 Dragons... Twice awesome!!!                                                                                               I was a boy and i already knew it!

Malcolm Kekua : let the girl gooooo. xD i lost it

Saneth Rajinda Marthos : "LET THE GIRL GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...................." :P

Foxpowers : In 3:07 he looks like hi is going to make a nice big shit 😜

Roger Ek : Oj vad spännande